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  1. Good write up here https://www.washingtonpost.com/travel/2020/07/06/two-cruise-giants-assembled-panel-health-experts-give-them-path-back-sailing/
  2. I got it figured out it was an Air2Sea transfer charge that was auto generated. They removed it after about 20 minutes on hold while they figured out what the charge was.
  3. Not seeing the - below the charge on the phone with them now. I'll report back
  4. Based on your message I just checked ours and I am seeing a $125PP charge that has some wierd code on it. Guess I'm gonna have to call for clarification.
  5. We hired Ace Luxury transportation to take 13 of us from the Poly to Port Canaveral overall it was great and reasonably priced total travel time was about an hour. They provided 1 rear facing car seat and two booster seats free of charge as well.
  6. Yes on Harmony two weeks ago a friend had suite and emailed the concierge the reservations our extended party needed for the whole week and he took care of them. He was the only one with a suite but they booked the restaurants for all of us.
  7. We've stayed in 14280 on Symphony we heard noise during the day like mid morning and then on occasion throughout the day luckily we weren't in the room during those hours most time. I would recommend staying on deck 12 instead if you are worried about noise.
  8. When we traveled with our 18 month old we used the pack & play provided by Royal. The nursery was good they had cribs so if you brought the kids in for night sitting they will put them to bed and they give you a deck phone to get in touch with you in case of emergency. The nursery always has less kids than the full blown adventure ocean club that they transition to once they turn 3 years old and are potty trained. We learned the splash area isn't very large depending on the ship and the kids need to be completely out of diapers before you can bring them in any pool with you.
  9. I check my prices daily and have repriced my June 2020 cruise 5 or 6 times at this point took the price down from $3,800 to $2,700. Love the reprice option
  10. Bid on Ultra Spacious Balcony on Harmony for the 10th of November my bid was $50 above the minimum and got the notice today we won the bid. Didn't feel the Junior Suite were worth the bids since they don't give you the double points. Bid on the larger balcony room since it is me DW and DD (5) in the room and this is a great was to get a separate sleeping area for DD. In case anyone is curious about the process once you win the set sail passes automatically updated in the App and they sent me new Edocs via email about 10 minutes after I got the email confirming winning the bid.
  11. Yes Hooked is a seafood restaurant similar to Red Lobster but also with fresh clams, I don't remember if they had Crab legs
  12. We went to Hooked in January while on the unlimited dining package and the waiter gave us every single appetizer on the menu and there was no limit on entrees or deserts. It was really good but so much food. I'm looking forward to the next time we are on Symphony as it was one of our favorite restaurants by far.
  13. I’ll take it’s the equivalent of a bank error in your favor.
  14. Also available on our June 2020 Allure Mediterranean Cruise.
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