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  1. Yes..both cruises were casino offers. The deposits were non-refundable but based on the updated / extended covid protocols we're getting a refund of our deposits.
  2. I understand what you're saying. It's a hassle and things are crazy right now. Did you end up getting through on the phone and getting your monies refunded?
  3. We just cancelled two 7-day cruises due to Carnival's Covid protocol extension. We are receiving a full refund of our deposits. You shouldn't have a problem getting your deposit and/or any monies paid refunded. The phone lines are busy with all the cancellations but that should ease up soon.
  4. I still remember all the major issues with Vista's inaugural. When I saw this thread I was expecting some major problems. To me, this thread post sounds like things must be going pretty smoothly with the ship. I wonder if they are not sailing with a full crew? Do we have any info on the number of guests and crew onboard? Perhaps they need more servers? How is the casino otherwise? Thx OP!
  5. I believe this video speaks to some of the newly released guidelines but it doesn't cover everything..video source link below..
  6. New red, white & blue hull design for Carnival Cruise Line ships...I love it!..What do you guys think? https://carnival-news.com/2021/05/05/carnival-cruise-line-announces-new-red-white-and-blue-hull-design-across-fleet/
  7. I looked up our past cruises. We did the 8 day in 2006 and 2009 on the Spirit..Great ship! Must have been out of San Diego too. What was the 9 day itinerary?..Do you remember?
  8. For now I would just look at the deck plans. That's all we really have to go by at this point. Hope you cruise sails..How exciting!
  9. If interested..Two youtube live feeds from cruise vloggers..link below
  10. I did see that. I think that's what also got me thinking about Carnival mixing things up a bit and giving the west coast more options.
  11. The weather in Alaska can be unpredictable. Swimsuits don't weigh much so I would bring one. You can always go in the spa if the pool is too cold. I saw people in the spa out on deck and there's also one in the gym.
  12. I would assume so, but nothing is for sure until sailings begin again.
  13. It's been awhile, but some of you may remember when Carnival had the 8-day Exotic Mexico Itinerary. There were 3 port stops. Acapulco, Manzanillo and Zihuatenejo. A travel vlogger I follow is down in that area of Mexico right now. I couldn't believe it when I saw he is there. It got me daydreaming and wondering if Carnival could possibly start sailing the 8-day Exotic Mexico itinerary again..possibly on the Panorama? We are so lacking for itineraries on the west coast. Please, Carnival, Please consider going back further south in Mexico! I think it would just be so amazing to have this as another option again. I'm posting a youtube link below to some of his very recent footage of Zihuatanejo. You can check his channel for more. He was also in Acapulco before he stopped in Zihuatanejo.
  14. If you look at the Spirit deck plan you will notice that the mid ship extended balcony cabins are set in or don't stick out as much as the regular balcony cabins. This does help with the wind during sailing in our experience. From a mid ship extended balcony, you won't be looking straight down to the water, but instead to the lifeboats below and from side to side you will see cabins that jet out and not a straight line of sight to the front and back of the ship. There are some extended balcony cabins on deck 5 at the front of the ship, which are not over the lifeboats, if I remember right. I don't believe they are set in so they might be windier than the ones that are mid ship. As far as size goes, the extended balcony is a bit deeper, so you will have a little more room to stretch your legs and move around. If you're in the mid ship extended balcony cabins on deck 6, you may notice some noise coming from the movement of the life boats below during sailing. I would describe it as a creaking to a slight banging depending on how rough the seas are.
  15. If you're not able to stay at the Queen Mary, Google Long Beach stay and cruise hotels. There's quite a few that offer specials and will shuttle you to and from the cruise terminal. We were going to stay at a hotel right by the Long Beach Airport that had a great offer...can't remember the name. We sailed the Panorama for two weeks back to back just prior to the shutdown. She's a beautiful ship! Mazatlan has a beautiful Cathedral near the town square. There's a nice area to shop and relax in the port area. When you step off the ship, there's a free little trolley train that will take you right to it. The weather in February is nice..not so hot.
  16. We loved the Pride and her crew. Have you ever sailed the Pride or another Spirit class ship? Great deck plan, one of our favorite class of ships. I wouldn't worry about being confined. Personally, I think we're way past that happening at this point. We know so much more than we did about the virus a year ago. We have multiple treatments and vaccines. RCL's President said recently that they've sailed 100,000 guests with only 10 cases and that was without vaccines. Ships have been sailing safely in Europe and Asia. It's time to start living life again.
  17. I have a small tip..We've seen some kids freak out at muster..probably over tired from traveling..when the crew tried to put the bracelet on them. So we prepped our grandson. We told him he was going to get an ice cream bracelet, so he could get free ice cream on the ship. It worked great and he was excited to get his bracelet.
  18. Our experience, with the longer Journeys cruises, is that there are more platinum and diamond guests and an older demographic. As far as port or starboard side, I'm not sure it matters because it can vary and some may be tender ports. You may want to search or post the port forums here on Cruise Critic to see if you can get more info. Sounds like a wonderful itinerary. Which ship are you sailing?
  19. We've sailed the Hawaii itinerary twice. I don't think it's unusual to not see all the excursions available considering how far out your sail date is and the current situation with the pandemic. I'm not sure how things are going to work with sailings and getting off the ship in ports once cruising starts again. There's been talk that you may need to schedule a cruise line offered excursion, but nothing for sure yet. If you don't have to schedule an excursion offered by the cruise line, there are many things you can do on your own, as mentioned in the great posts above. I'm sure Carnival will be offering many to choose from too. I have seen excursions book up and then cruise line will just add more. Either way, I wouldn't be concerned this far out. Remember, you can always give Carnival a call if you have any excursion questions. You're going to have an amazing time. This is one of our favorite itineraries. We booked it again for a 2023 sailing out of Long Beach. We could do this itinerary every year and not get tired of it. Love the sea days!
  20. @skrufy that's awesome that we were on the same Alaska cruise. Such a small world. I so wish that itinerary out of Long Beach was still available. We're sailing on the Miracle to Hawaii in 2023. The Hawaii itinerary is our other favorite. We've sailed the Miracle and the Spirit to Hawaii..love the sea days.
  21. the 12 hour rule has apparently been changed..source link below
  22. We just booked a back to back..two 7 day itineraries..for February 2022 with no issues.
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