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  1. I’m getting discouraged and feeling less optimistic about our March 26 POA cruise. If it gets cancelled again I’m ready to admit defeat and ask for a refund.😢
  2. Our problem now is $$$ in airfare that has to be used!
  3. This dry dock was scheduled for the end of April through May of 2020. We were originally booked for April 25 and had to move the cruise 2 weeks earlier when that sailing was cancelled. Little did we know that was just the first of 5 POA cancellations for us! We’re trying one more time next year, then if that one doesn’t go we’re giving up.
  4. I moved our cruise today (voluntarily — no cancellation for a change!🙄) to save many, many dollars on airfare. My PCC told me the same.
  5. I just rebooked again for Hawaii in April of 2022, and I’ve actually gone so far as to pull out my old list and sketch out a plan for the trip. My husband said it was nice to see me doing what I do best...obsessing over a cruise that’s over a year away!🤣 We’ve scheduled this one cruise SIX times! The first cancellation was for Dry Dock, but the rest were COVID related. This is the first time since our April 11, 2020 sailing was cancelled I’ve really felt optimistic we’ll get to go.
  6. I just went through the rebooking process (again) yesterday. In my case I had my original fully paid fare +25% FCC for my April 2020 cruise that was cancelled in March in the first wave of Covid cancellations. For my cruise on the Jade that was just cancelled, I received a 10% discount on the new booking. The only problem I have is every time I have to rebook the value of my dollars and FCC is reduced because prices are up and the cruises that got cancelled had significant OBC attached.
  7. I spoke to my PCC yesterday because I had to rebook (again). He thinks the vaccine will be required at least when they start back up.
  8. I’m totally confused and I guess I’m going to have to call my PCC to start to figure this out. My April 2020 POA cruise was cancelled in the first wave last year, and I received a 25% FCC. We rescheduled for October 2020, moved it again to March 2021, and finally decided things were looking bleak for Hawaii so switched to the Jade in Europe for October 2021 — the cruise that was just cancelled. Our 25% FCC for Hawaii was substantial because we were in a suite. We hadn’t applied all of it to our October cruise because the cruise was less expensive, so we were going to use the remainder for things like excursions and pre-cruise hotels. I assume that money is still in my account and now I have another 10%? When they sent the letter on Monday I thought the number looked funny, so maybe that’s the cost of the Jade cruise + 10%? Or is the 10% a discount off a new cruise? I need to get out from under this huge chunk of money & FCC! I wish I had a crystal ball a year ago and I would have made a different decision about accepting the FCC instead of a refund, but here I am. I just want to be able to go someplace nice while my many thousands of dollars in airline credit is still valid!
  9. My Jade sailing for October just got cancelled. I was expecting it, but I hate the thought of starting all over again. This was cancellation #4.😢 Funnily enough, I started looking around late last week.
  10. I am also losing hope for 2021, and trying to decide when to pull the plug and reschedule yet again. Unfortunately I took the credit and 25% FCC a year ago, so now my only option is to keep rescheduling. I’ve switched from Hawaii to Europe, and am now thinking about switching back to Hawaii because things in most of Europe look pretty bleak right now. I’d love some definitive guidance on when/where to reschedule, but unfortunately nobody knows. If I had any idea a year ago how long this was going to last I would have made different decisions!
