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  1. 11/17/19 on the Legend out of Tampa, stopping at Grand Cayman, Roatan, Belize and Cozumel. So happy we got our cruise in when we did! It was out first cruise in a long time and we were able to visit my aunt in Roatan (she just retired there.) :)
  2. We were on the Legend a few weeks ago and it didn't have this new system. There were no slots. Light switches worked just by turning them on and off. :)
  3. I think maybe it depends on ship/deck? We were just on Legend, Deck 4 in an aft extended. Our walls were the same as side balconies because we were lower. If you wanted to see or talk to neighbors, you had to lean around just like a side balcony. The ceiling of ours also went to the balcony railing. I noticed on decks above us, the ceiling didn't cover the entire balcony and their walls had a slant to them, giving more view/access to your neighbor's balcony. For us, we only saw neighbors out once the entire cruise... it was when we were docking in Roatan. So we had an entirely different
  4. Sorry, I'm not sure. We were in port most of the time allowed each time and never ventured around on the ship while in port. I even forgot to see if there was a special in the Red Frog Pub on embarkation day!
  5. I was concerned about a 45 minute ride too but it wasn't bad at all. We decided last minute to purchase this excursion because there really is nothing to do in port unless you go on an excursion. And everything is 45 minutes to longer. My husband can't stand being on a bus for a long period of time, so we chose a boat excursion. And the 45 minutes didn't seem like 45 minutes. The tour operator gave a lot of info about his country during the ride, even having the captain stop and point out the mangroves and he explained the importance of the mangroves to the environment. He was very infor
  6. We went on the Legend a few weeks ago on the Western Caribbean itinerary: Tampa, Grand Cayman, Roatan, Belize, Cozumel. Here are the Fun Times for anybody interested. Friday.pdf Monday.pdf Saturday.pdf Sunday.pdf Thursday.pdf Tuesday.pdf Wednesday.pdf
  7. Here are the Fun Times from our week on the Legend! Sunday.pdf Monday.pdf Tuesday.pdf Friday.pdf Saturday.pdf Thursday.pdf Wednesday.pdf
  8. I do have them! I meant to scan them in but then got busy with work and holiday prep when we got back. I’ll try to remember to scan them in tomorrow!
  9. Loved the location and the room/balcony! It was quiet there because zero people walk by the room. I think we saw two people one time (our neighbors). And that was it. And we loved the location of the balcony! Also, the room was just one flight down to the dining room. And a quick elevator ride to the Serenity pool deck area!
  10. We did Your Time Dining and with our favorite server, our dinners weren't super long. They were probably an hour to an hour and a half long but sometimes we dragged it out for a bit during dessert with a cup of coffee or two. We could've been out quicker. We were never there 2 hours. However, the one day that we had a different server, we waited a long time in between courses... that was also the first Elegant Night and the servers kept getting dragged away to sing Happy Birthday to numerous tables.
  11. We were just on Legend out of Tampa. Two of our ports, Belize and Roatan, were an hour behind ship time (which was same as homeport, Tampa, time). Ship time never changed... it stayed the same as Tampa time the entire cruise. And our departure/arrival times were always based on ship time/homeport time.
  12. Debarkation Day: We got up early, around 6am. We ate our last breakfast in the Lido. 😞 Then we finished packing up and left our cabin for the last time. 4230 was a great home away from home. We took the elevator down one floor and joined the other FTTF people in Truffles restaurant at 7:30am. We were off the ship and in a cab by 8am. We were at the airport by 8:20am. We actually got another rental car for the day because our flight wasn't until 5:10pm. We drove around the beach for a bit and then joined hubby's sister and her family for lunch. We were back at the airport by 3 wh
  13. Day 7, Sea Day: Since today was going to be a leisurely day, we did some relaxing. We skipped the Lido for breakfast today. We went right to the Serenity Deck around 9am. The sun didn't stay out for long, so we decided to go to the Sea Day Brunch. It wasn't as great as we hoped for. We were sat right away but so was everybody else around the same time. We sat in a section next to Volodymyr (should've requested him) and it looked our server was in the weeds. He had a bunch of new tables. We waited for about 15 minutes before our drink order was taken. And then it took a long time
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