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  1. rvsullivan

    How do embarkation times work?

    Just to be clear. You can arrive as early as you want and when check in starts you will be able to check in. No need to wait.
  2. rvsullivan

    What are the Haven perks?

    The only suites that get free booze are Garden Villas, DOS and OS.
  3. rvsullivan

    online registration...

    I was not aware of any port enforcing check in times. Could you enlighten us with which ones are?
  4. rvsullivan

    UK Upsell

    This will work if you booked through a U.S. travel agent. If not, you're out of luck.
  5. rvsullivan

    Dawn suite perks

    Perks depend on which type of suite you're in. For bottled water you have to be in a Garden Villa, Deluxe Owners Suite or Owners Suite to get unlimited water. All other suites get one bottle in the room.
  6. rvsullivan

    On Board Experience Poll

    Where are the poll questions??
  7. rvsullivan

    Is the back of Deck 8 on the Dawn too noisy??

    And for the OP, I don't know where you are seeing balconies that are obstructed? Only obstructed views are ocean views, not balconies. You should be ok with any mid ship balcony.
  8. rvsullivan

    Changing perks

    No, when you upgrade that way, you keep the perks from your original booking. Not the new booking. This would be a lose, lose for you. Stay with what you have or call for an upsell, but chances are you're going to keep your same perks.
  9. rvsullivan

    Booking Dining Packages online

    If you're in a suite, you can book at 100 days, all others can book at 90 days.
  10. rvsullivan

    Booking Question

    One person cannot be listed on multiple rooms. Each room should be listed by your own names.
  11. rvsullivan

    Getaway Rio Charter

    She will be able to visit you in your room. She will not be able utilize the Haven itself nor will she be able to dine with you. In the past a Haven guest is allowed to book one or two meal for a guest for $25 per meal, not sure if that is still the case.
  12. rvsullivan

    No medical waivers honored! Past final payment

    Thank you!!! This should be the post of the day! In general, the ADA only prevents entities from treating a disabled/handicapped individual differently than a non handicapped. I think the OP is upset that they have to PAY for the products they need from the cruise line and not bring them aboard. Nothing illegal about NCL charging for the products.
  13. rvsullivan

    Sailing tomorrow on Epic...need answers!

    [quote name='hamrag']OK, seems their paranoia with smugglers has reached new levels particularly with the water/soda ban![/QUOTE] [COLOR="Red"]Did you note the poster said this occurred last February, well before the water and soda ban???[/COLOR]
  14. rvsullivan

    What to do? Booked room won't be big enough.

    The one thing that catches my eye is this, OP states that she picked the suite that she believed held four guests and not three. Cost wise putting one child in the inside could have made a difference, but if the suite chosen was a 3 person suite and not a four, it appears the OP made the choice. Perhaps I've missed something? For the OP, good luck, this close to sailing time room availability could be an issue.