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  1. Sorry -- you can ignore my request. It was an operator error!
  2. I have been trying to submit my air change expenses for our cancelled POA sailing to NCL for reimbursement. It appears that the e-mail address in their cancellation letter is wrong.😳 Has anybody had any luck sending in their receipts? Thanks! I really want to get this crossed off my to-do list!
  3. We already had flights for our cancelled cruise (April 25). We always try to purchase air as soon as it opens if we’re using miles. We booked the cruise, then purchased air right after. My husbands ticket was booked using miles, and the amount required has gone up tremendously since we booked our original flights.
  4. Thanks...I’m going to call on Monday and ask if we can just change the dates on the policy. Some of the costs we’re incurring are of our choosing — like adding an extra night!😂 Since NCL will reimburse us for our change fees, there isn’t an insurance claim to be made. The only thing would have been the hotel, but they were wonderful about changing the reservation.
  5. The POA was my second booking with NCL and my second cancellation! You might want to run if you see me on one of your roll calls!😂 I swore at the time of the first cancellation I would never give NCL another chance, but here I am! It’s those darn PVSA and Hawaii rules! FWIW, the “compensation” for this cancellation is much better than the last cancellation (for the Jade in 2016). I’m not as angry as some, but I still had a very long, frustrating afternoon yesterday. I was able to get rebooked, reschedule all my shore excursions, and had a great experience moving the date for my non-refundable hotel. Thank you Outrigger Reef for being understanding and not lecturing me about the rules. I really wasn’t in the mood! I had to pay a little more because we’re now staying on a holiday weekend, but that was minimal in the whole scheme of things. Where I’m still struggling is with my husband’s airfare. We used miles to purchase his ticket, and the number of miles required has gone up 50%! We don’t have enough, unless we put him in Evonomy for the flight over while I sit up front! That would be just plain mean, so it looks like we’re going to have to buy half his ticket so we can sit together. I have good independent insurance, but I’m not sure what, if any, of our additional costs would be covered. Pretty sure it wouldn’t cover a first-class airline ticket!🙄 I still need to call the insurance company, but I’m waiting until we have some resolution on DH’s air. My other big frustration was lack of availability for the cabin type I originally booked (an aft-facing balcony). We looked at every date for two months, and they’re all sold out.😢 It doesn’t seem quite right that I can only be price protected on one of those cabins until October 3 — after that I have to pay the going rate. That’s where I think Norwegian could do a better job...it would be nice to have a longer window to be price protected. I’m not asking for, nor do I expect a huge amount of compensation, but to me the price protection window seems short for a cruise that many people plan and book much farther in advance than they ordinarily would. It can take time to make all the puzzle parts fit! Knowing my luck, a B1 balcony will open up on October 4th. It would be nice not to have to pay more since I wasn’t the one who needed to move to a different cruise. I’d like to see compensation that (within reason) made people whole over and above air change fees. I’m not sure what would be fair, but I do know this is an expensive cruise with equally expensive arrangements and great travel distances involved for most. My plane ticket only went up $110, but it would be nice to not have to pay that since I wasn’t the one who wanted to change the date. Many people’s airfare has gone up $1,000! They’re kind of stuck. What if they were already traveling on the only dates they could in 2020? In my conversations with a rep at the redeployment number (great guy — super patient and helpful) I found the rules to be very inflexible and not really reflective of the fact that many people on the POA cruises buy air and make shore plans far in advance. I will say I appreciate NCL protecting the perks we booked with (although the Take All Perks promo seems to not have an end date, ever). We didn’t even get that when my cruise for 2016 got cancelled. We could either sail a whole year early or...nothing. They waved good-bye and I responded with a less friendly gesture! My only other cancellation was a Celebrity sailing in 2013. We got air change reimbursement and a 25% FCC, but no price protection and when I asked about perks I practically got laughed out of town. So anyway, I’m interested in hearing what people’s experiences are with rebooking or making alternate plans. If you’re sailing April 11 and you cancel an aft balcony, would you please let me know?😀☺️
  6. I love your pictures of Creek Street. We had a very early excursion, and by the time we got there it was mobbed.
  7. Last night I booked a cruise on the Koningsdam using the HAL website. I didn’t see a place to indicate my preferred dining time, and when I log in and look at my cruise I can’t find it there either. What am I missing?
  8. I very seldom book through the cruise line any more. I feel like I have had better quality excellent experiences in smaller groups for a more reasonable price! I’ve never had any worry about missing a ship...all the private tour operators I have used have been professional and prompt. Their livelihood depends on it!
  9. I think the price is way too high — for us it would basically be to cover our specialty coffees in the morning. We’re on the very port intensive POA so I don’t see any way we’d get the benefit of the upgrade. I still can’t believe that at $100/day plus gratuity specialty coffee and water (except for POA) aren’t included.
  10. Cindy

