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  1. From your choices I would probably do the Magic 4 day from Miami. I prefer the small ships, especially so if I was going to do a shorter cruise. I also like the idea of Key West and CC as the ports. Both are fun stops and easy to do with kids. Sailing out of Miami gives you two airport choices for flights, plus you won't have to deal with MCO which is always a bonus! Magic is probably my favorite DCL ship. I enjoy the AquaDunk which isn't on any of the other ships. Flying to San Juan seems like too much a hassle to me for a 4 day cruise. One benefit though of going to San Juan in Jan/Feb is getting further souther and possibly having warmer weather than on your other two cruise options. San Juan is definitely worth a day or two pre-cruise, but then you are adding to your cost and potentially more missed school days. Tiana's Place is fun and the Frozen show is well done (although not as good as the version at DCA). I would consider the Dream, especially if your kids are into Star Wars. I'm not a big fan of Nassau and I enjoy CC more with less people on the smaller ships. But, if it worked best for my schedule (I like the weekends on both ends) I wouldn't hesitate to go with this option. There's plenty to do on any of the ships, especially for a short 4 night sailing. I wouldn't worry at all about the perception that there are more bells and whistles on the larger ships.
  2. c-cruise

    Character Meet & Greet

    It will inevitably vary but, Captain America, Black Widow, and Spider Man were regulars on our non-Marvel Wonder cruise last month.
  3. c-cruise

    Disney for a 20 something

    Tough question to answer. How big of a Disney fan are you? Personally I think I would have felt out of place sailing on DCL with a group of 20-30 year old single friends. However, I wasn't a huge Disney fan at that point in my life. It's going to be largely families with school age kids, and grandparents onboard, but plenty of adults sail DCL without kids as well. You could certainly have a great time as long as you are ok with an onboard experience that largely caters to kids/families.
  4. Yeah, not only for the best price, but if you are wanting a more unique itinerary (11 day Caribbean, 9 night Alaska, Norway, etc) they can sell out for certain categories in the first few days.
  5. c-cruise

    Port Arrival Time

    We sailed on the Wonder a couple weeks ago and had a PAT of 11:00-11:30. We got there shortly before 11 and had maybe a 5 minute wait if that the check-in and got boarding group 5. They didn't start boarding until roughly noon, but Concierge of course boarding earlier. Being in group 5 our number was called within 10 minute of the "family of the day". If you are on the Fantasy or Dream expect a more crowded terminal and longer lines. Cabins were ready at 1:30. They no longer do kids registration in the terminal (at least they didn't for this sailing). That is done online prior to boarding. The counter area is still there, but was not staffed. If you didn't register the kids online you did it onboard at the Club, Lab, etc. They also did the bands onboard at the club regardless of registering online or not. This resulted in longer waits onboard during the open house to get the kids club bands, etc.
  6. c-cruise

    Disney Cruise in Alaska

    We love DCL, but I have been in the naysayers column for DCL to Alaska mostly due to price they charge for Alaska. We've cruised Alaska many times and never felt it was about the ship as much as the itinerary. That said, we decided to give DCL to Alaska a try in 2019. We loved the 9 night itinerary on the Wonder with Hubbard and Sitka enough to swallow the exorbitant cost. I don't love Disney's standard 7 night itinerary as it is the same routine Alaska route that lots of other ships due w/ Tracy Arm. We also looked at several NB/SB back to back options, as well as the 14 day HAL round trip from Seattle. Any of these we could have done for less than the DCL 9 night, but 14 days was longer than we wanted to spend in Alaska, and none of those ships offered the DCL onboard environment that we love. Also, Disney has by far the best cabin setup for 4 people and I didn't want to spend 14 days on a ship with an awful cabin arrangement. On HAL for example the 4th berth folds down from the ceiling right over the queen bed. We've done that for 7 nights, but no thanks for 14. Princess has a decent quad setup, but only if you get a mini-suite and even then the sofa bed folds out and blocks the balcony door (at least on ships we have been on) and they don't have split bathrooms. We also need connecting cabins which Princess doesn't offer. We also love the size of the Wonder. A lot of the lines have gone to huge ships for Alaska (Bliss, Ovation, Royal Princess, Eclipse, etc.) which we don't care for. Wonder also still has a walk around promenade which we love and is getting harder to find on newer ships. Seems strange to say, but DCL is more traditional cruising and less gimmicky than a lot of the lines have gone. They have the right amount of kids features without filling the ship with go cart tracks, bumper cars, and other things we aren't necessarily looking for on an Alaska cruise. Although, the North Star on Ovation would be pretty cool for Alaska! Anyway, we factored in a lot of stuff and decided for us DCL was going to be worth the extra cost for this particular Alaska trip.
  7. c-cruise

    thoughts on room 5512 on wonder

    Not a location I would choose... I've found cabins near the aft stairwell to be much more convenient on the Magic/Wonder. However, for an ocean view cabin I think I would rather be forward on deck 5 than aft and down on deck 2.
  8. c-cruise

    No dinner buffet on DCL?

    We've only done 4 Disney cruises, but never noticed kids running around in the dining room (other than when they were supposed to for a parade or character). I think the dining rooms are overly loud as well, but they keep the kids entertained through dinner which is a trade off I am happy to make. I also miss not having an evening buffet option when on DCL.
  9. c-cruise

    Names for new Disney ships: Your guesses?

    They really should name two of them Disney Star, and Disney Marvel. Those are the cash cows that are writing the checks to pay for them.
  10. c-cruise

    3 Ships at HMC -- March 12!!!

    Earlier this year we were at HMC on the Koningsdam along with the Nieuw Amsterdam. We used the island tenders and NA used ship tenders. Didn't seem overly crowded to me and we didn't have crazy lines for the BBQ, etc. Still got the cabana we wanted and there was plenty of open beach space further down as is always the case. I wouldn't be concerned at all about two ships at HMC, and honestly three wouldn't have dissuaded me from going ashore either. Although tendering would definitely get "interesting".
  11. c-cruise

    Best Holland America ship with kids?

    Taken our kids on ~7 different HAL ships. They have all been very similar in terms of the kids programs and facilities. Amsterdam was the only one that was notably different as it has an outdoor area for the teens .Koningsdam was probably their favorite. I would stick with a Vista class or newer ship The Club HAL rooms they use and the hours seem to depend on the number of kids onboard. In our experience they will often combine the age groups and/or not open up all the rooms if there are not that many kids onboard. Club HAL isn't open all day long. They close for a couple hours at lunch and again at dinner. They usually have programmed activities in Club HAL in the evenings, but during the day it can be more like baby sitting (especially when in port). Our kids have done really well on HAL, but they tend to spend more time with us than on other lines. When we sail DCL they are so occupied that we hardly ever see them other than to eat. ;)
  12. Saw that Key West had it's first post Irma ship over the weekend. I haven't seen anything about a cruise ship in St. Thomas other than the small FEMA chartered cruise ship that arrived for the first responders.
  13. c-cruise

    Koningsdam balcony cabin - need category help

    Great choice. Those two cabins have extra large verandahs and clear Plexiglass railings. They also don't look down on lifeboats.
  14. c-cruise

    Koningsdam balcony cabin - need category help

    We were initially concerned about the Promenade deck as well, but it ended up not being a big deal to us at all. Still was perfectly adequate for walking our laps which is all we used it for.
  15. c-cruise

    Koningsdam balcony cabin - need category help

    We loved our VB cabin aft on deck 4. Extra large (deep) balcony and they look directly down on the ocean with no lifeboats below.