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  1. Our son (now 20) has been allowed into all areas except Serenity (which he is not interested in and hasn't visited) since he was 18. He has had his S&S card scanned when going into the adult comedy show to make sure he is of age.
  2. According to the Carnival FAQ "Beach chairs" can be brought for port use only.
  3. Thanks! We look forward to seeing your pics.
  4. I've been looking for the same information. Haven't had any luck. I'm hoping someone on here will have some answers as well as pictures of the Funtimes.
  5. A lot depends on the route you drive. We have done that several times out of NOLA. We live about 5 hours from NOLA and always drive in the morning of the cruise. We know we are taking a chance but have never had any problems. For us, the biggest chance we are taking is that we have to drive through Baton Rouge on I-10 and that area is known for some major traffic problems at times.
  6. As mentioned above, you will be Platinum the entire cruise. All of your paper work will reflect this, including your luggage tags, will say Priority and/or Platinum. Your Sail and Sign card will be Platinum and you will receive all the benefits of Platinum for your entire cruise, including your luggage having priority when being delivered. Enjoy your cruise and your new Platinum benefits!
  7. The casino opens shortly after leaving the dock. One of the nice things about sailing out of NOLA, gambling is legal so they don't have to wait until reaching international waters to open the casino.
  8. We were on the Carnival Valor in April 2017 and on the final night they had a show in the Ivanhoe Theater called "Far From Over". Does anyone know if this show is still being performed?
  9. When our son was that age, it depended on the activities and on the kind of other teens he met. If he didn't "hit it off" with anyone, he spent more time with us,
  10. Thanks for sharing! Sorry to hear the stress you went through, but really glad to hear it got fixed. Shows a great reason why its important to keep confirmations and other emails.
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