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  1. jennjess

    No formal nights!

    I'd like to know this too since we have had no info on what the dress code is exactly.
  2. jennjess

    No formal nights!

    14 night cruise coming up shortly with 4 formal nights and a British night which is somewhat excessive in my opinion. I'd happily drop half of those!
  3. I am also looking for a place to store luggage for a few hours. We arrive at Southampton port in the morning and fly from Southampton airport in the late afternoon. As I understand it there is no storage at the railway station which would have been ideal since we will be taking the train to the airport. I tried emailing Oceans a few days ago but have not received a reply. Is the only option going to the airport, leaving luggage there and then going back into the city again?
  4. We also prefer to do our own thing (I don't enjoy being herded about) and when making arrangements it's difficult to know what time to arrange things for when the timings are so vague. I suppose to be sure we would have to arrange things past the range of possible arrival times.
  5. Most if not all other cruise lines do give the times of expected arrivals and departures at the port of call. I realise that they might be a bit late or early depending on weather situations etc.. But early AM or late PM does seem abit vague. Surely most ports slots do need to be booked in advance?
  6. jennjess

    Not dressing for formal nights

    Thanks for your advice, I will contact the HQ just to see what they can advise.
  7. jennjess

    Not dressing for formal nights

    Resurrecting this thread as I wanted to ask about the dress codes onboard. I will be travelling on a short Fred Olsen cruise with my son who is autistic and will not wear any clothes in which he doesn't feel comfortable. That includes suits and jackets, shirts and ties. Will he be admitted into the dining room in casual clothing and even in the self service areas. He lives in sweat shirts and jogging bottoms and I'm beginning to think we may have booked the wrong cruise for him. I received info that there will be 2 formal nights on a 7 night cruise and a British night. What can we expect from a British night? I hope the dining staff will not be too strict given his disablilty.
  8. jennjess

    Princess.com - Firefox Problems

    [quote name='TwoBadKnees']Fix: Princess now works on my Firefox. I turned off Hardware Acceleration. Go to Menu / Options / Advanced / UnCheck "Use Hardware Acceleration" Restart Firefox. Good luck. I hope it works for you, too. Hopefully Princess and/or Mozilla will change whatever caused the conflict.[/quote] This worked for me also, many thanks for the fix!
  9. jennjess

    Larger Denomination Bills?

    Most places will not accept notes larger than 100 euros.
  10. jennjess


    Sadly far from Elite so we will have to take our chances. Thanks again!
  11. jennjess


    Tartanexile, many thanks for your informative reply. It seems quite easy to do. A question or two about the shuttle, will it be easy to spot from where the tenders drop everyone off? Also is it available to everyone ie no need to book in advance? and will there be enough places for all who wish to use it?
  12. jennjess

    Tulips Amsterdam

    I think you will be timing it right! The early tulip varities are beginning to come into flower now but most don't come to bloom until April or even early May. I wouldn't bother with the flower auction personally. The keukenhof ensures that there will be many flowers to see.
  13. jennjess


    We are hoping to go to Rosslyn chapel from South Queensferry. We will plan on using the shuttle into Edinburgh and then the bus to Rosslyn. Could you give me any advice on making this journey such as where to find the Rosslyn bus in Edinburgh? Is it necessary to book entrance tickets in advance?
  14. jennjess

    Another Attack in Turkey

    Excellent post and I agree! If you let fear stop you travelling where you wish to go then the terrorists have won! Don't let them win! This was a reply to Sue but the quote function doesn't seem to be working for me.
  15. jennjess

    Ruby's Electrical Outlets

    Are all outputs US style? Will I need to bring an adapter for Euro plugs?