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  1. For those who say they were wearing masks and still got covid……. What type of mask were you wearing? N 95, KN 95, or just a regular blue mask ?
  2. Does Princess still allow for an early walk off?
  3. Hi, Just wondering if you know of any covid on the ship? Much mask wearing? And has the dining room situation gotten any better? People on past cruises reported long lines and table issues. How has the weather been? Thanks!
  4. When someone is in quarantine I know you are moved from your original location but do they lock you in? Is there security stationed nearby? I'm wondering how they keep all these folks in their cabins?
  5. Anyone know how many cases are on the Emerald? It must be a significant number to go back to masking everyone.
  6. I am having similar problems. What is the port called that we will be at in Victoria? There are three listed for British Columbia....which should I select?
  7. thanks for letting me know about the thread!
  8. Thanks for setting that straight cruzin4us ! my error....
  9. Ruby made the news yesterday as it came in with 173 positive covid cases. Apparently passengers were not notified of this. Is anyone on the Ruby now? Have they tightened up any precautions? Are the buffets still self serve? Thanks in advance!
  10. This is what I am afraid of.......we are scheduled to sail in May on the Ruby and I am torn between going or staying home. We have been very careful for two years and are so looking forward to our trip but I am worried about getting sick onboard and having little to no medical care. The things I have read about being in quarantine are awful. We are vaxxed and double boosted and will wear masks on board but I fear even that won't help much.
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