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  1. Wow what a comprehensive and fair review! Thanks Pete - we were on this ship October 2019 so it brought it all back. Can't wait to get on board again. Looks like the problems all related to the food and drink but I guess the new team have a lot to learn. I just hope they keep some sailings from Newcastle as these had ended for the 2020 season.
  2. Thank you Laura for posting this, it's so interesting and good luck to Jovonne and the team. Can't wait to get cruising again soon.
  3. Hi Pete, just like Brumijam I am unable to open your review. Would it be possible to copy it onto here please, we've been waiting to hear reviews as we are so looking forward to booking. Thanks.
  4. It was a bus provided by the port authority and cost about 2 euros. Running back and forth all day long and very convenient.
  5. I have read where people have done cruise only in the past but not sure about it now. However if you do a dummy booking you can request 7 days and it will say 7 days cruise, you can alter the box to say cruise plus 3/7 days hotel. Usually a good deal and staying in a Tui hotel.
  6. Quite agree Ormy, the latest ships are perfect size, big enough to have plenty of eateries and entertainment venues but still small enough to keep the friendly atmosphere on board. All this talk of cruises is making me start to look forward again, a good feeling after months of pandemic news. Stay safe everyone.
  7. I agree with you Oscarshep, however I don't think it's only Marella that attract a certain type as P&O and others have had their share of over indulgent passengers. It's always the same that just a few spoil it for others. I too await reviews from Marella and other cruise lines as a UK cruise does appeal. Maybe they will include them in future years if they are a success.
  8. We were allocated 1130 on deck 10 aft. Very quiet cabin and very handy for the stairs. Loved Ex2! If the ships are sailing at half capacity I'm surprised they are booking inside cabins.
  9. GOQ, let's hope it won't be too long before you can wear your new tux! I think we are all ready to dress up, paint our nails and just feel good. I've spent the last year in jeans and jumper and am really ready to ditch them🙂
  10. Sorry but I can't think of anything worse than 5200 passengers plus crew. That seems to be the way P&O are going but we prefer the smaller, friendly ships Marella are known for.
  11. Many thanks for all the info Colbrit, however like others I can't understand why I will be able to drive to Invergordon, Portland, Liverpool etc but can't disembark a ship full of UK passengers. This would definitely put us off. I think we'll wait and see but a motoring holiday looks to be more interesting.
  12. Want to know a lot more before booking. Currently looking forward to self catering holidays in Norfolk and Cornwall but will be looking at a cruise for later in the year.
  13. Will be very interested to hear what Boris has to say about holidays this afternoon. It seems every cruise company except Marella have announced their UK itineraries but I wonder how they will get their lovely crew over here with the restrictions. We always liked the Marella ships as they were smaller than some of the newer ones, it will be interesting to see how many passengers and crew will be allowed on the massive new ships
  14. Exotic Explorer looks a fabulous trip and Explorer 2 is a lovely ship. Price wise all cruises seem to have gone up in price but I guess that's to be expected given what we have all been through. Cruise companies like so many will want to cover their losses. Whether it's best to book early or wait is the million dollar question. Good luck.
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