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  1. I wore slacks and Hawaiian shirts to dinner while my wife mixed and matched skirts and tops. Most in the restaurant were dressed the same. As an option, there is a luggage storage place at the Papeete airport. When we went, we left a suitcase there for a couple of days while we did so pre-cruise sightseeing. By having one suitcase for what we needed before the cruise made it easier to get around. There is also luggage storage near the cruise terminal.
  2. Found this in my old papers. I suspect that whatever they come up with these days, it will be a little bit more than what I needed back in the early sixties to travel to Argentina
  3. Yes - definitely the second night. It was fascinating watching the crew both setup and then pack up the event in basically a span of 7 hours. I watched from the deck as they loaded stuff on to the zodiacs. They had to load large crates by crane from the crew deck to a bobbing zodiac trying to hold position against the current. Once loaded they whisked off to the island and started the setup. Then, while the show is going on, the crew hustles packing it all back up (luckily saving the bar for last). Very efficiently done.
  4. We did this last July. The dinner is the second night. We had a nice full day in Bora Bora and the next day we spent over on the island where they have the dinner while they set up for the evening. We went back to the boat to change in the afternoon and returned for the dinner and show.
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