  11. I had two refund experiences with NCL companies, and both were negative. In February I booked an Oceania cruise and cancelled it the next day. According to the contract I should have had my deposit ($1,500) refunded immediately, but they decided that even though I booked and cancelled 3+weeks before the shut-down I would have to wait 90 days. Numerous phone calls got me nowhere, and I thought the people I was communicating with there were rude and condescending. At 91 days I filed with my credit card company who reversed the charge. The refund was finally posted on my cc at the end of June, so the credit card company took their credit back (as they should have). My other problem was again a deposit, and if I had it to do over again I would NEVER make the same decisions. Our POA cruise was originally scheduled for April and we were in the first round of cancellations. On May 31 we decided Hawaii was off the table for the foreseeable future, and we moved our FCC (paid POA cruise + 25%) to a Europe sailing next October. Even though I had a ton of credit, I had to pay an additional $1,500 deposit to secure the additional 20% off promo they were running for cancelled cruises — something about how they handle FCCs. I was promised that deposit would be refunded in 3-4 days. Of course, that didn’t happen. My communication with them got more strongly worded around Labor Day, and the refund finally showed up on my credit card today, 114 days after I paid the deposit. Live and learn. I wish I had just requested a refund in the first place, but like others we never dreamed this stoppage would be so long-term. Since we really don’t know what cruising will look like in the next year or two I hate that I’m in a “use it or lose it” situation for a lot of money. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  12. Sadly, at least in the start-up phase we have no interest in cruising. The deal breaker for me is only being allowed off the ship if you’re on a cruise-line excursion. I’m going to pray things go well and some of the restrictions are relaxed before our next cruise (Europe October ‘21). Going to Europe and only seeing what the cruise line deems “safe” isn’t appealing to us at all. I like to get off the beaten path and experience the culture of a country, not just visit the popular tourist spots. if the restrictions are long-term, we will become land travelers.😢
  13. Thanks! I read your linked thread and that was exactly what I found when I made my reservation. The price difference between the SM and SN cabins was only $100/person for the 12-night cruise, or about $8.50/person/day. I assumed that was just for the bigger balcony, but now thanks to Cruise Critic I’m finding out otherwise! Sent from my iPad using Forums
  14. Interesting...I just booked an SM category suite (Aft-Facing Penthouse with Large Balcony/Deck 10) on the Jade for October 2021. The description clearly states the perks include Butler and Concierge service. The SN category is identical to SM, but with a smaller balcony. Those cabins are on Decks 8 & 9, and the description has the statement, “Most include Butler and Concierge Service.” I’ll definitely keep an eye on it. I took screen shots of the cabin information just in case there’s a discrepancy. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  15. I was just faced with the same decision for a very port-intensive Europe cruise next year. I ended up choosing an aft Penthouse (non-Haven) suite. The price difference between the two was substantial, and since we only have one sea day out of 12 it didn’t seem worth the cost. If we were going to be spending a lot of days on the ship I might have chosen differently. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  16. We officially said good-bye to our Hawaii cruise today. It had been cancelled twice by NCL (once for dry dock and once for the virus), and then moved once by us after we rebooked. Admittedly, once celebrating our 60th birthdays in Kona was off the table a lot of the excitement was gone, but I’m also not comfortable with the rumblings about restricting visitors well into 2021. Maybe we’ll try again for our 65th birthdays! On the bright side, we used our FCC for a 12-night to Spain, France, Portugal, and Italy in an aft suite with over 2200.00 left over![emoji3] This will be the first year since (I think) 2002 that we won’t cruise.[emoji22] Sent from my iPad using Forums
  17. We were booked on a HAL coastal leaving Vancouver on September 26. The cruise hasn’t been cancelled yet, but we cancelled last week because I just don’t see it happening, or happening in a form that we would want to be a part of. We’re (hopefully) going to Maine and New Hampshire in October instead...coast and mountains, staying at B&Bs and small inns, with lots of time out in nature. It will require plane travel, but we can’t hide forever! I really hope it happens, because it will end up being our only vacation this year. Our next cruise is tentatively March 27 on NCL in Hawaii. That one was scheduled for April and got cancelled. I rescheduled for the end of October, but we decided to move that one out to March in the hopes of travel being less restricted. We’re also planning to go to Norway in August of 2021. Time will tell! Sent from my iPad using Forums
  18. I don’t know if you can cancel outright, but you can move it to another sailing. I did that yesterday — I had rebooked Pride of America for October, but we decided to reschedule for next year in the hopes of having a less restricted vacation. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  19. I have an upcoming final payment on HAL. Even though they have shortened the final payment due date, the cancellation penalties remain unchanged. I think this is probably what happened in the OP’s case. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  20. That makes sense for a couple possible reasons... 1. Whether or not those sail is probably no better than 50/50. 2. Final payment is too close for it to really benefit them as far as cash flow.
  21. I did everything on the website. At one point I know I saw the refund option, but it's no longer there. They are still offering date changes and vouchers.
  22. I am supposed to be sailing September 26. I did not receive an offer. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  23. I use Travel Insured through USAA for my travel insurance. I am able to get a refund, a voucher for future travel, or I can simply move the policy if I reschedule. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  24. We booked a cruise for next August. I wasn’t able to choose a cabin on the website, but when I called they took care of it with no problem. The agent I spoke with said it was because we booked a 14-night cruise that is also sold as two 7-night cruises. Much to my surprise I got a casino discount on top of the Have It All promotion. My total price was about $900 less than the price when I wasn’t signed in. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  25. Thanks for clearing that up...I had it exactly backwards! Sent from my iPad using Forums
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