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  1. Not much! Priority embarkation/disembarkation, guaranteed dining time or wait listed if already full, 2 free bottles of water and a free bag of laundry for both in a suite.
  2. Again, this is a 2.5 year old thread and the OP has long ago sailed! Answering this question is a moot point at this time!
  3. Carnival certainly does offer a military discount! It's not a huge one but I certainly claimed mine! Your cruise consultant can give you the details. Here's a link: https://help.carnival.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/2856/~/military-cruise-deals And there is a veterans appreciation get together on most cruises.
  4. And to clarify, NYC and Galveston, first day is between 6 AM embarkation day and 6 AM first day at sea. You can purchase drinks from the moment you board until the following morning, but no Cheers!🤠
  5. No "stacking" of OBC from multiple cruises.
  6. My November cruise has disappeared from the schedule and it is truly sold out at this time!
  7. And yet the cruises he hosts are always sold out in advance!!!
  8. And if he is really concerned about bankruptcy of carnival the gift cards would probably be worthless too!
  9. jimbo, I sometimes don't agree with your posts, but in this case I think you're spot on! Either shut down all transportation or none! To focus on cruising is foolish and shortsighted!
  10. No but it meets the definition of a chronic ailment per the letter! A message received from Carnival will not be likely to get you aboard the ship! A letter from your Doctor might.
  11. One comment, the Lido will not have mostly the same items as the MDR in a buffet style. It will be a completely different menu from the MDR!!!
  12. Sounds like you should file a claim with your travel insurer. That should cover all your losses since you have written validation from your Dr.
  13. And how does an almost quarantined work? Is that like almost pregnant? Panorama was not quarantined was it?
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