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  1. Port fees can differ from passenger to passenger depending on when the initial booking was made. Once you book your port fees will not go up, so you might actually be paying less than the going rate. If a port is missed and you are “in the red” those fees will be applied to another port to make up the difference. You’re only refunded if your port fees paid are more than the total for the cruise.
  2. One video on Twitter cracked me up. Two guys are sitting at a bar. They turn around and watch the chairs slide across the floor, then they go back to their drinks!
  3. I tried to use facts and pictures to debunk the 45 degree list comment on FB this morning and basically got called an insensitive NCL cheerleader.🙄 If the list had been at 45 degrees for 5 minutes as GMA reported, the damage and injuries would have been FAR, FAR greater than what happened. The first picture is taken from my aft balcony when a ship I was on experienced a sustained list of about 10 degrees. Did it feel like more than that? Absolutely! Was it scary? Yup! It was hard to walk, and anything loose was sliding around. The second is an illustration I found here on CC many years ago...I think it was right after the list on the Crown Princess. Just thought I’d share some visuals that help put these numbers in perspective. Love, Insensitive Cheerleader🙄
  4. I agree with others...I think this post belongs here and not on the France posts board! LeHavre is found on British Isles itineraries (and possibly some Baltic itineraries), but it’s definitely not on a Mediterranean itinerary. This makes the most sense to me, since it’s where people booking a British Isles itinerary will start their search for port information.
  5. We had a Deluxe Balcony on the Regal in October ‘17, and a Mini-Suite on the Royal last summer. The Deluxe Balcony had a small sofa and coffee table, but only a desk chair. The desk was directly across from the sofa and went all the way to the wall. The Mini-Suite had a sofa, a chair, a desk chair, and a coffee table. We thought the Mini-Suite was comfortable for lounging in the cabin, but noticeably smaller than on the Grand class ships. Here are pictures of both cabins...
  6. I don’t miss those bedspreads, though!😂
  7. Hey! I hope you guys are doing well! Our Med cruise in 2017 was in 5191 on the Westerdam! Your TA has good taste...the balcony is fantastic! We’ve been in 5191 on two ships, and hosted a CC party on the balcony both times. The wonderful concierges in the Neptune Lounge helped us set it up and provided wine glasses, ice, and hot/cold hors d’oeuvres for us. 5191 on the Westerdam is huge...you can easily fit 30 people out there. There are a lot of pictures in this blog post that show the view from the balcony: https://theworldthroughmylens.blog/2017/05/21/the-wow-factor/ Here are some cabin & balcony pictures from the Westerdam. It’s not the biggest suite you’ll ever see, but the balcony more than makes up for it!
  8. Just about every other cruise line has better cabin seating options than Princess.😢
  9. Removing the chairs is another ridiculous move. I can’t imagine being on a long cruise or a cruise with lots of sea days in a cabin where one of two people has to use the bed as the only place to sit.
  10. I think it’s terrible. I understand a dining room upcharge for an entree from a specialty restaurant, but to me charging for regular menu items just cheapens the whole cruise dining experience. Ordinarily I would never order an extra entree, but there have been many times our waiter has brought out something extra for the table to try. Is that gone? What about asking for an appetizer sized portion of an entree? I know that’s gone from the Pinnacle Grill without paying for a second entree, and I have to assume it will now be gone from the dining room too. I have so many questions...Why single out the MDR when the greatest food waste is in the buffet? What if someone genuinely dislikes something? Where do they draw the line? What’s next? A la Carte pricing in the dining room? Oh, you want your pie a la mode? Cruise card, please! I realize cruising has changed and all the lines are looking for ways to save money, but I hate to feel like I’m being followed by someone holding out a collection plate for my whole vacation. This seems like HAL is trying to pry every last nickel and dime they can get out of the passengers. I think this is a slippery slope that most of us don’t want to see the cruise lines go down. Just my opinion.
  11. I think there are so many people trying to game the system these days they have to take a hard line on these kinds of policies. What you do for one, you will end up having to do for all.
  12. Ken, that’s from six years ago. I’m pretty sure that whatever font I used is long gone due to the conversion to this new platform!😂
  13. I agree that the balcony cabin size on Princess is lacking, especially compared to some other lines. Luckily it’s not really an issue for us as we usually choose a mini-suite on Princess. Life is all about choices, and I’ve found that while the cabins are smaller than some, Princess more than makes up for it in other areas such as itineraries and food quality. When we plan cruises we usually choose between Princess, RCI, Celebrity, and HAL. Cabin availability/price/size is a factor, but only after we choose an itinerary and basic dates.
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