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  1. Oh sorry DV....we'll be eating there on Sat night June 2nd...like I said around 6:30...I prefer not to make a reservation in case we are running late or our plans change...but if it's difficult to eat there without one we will make a reservation! If we made one for 7:30p & arrived early maybe they would seat us....
  2. Thank you! If we are able to do this it will be after disembarking from our ship and getting to our hotel...so I think we'll probably only have time for 1... Now I'm thinking if we can only do 1 we will Fredericksburg. What do you think? Also, do we need to make reservations at Groften at Tivoli? We usually like to eat around 6:30 or 7pm. We are thinking of going there, having dinner and staying to see it at night. Thank you, Chris
  3. Hi Danish Viking! Back with questions after you helped me a couple of years ago. This time we are staying a night both before and after our cruise. Since we have been to Copenhagen we are thinking of going to Kronborg Castle on Thurs 6/14 after we get to the Scandic Palace hotel. Can you give me advice if you think it is worthwhile, how to get back & forth, and if we should purchase the Copenhagen card to do this. Also, we are thinking of going to Tivoli since we didn't make it there last time. Can you advise on must do things at Tivoli? We aren't interested in roller coasters (idk if there are any there!). Thank you, Chris
  4. Thank you DV....we're going to give it a try! I'm sure I'll be back with more questions when our trip is closer! Chris
  5. Thank you! My husband has decided to change to the Scandic Palace. Can you share your thoughts on this hotel...location for sights, safety, quality! Chris
  6. Hi Danish Viking, We went to Copenhagen a couple of years ago and you were a tremendous help! I'm so excited that we get to go back again; we loved it! We decided to book the WakeUp near the Marriott. My question is, do you think they will store our luggage for us on the day of departure so that we can sightsee before we have to leave? I'm sure I'll have more questions when we are closer to going. Right now I'm just trying to take care of the hotel reservation. Chris
  7. Thank you both! I did poke around on your blog a bit...will check it out more later. Another quick question... I'm not interested in shopping at all when we travel but I do want to see the markets which we have in our plans. I think we will "see" the Causeway Bay and Times Square area in our tours. Is there any reason to plan any extra time there if I don't want to shop at all? Thanks, Chris
  8. More great advice! Thank you. Is it possible to get to Cheung Chau island from Kai Tak? We are hiking Dragon's Back on one of our 3/4 days so not as much time as it seems. I'm starting to formulate a plan though! Chris
  9. Thank you! It sounds like you think the nunnery and gardens are a little touristy and not a great way to spend the whole day with our limited days in Hong Kong! We will have already been to the Peak by this time. I would like to go to the Park in Kowloon. Hope you don't mind if I ask your opinion on some other things as well. I'm sad to hear that the cable car at Lantau will be out of service. We would be going there around 4/6. Would you go there anyways? I wonder if there's any chance it would be completed early? Also Macau, would you go there instead of Lantau considering the cable car is down? Would you go to Macau at all? We do not gamble. We might want to see The Wynn Casino but would be more interested in the sites. We are thinking of going to Macau around 1 or 2pm and staying until 8 or 9pm, is that a bad idea? We have 3 full days and 2, 3/4 days (one of which is the day we sail at 4pm) in Hong Kong. I appreciate your input! Chris
  10. Thank you so much for your very clear and thorough explanation! I'm afraid I didn't give you a lot of information. We will have been in Hong Kong and will have local currency and an Octopus card by this time. Our ship sails at 4pm on the day I'm trying to do this 10am-1pm tour. We will want to be back on the ship by 3 or 3:30pm. I'm afraid it may just be too tight time wise especially if the tour runs just a bit late. I'm thinking we will head to the Kowloon area and do some things there and then maybe visit the Nunnery & Gardens time permitting. Chris
  11. We'll be docking at Kai Tak in April and want to get to Central. Meeting a tour at the Sheung Wan metro station. I'm still not sure of the best way to get there and how long to allow time wise. I've read that a taxi may take too long due to traffic and the metro might be better. Thanks for any info. Chris
  12. Hi Ray, I'm trying to track you down! You've helpfully answered a question or two in the past for me. I actually think you mentioned this somewhere but I couldn't find it. We want to do the Norwegian Fjords and hopefully a TA back in '18. We've been looking at RCCL's Serenade. After the Fjords she sails back with a couple stops in Norway & Iceland. It seems to me that you mentioned another cruise that does a similar itinerary but you liked better. Am I remembering wrong? If you prefer & would like to you can email me at diamondplusstone at gmail dot com Thanks so much! Chris
  13. Thank you so much for your excellent review. I haven't read it completely yet, but I will. We're doing a China, Japan ocean cruise in April and visiting some of the same ports. Your review will be a great resource! We just did our first river cruise this past Aug-Sept. It was the Danube and we loved that itinerary! Like you we don't have another river cruise planned right now, but hope to do another in a few years. Chris
  14. Thanks so much Mimmy. It was such a great vacation. And it'll be a great, quick way to relive it! Now on to the planning of the next adventure!! Chris
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