    Pre-cruise Hotel

    The more I thought about it, the more I realized I don’t want to spend my first night ever in Hawaii looking at other buildings because I’m a few blocks from the beach. I’m still trying not to go much over $400, but I want an ocean view, and it’s only one night so I’m going to splurge! I found a really good AAA deal on a room in the newly renovated tower at the Marriott, so I have that reserved but I’m looking at others. The Hyatt has a decent rate, and I’m going to keep an eye on the Outriggers and the Sheraton to see if I can grab a deal as my trip gets closer. I would prefer one of the last two since they’re ON the beach instead of across the street from the beach, but I may not be able to get a room I want there at my price point. If I can’t get ON the beach and need to be across the street from the beach, do you think the location of the Marriott or the Hyatt is better? Lots of time before my cruise means plenty of time to obsess over the details!😂
  11. That must be an NCL thing. I have cancelled transfers on other lines before — as late as when I’m on the ship — and have always gotten a full refund.
  12. You wouldn’t have an obstruction looking straight out, but you wouldn’t have any view looking aft at all because of the way the cabins aft of you jut out. I would try to move a few cabins aft from 7650...no chance of an obstruction!
  13. If you look at the picture in post 389 I think you’ll see it’s not actually that close. The windows angle out away from the ship, and there’s probably at least a foot between the railing and the window. I’m 5’4”, and I really can’t lean out one of those windows.
  14. Thanks for sharing! We recently booked this cruise for late April of next year. We have a big aft balcony, but alas what looks like it’s easily going to be the smallest cabin we’ve ever had...good thing it’s just a week!😂 I’ve been having a lot of fun planning the ports. We’re booked with Wings Over Kaua’i and I’m hoping for better luck than you had. I also reserved Mauka Makai for both days on the big island, so it’s great to have a good report. I’m surprised it was a lot cooler in the volcano area. Taking warmer clothes is not something I would have thought about!
  15. No, we’re not going until April. I like planning early...I usually get my pick of who/what I want, and it gives me time to pay for all of it!😂 I’ll be looking forward to hearing about Mauka Makai and Wings over Kaua’i. I had Mary Lou on my list, but when I saw the sad notice on her website I figured she probably wouldn’t be doing tours any longer.😢 I think Mauka Makai was one of her recommendations, and their reviews are great!
  16. Thanks for sharing your story and your pictures! I’m living vicariously through you until we leave for our pre-cruise trip to Oregon on the 17th, followed by Ruby Princess on the 24th!
  17. We made the same decision for our POA cruise in April. The problem with renting a car is my husband ends up with about half the enjoyment I do because he has to spend his day behind the wheel while I take in the sights, take pictures, and enjoy! I am also allergic to big bus tours, so everything we’ve planned is private or very small group. We realize it’s much more expensive to do it the way we’re doing it, but we think it will be worth it. Our airfare (first class😀) was only $221 because of a whopping United travel voucher and some miles, so we’re spending the money on tours instead of getting there! Here’s what we have planned/booked: Honolulu — Tours by Locals hotel pick-up, Pearl Harbor and other nearby sights, drop off at the ship. Maui Day 1 — Valley Isle Excursions Road to Hana Maui Day 2 — Unique Maui Tours West Maui Adventure Hilo — Mauka Makai Volcano Adventure Kona — Mauka Makai Historic Kona Coast Kaua’i Day 1 — Tours by Locals Waimea Canyon, Luau in the evening Kaua’i Day 2 — Wings Over Kaua’i Honolulu — Tours by Locals ship pick-up, North side of Oahu, drop off at the airport..
  18. We were having the same discussion, and we chose Wings Over Kaua’i for our cruise next April. I thought the reviews were extremely positive, and the cost was very reasonable.
  19. Your post was going so well until the end!😂😉😆 Our cruise isn’t until the end of April. That doesn’t mean I don’t have the whole thing planned already!
  20. Cindy

    Best Luau

    I thought we were going to do Smith Family, but we’re now leaning towards doing the seated Plantation dinner version of this through the ship. We both detest buffets but we want to experience a luau, so a seated dinner with front row seats for the performance seems like a great option. This will probably be the only thing we do through the ship. It’s expensive, but we will get a $50 credit so when all is said and done the cost will be pretty comparable to doing Smith’s with transportation and the Fern Grotto.
  21. We chose the POA to maximize our island time and because we really need to try to keep this trip to 5 days off work for my DH (he works a 9/80 schedule). Hawaii wasn’t on our radar until I got a whopping $2,500 travel voucher for getting off one of United’s planes.😁 We decided a Hawaii cruise would be a great way to celebrate turning 60😳 next year! The POA was expensive, but it saves a whole week of vacation time for my husband and we used my voucher and his miles for first class air. I’m very excited and already have most of my port days planned.
  22. That seems really high this far out. I think you would do better waiting and booking it yourself if that’s the best NCL can do.
  23. I agree with this...if you want to do the Road to Hana and a luau I think your best bet is a private operator. We’re on the POA in April, and we’re using Valley Isle for the Road to Hana, but I think their shore excuses only work for Pride of America. It might be worth contacting them to see what the other options are. https://www.tourmaui.com/tours/pride-of-america-hana-shore-excursion/ On our second day in Maui we’re using Unique Maui Tours. They’re a little pricy, but totally customizable and you could add 2-4 people to help with costs if you wanted to. I’ve found them to be very responsive and easy to work with! https://www.uniquemauitours.com/
  24. Cindy

    Pre-cruise Hotel

    Thanks for the tip. I’ll keep my eyes open, but for right now those are all more than I want to spend for the type of room we want. I’m not that concerned about location because we’re being picked up at 8:00 the morning after we arrive. My rate is refundable, but it might be because I used AAA.
  25. Thanks! I had e-mailed Robert’s about the size of their vehicles, and as soon as I saw the word coach I crossed them off my list! I’ve booked with Mauka Makai for both days on the big island, and I’m using private options for Day 2 in Maui and Day 1 in Kauai so I can avoid large groups, as well as have control over who our guide is, where we stop, and what we bypass. It’s costly, but in my opinion it’s money well spent!
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