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  1. c-cruise


    I don't mind the Lido pizza... the nice thing is you can just grab it and go. The NY Pizza is definately better, but it can be painfully slow as well. Sometimes you just want to grab a quick slice and be on your way.
  2. I would say port days... then I have the option of touring or just staying onboard and enjoying the ship when it is less crowded. I also enjoy watching the mooring operations and just the sailing in and out of harbors, etc.
  3. Changing cabins in the same category should cost them anything. Is there some specific reason they booked you in that particular cabin (adjoining, or connecting to them, etc)? If so, then I agree it might be tacky to ask to change cabins. Otherwise I don't know why it would matter to them if you moved within the same category. Good Luck!!
  4. We found a couple hours to be plenty (made 2 loops around), but we'd been there a few times before.
  5. Consider checking out the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center. It's right down by the Portage Glacier visitors center. You can easily combine the two in a day trip. Beautiful drive as well down there from Anchorage as well.
  6. I think I would fly into Vancouver and save Calgary, Banff, etc. for another trip. Do the one way cruise and extend your trip afterwards to see Seward, Kenai, Anchorage, Denali, etc.
  7. With your port time and the distance to the gardens I would just go with the cruise line tour.
  8. Thanks for the review. I think these unique longer itineraries tend to attract a higher percentage repeat passengers. We did the 1 off 9 night Alaska this summer and notice the same thing with tons of gold and platinum passengers. Doesn't bother me as I never wear my lanyard anyway so nobody would know how many cruises I have done, lol. Didn't really notice anybody beign treated differently, but that's too bad that would happen. We had free iMessage on the Wonder. Hoepfully you will have it for your Magic cruise. Agree that they don't advertise it at all, but there were several questions about it in the post cruise survey. Totally agree about the smaller ships. We much prefer them as well. Did you feel that 11 nights was too much Disney? Our 9 night cruise itself wasn't too long (we've done longer), but but by the last couple nights we had kind of had our fill of Disney.
  9. We were on the deck 6 on the wonder last month for 9 nights and walked by that laundry room several times a day. The door to it is kept open and you can definately hear the noise from the machines out in the hallway and I would assume in the cabin accross the hall from it. There is also quite a bit of traffic from people coming and going out of there at all hours (its open 24 hours I believe). Anyway, if it was me I would attempt to move to a different deck 6 verandah in the same category. Note: if you go further aft on the starboard side of deck 6 you may hear some low rumbling noise from the movies in the Buena Vista theater down below.
  10. c-cruise

    Husky souvenirs

    If you are looking specifically for something UW Huskies, then Seattle would definately be the place for that. If you just want something with any husky dog on it, or a husky stuffed animal then you can find those in pretty much any port in Alaska. We did a dog sledding excurision this summer in Juneau and were on the lookout for husky items as well. No problem at all finding them...
  11. For a last minute Alaska I would be more inclined to go with the round trip itinerary and save the one way for when you have more time to extend the trip on land. Been on both these ships multiple times, prefer the NA, buy can't go wrong with either. We were on the Nieuw Amsterdam in April, it was in great condition.
  12. We've been to Alaska on Princess, Holland America, NCL, X, and Disney. They are all obviously different onboard experiences, but the Alaska port experience is very much the same on any of them. For a first Alaska cruise I would look for a round trip (easier) itinerary from Vancouver (more scenic sailing). I would also look for Glacier Bay to be on my itinerary for a first time trip. There are not a ton of ports in SE Alaska so itineraries tend to be similar, but take a look at the ports for what you are interested in and also the amount of time in each ports. For the cruise line I would take a look at the onboard amenities and figure out what is important to you. Do you want a more traditional cruise experience, or do you want some of the things that you find only on the newest and largest ships? Is a balcony important to you - it is to us. We've been to Alaska several times so we decided to do something different this summer and try Disney to Alaska. It was fantastic, but I certainly wouldn't recommend it for everyone and probably not for a first time Alaska cruise either. My recommendation for Alaska is usually Holland America. I like the "smaller" size of their ships and they have a ton of Alaska sailings so lots of itinerary and date options to choose from. The atmosphere onboard tends to be much more subdued (especially in the evenings) which I don't really mind at all for Alaska.
  13. There is definately a dedicated Christmas store in Ketchikan. You will have no problem finding ornaments in any of the Alaska ports.
  14. I would go to one of the marine / vessel tracking websites and follow Radiance along on it's next southbound cruise. Most tracking sites have the have the option to show the past track of a ship for the last 24 hours or so. I just took a look at Radiance and it just so happened to leave Icy Strait today in route to Ketchikan. Looks like it sailed south between Chichagof and Admiralty Islands in route to Ketchikan. If you check one of the vessel tracking sites tomorrow you should be able to look back and see the full route it took. It won't necessarily be the exact same route your ship took in May, but likely very similar.
  15. We were there on the Disney Wonder in July and saw some cranes/barges presumably for construction of the new dock. The new dock looks to be east of the current one and further away from the visitors center. Didn't see or hear anything about gondalas, but they definately need to add something if they are planning on having 2 ships there at once with the 2nd dock.
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