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  1. On some of the Princess ships the Caribe deck cabins have half covered half open balconies. Does anyone know if this is the case on the Island Princess? I've tried to figure it out from deck plans but don't see it. Thanks
  2. We recently took a British Isles cruise....sailed July 31st from Southampton. We stayed in London for three days prior to the cruise. We stayed in a lovely reasonably priced hotel in Bloomsbury. It was The Morton Hotel. We honestly cannot say anything bad about it! We had two queen connecting rooms with private bathrooms. In between the two rooms there is a sitting room with a TV, table and chairs and a sofa. There is also a kitchenette with dishes, small fridge, microwave and even a small dishwasher! The rooms overlooked the front entrance but after 9pm the area quieted right down and sleeping was no problem. The hotel has three coffee shops within the block to choose from. The Russell Square subway stop was a half block away and that took us wherever we wanted to go! I highly recommend downloading the "city mapper " app. You put in where you want to go , where you are, and they tell you what bus to take, or subway, or bike route, and even walking. It was a big help to us! Russell Square is right across the street and the British Museum is a short walk away. In the room we had a coffee maker, tea maker, cookies , slippers and robes. The hotel has elevators. If you are looking for something unusual to do in London consider the west side tour of Highgate Cemetery! Awesome!
  3. How was your cruise padisneyfan? were you able to see Stonehenge and get to Heathrow on time??
  4. Just got off the Regal last week. We had flights at 4:30 and were given 9:30 tags. Went to Horizon Court for breakfast and then waited in the dining room till they called our color....the good thing about this is that it is not that difficult to find your luggage since most people disembarked earlier. We went right to our bus and were at Heathrow by 11:15am. Then we sat in the incredibly crowded airport for five hours :(:(
  5. Yes, we enjoyed the cruise! It was cooler than we expected and we ended up not wearing the shorts we brought. The food was good, no problems in the dining room. The International Cafe is great for a quick snack. We didnt make any plans in Greenock or Invergordon and that was a mistake. There is very little to see or do there, altho we did enjoy the free Invergordon Museum. Entertainment onboard was very good, had three production shows over the 12 day cruise. Hope you enjoy your cruise too!
  6. Just off the Regal Princess yesterday. I'm the original poster of this question. We went to the tour desk to ask about the time frame for getting to Heathrow after the cruise. We were told the tours had been getting in to the airport at 2:15pm. Since our flight left Heathrow at 4:30pm we were advised to cancel. Which we did unfortunately. Our travel partners had a later flight back home so they opted to still go on the tour. They got to the airport at 1:45 pm!!!! Now of course, we wish that we wouldn't have cancelled but my husband is the cautious type and didnt want to take the chance. So we sat at Healthrow for 5 hours before our flight in a sea of humanity.....what a madhouse!
  7. We are on the Regal now and I had to ask for it to be brought to my room.
  8. As of now three of the four of us want to take the chance......I'll post here to let you know how we make out!
  9. Actually we are getting to the ship in the afternoon ( not the type that needs to be onboard right away!!) so I'm sure we will all just walk on together. But thanks for all the input.
  10. Hi, Just wondering if we can have our non platinum friends come with us at our checkin or will they have to wait till later in a separate area? thanks!
  11. When I booked this excursion the time for flights cut off was 4 pm. We have a 430pm flight so we booked. Now the Princess website has changed it to 5 pm flights and later. Has anyone else done this tour lately? We are thinking of cancelling because we hear how crowded and busy the Heathrow Airport is....and we will be doing this on a Saturday. Any thoughts ? Thanks!
  12. Definitely the railroad in Skagway, beautiful scenery!
  13. Hi, I have a question for those of you who did laundry onboard. Is cold water wash available? I was just reading some of the fine print in the Princess info and it stated that all washers and dryers had been set to the highest heat level available. Hoping that the temp can be adjusted.... Thanks
  14. Hi, looking to book a cabin on Regal. First time on this class of ship. On the Grand class the balconies on the Caribe deck are bigger and have a partial covering. Can anyone tell me if the Regal has these types of balconies, if so, which deck? Can't upgrade to a suite so I'm specifically looking for balcony categories. Thanks in advance.
  15. "The dining room was horrible on the placement of tables. If you want to sit two people "alone" you end up sitting with all the other two people tables, so there is a long line of 6 or 7 tables all one foot apart. This is not six feet separation as signs around the ship suggest. I did point that out to the manager in the dinning room and he could care less" I couldnt agree more with this. We sailed the Ruby May 30th and we also complained to the head waiter that the way those tables were set up ( the long bench seat with a small table and chair opposite) is unsafe. Wonder if that's where I caught covid! ? My husband ended up slipping the head waiter some cash and from then on we were seated at a table with two chairs away from the dreaded bench seat which we found very uncomfortable to sit on.
  16. Don't miss the Lady Sings Rock show.....she was awesome!!!
  17. We received an email with our statement two days after disembarking the Ruby. I knew that there were items missing and the charge wasn't correct. I figured they would correct it at some point. Then I checked my Visa bill and the charge from Princess included the missing items. Weird how they figure it. Always check your account while on board. Numerous times we were charged for drinks in the dining room even though we had the drink package. A trip to guest services straightened it out. So do check before you get off the ship!
  18. Thanks for posting....we are onboard on the 30th and looking forward to our first trip in two and a half years.
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