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  1. Phone - useless Email given above - works although might be a while week+ before getting answer even for the simplest question.
  2. Handicapped wheelchair user - can't walk at all and filled out Princess disability form, booked accessible cabin. In the past two weeks have gotten THREE book your excursions now emails. Three worthless to send us emails. Out of all 4 port stops during the cruise NOT ONE wheelchair accessible excursion is offered and one port might not be able to get off the ship to do our own thing (Belize City). Only available wheelchair accessible excursion by Princess is Ft Lauderdale airport transfer waterway tour. Glad we can search for/book accessible excursions on our own.
  3. Does Belize City have tenders that can roll on/off by those who use wheelchair/scooters that can't walk at all?
  4. Does Belize have tenders that can be boarded by someone who can't walk at all?
  5. Dumb questions - is the 18% service charge included with the 2 casual meals for having the plus package? Also do we have to do Appetizer/main course/dessert or can we do just main course as the included meal? Booked Sabatini's and it's only showing as $70 ($35 x 2 people) Do they include the 18% after we eat or is it part of the $35 each?
  6. Been a while since we stopped in Mahogany Bay and last time we didn't even go to the port beach - Just wondering If the beach area has stone/wood pathways if those of us in wheelchairs wanted to hang out closer to friends/family that want to visit the beach such as a pavilion/patio area. Wheelchair user does NOT need to get physically on the beach or in the water. Saw on youtube the walking path from the port to the beach is stone but all videos I've seen stop before getting to the beach Or just show the sand/beach chairs.
  7. How far is the walk to the pick up location - is it the office location marked on Google Maps or closer to port. Do they drop off inside the port area upon the return?
  8. Loved doing it on Regal in January - egg smashed but got a sympathy prize - string bag, 2 wine stoppers, 2 plastic coasters - they always called the prizes at games "LIFE CHANGING" it was fun.
  9. It's been a while - do any taxis / non-ship sponsored excursion companies pick up at the bottom of the hill these days? Read a few reviews on other sites people claiming of getting picked up for tours in the parking lot instead of walking up the hill. Being in a manual wheelchair I remember that hill being a real PITA to go up.
  10. Dumb question but were the people in the chairs at the time or lifted on/off empty.
  11. As of Yesterday: Can't answer about bed - Handicapped cabin only had two twin beds - softest/thinnest mattress ever had - felt the metal frame 2 - combination bottle mounted on wall 3 - Nope
  12. Just off Regal yesterday - saw a mixed bag in the MDR - Didn't care what people wore but loved seeing what some consider "formal"/Dress to impress VS casual. Personally had khakis and polos for casual nights and black dress pants/long sleeve dress shirts for "formal/dress to impress nights" - Fully noticed people upset by my not wearing a suit/jacket/tie. Wish I would have seen their faces when the man came in wearing suit jacket with red/black basketball shorts/t-shirt on.
  13. Trivia with random daily topics - Life Changing Prizes: Wine stoppers, cinch bags, medals with princess logo on one side/"winner" on the other, coasters. Play as team of 6 or less - usually had 20+ playing this past week.
  14. Considering a SKY PRINCESS cruise with a stop in Belize City - Curious are any tenders wheelchair accessible as in -roll on/off or should we plan for a day on the ship. Fully understand weather/seas could change the ability to tender.
  15. Considering a SKY PRINCESS cruise with a stop in Belize City - Curious are any tenders wheelchair accessible as in -roll on/off or should we plan for a day on the ship.
  16. So we've all heard/read the DINNER MDR dress code debate - what about for Breakfast/Lunch? Shorts -yes/no, T-shirts, yes/no
  17. Have the plus package which as website says gives 25% off liter bottles - just curious what the price is - Regal Princess sailing Eastern Caribbean.
  18. It was ONE TIME sorry...
  19. Anyone do a tour of the Capitol Building. Did you have to book in advance or just walk up? Any charge/fees? Do you enter from the city facing side or the Ocean facing side of building? How long should we plan for it to take?
  20. Last time we were on a cruise the cabins had slots for our cruise card to work the lights just inside the cabin door - how does it work with the medallion - normal switch?? Does the international Cafe have sandwiches? basic some form of meat and cheese on bread or roll. How does Deal No Deal game work ?? Do they do any culinary demonstrations on Caribbean sailings?
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