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  1. Your reservation at that table is for the whole cruise. Go to the steakhouse and enjoy!!!
  2. It seems you should be dealing 100% with your TA and not Carnival? Your TA should be dealing with the airlines and Carnival on your behalf! You should not be talking to Carnival or getting any direction from them! What is your TA doing in all this??
  3. Per the FAQ's I don't think this correct. Purchase for the entire cruise or none at all! The only exception is cruises for Texas and NY where it is not allowed on the first day.
  4. And also suites and FFTF in the same place at the same time!
  5. Actually it is Diamond, Platinum, Suites and then FFTF. Then self assist starts.
  6. Sport shirt and slacks/Dockers are fine! Suits were very rare a few weeks ago.
  7. You can no longer book on board! You will receive a chance to book shortly after you return.
  8. Tidal ranges for Cabo range from 2-6 feet, not extreme at all!
  9. The bigger question is why do you care? The employee's seem happy with the system (they keep coming back), the cruise line is happy, and for the most part the customers are happy (they too keep coming back)! Seems to be win all around!
  10. VPN is a bandwidth hog and is not supported. My wife tried to log in three weeks ago for work and could not connect.
  11. Closed toe shoes are required per the dress code for chefs table: Does The Chef’s Table have specific attire requirements? We know you want to look your best from head to toe, but when it comes to dining at The Chef’s Table, not all shoes are created equal! Please only wear closed-toe flat shoes that aren’t prone to slipping, since the experience involves a tour through the galley — a fully-functional, professional kitchen environment.
  12. Two weeks ago I went through security with a pocket knife with a 4 inch blade. No issue with ships security at all! Threw it in the bin and retrieved it with no issue.😎
  13. That's a lot of work, but if you think it's worth it, go ahead! All that for a $5 bottle of wine? The best advice I've seen so far is bring on what you like to drink!
  14. Just off the Freedom last week and it clearly one bottle per table, no matter how many are seated at the table! We had two cabins for dinner the first night and could only get one bottle. We were told that to get multiple bottles we would have to have individual reservations and seating!
  15. So, you choose to call it a "camping chair" and that makes OK in your opinion? Carnival is pretty clear in they don't want additional deck "clutter" but you deem it to be your decision? Did you consider that by design that it "inexplicably does not have seating"?
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