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  1. plus the vaccine isn’t available privately in the U.K. yet so Princess couldn’t vaccinate its crew.
  2. With around 1 million Covid tests a day in the U.k and the likely hood of false positives then 2000 is extremely low. The government published data yesterday on the first two weeks of testing kids when the schools reopened. They had lateral flow tests twice a week at school and if positive had a PCR test to double check. 62% of the initial positive results were false positives. The lateral flow tests are the free ones available to anyone in England.
  3. Thanks. So they don’t turn you away or make you wait ages then? We are staying in Southampton the night before so will be itching to get onboard. Ours is the first regular scheduled cruise after the Seacations so hopefully back to a bit more of a normal cruise, fingers crossed.
  4. We’ve cruise many times from Southampton and know that P&O (also part of Carnival) allocate arrival times at the port and pretty much enforce them, based on the deck apparently. We’ve got our first Princess cruise booked for October. Do Princess also set an arrival time for groups of passengers? RCI and Celebrity are pretty relaxed with their Southampton departures and wondered if Princess being American might operate the same. thanks in advance.
  5. But it will have 1000 vaccinated and tested people. In a busy city full of visitors, how many of those will have subjected themselves to both. Plus the destinations will still have Covid safe practices in all museums, transport, shops, pubs and cafes.
  6. Oh happy days. Reading that made me a bit teary and very much missing our cruises.
  7. A rapid test when reboarding would be of no use as the virus doesn’t show up for 4-7 days after contact. Plus having had the vaccination along with all other passengers onboard the risk of transmission is less than in the general community. But if they disembarked us, we could be home in just a few hours anyway this being a U.k cruise.
  8. By some mid June all legal restrictions are going to end in the U.K. so if people can travel and visit freely anywhere in the U.K. why should cruise passengers have to pay for excursions if they just want to wander? They are not making concessions to the Government as the Government are not requiring ships excursions only. So when we cruise if there is no legal requirement for cruise ship excursions only and no restrictions on U.K. movement/visits etc then the only reason the cruise lines would require an official excursion as the only reason to disembark it would be seen as nothing but pr
  9. If we are free to travel within the U.K. but the cruise line retain it must be on of their excursions only it’ll be seen for the money grabbing idea that it is.
  10. We booked that one this week. Was a good price. First Princess cruise. I still think there is a chance they will bring in the need for a vaccination before then as everyone will have been offered one by then. I will be unhappy though if they enforce their excursions only though as a way of getting off the ship. I live in York and can get to Liverpool in two hours and wander around so why shouldn’t I be allowed to get off a ship and do the same?
  11. When this first started, there was a great deal of support from Tui fans on social media and gradually people are starting to loose faith. There seem to be two main issues- Instead of people waiting to be contacted about their cancelled cruise, people are bombarding the phone lines about their cruise, some not until a year away, which means the few staff that are working are busy dealing with these calls and not able to work through on a departure date basis to process refunds and changes. Tui took full advantage of the Uk furlough scheme to get the wages of a majority
  12. Sorry was looking on a phone, now can see the link. I’m annoyed. They get a German bailout and get Uk government help to furlough most admin staff then leave a tiny crew to deal with refunds and amendments. That atrocious.
  13. I had a feeling this might be the case, did you source this from somewhere?
  14. I agree. I get a bit fed up that if ever there is a travel story every news outlet defaults to him, surely there are other (better) travel correspondents? At the very least share the work around.
  15. On another social media site, you are chastised for suggesting Tui are anything other than a saintly organisation and anyone wanting a refund for a cancelled cruise is being mercenary. They are clearly holding off on refunds till they have money from new bookings or final payments, a bit like a Ponzi scheme. We know how they all end.
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