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  1. Hi coachman, we are also contemplating a Baltic cruise as Marella will not be sailing from Newcastle after next year. We saw some relations who were on the August sailing this year and they had a fabulous time, they loved all the ports and did DIY everywhere except St.P where they did a ship tour as this suited their needs. We are on E2 next week so would like to checkout the ship before booking but will make a decision when we get back.
  2. Hi tandc2019. Definitely change your mind! Argostoli is a great stop as Kefalonia has so much to offer, a beautiful island. Don't miss this island there is so much on offer. Zakynthos is also beautiful but not worth missing one island to see another.
  3. Hi jimisere, just had a quick look and it looks like E2 is the adult only ship next year. That is doing the Baltic as well as Norway and Iceland. It sails from Newcastle. We did the Iceland trip last year and it was the best we have done. However if you want the Med I would perhaps avoid Dream in school holidays as it's advertised as being great for families and also Palma is a short flight which is ideal for kids. Perhaps look at the eastern Med, slightly further and some great itineraries.
  4. There are lots of tourist shops selling table linens with the beautiful Provencal sunflowers and lovely soaps and hand creams made from the local lavender.
  5. Amalfi is quite a way from Naples and the roads are very narrow and slow. If you want to visit Amalfi I would advise a ship trip to ensure you get back on time. Otherwise there is lots to do at this port, if you like history I would advise Pompeii or Herculaneum or both as these can easily be reached by train. No good beaches in this area but you can get a ferry to the Isle if Capri which us very pretty. Just search this board and you will find loads of info. Enjoy!
  6. Depends where in France, if you are in the south you can get Camargue red rice which is quite unusual or lots of lavender products
  7. As PC advised smart casual is the usual dress code i.e. trousers and open neck shirt for men or dress, skirt or trousers for ladies but we found found that most people make an effort to dress up on Dress to Impress night. There will be many people wearing tux or suits but just as many will wear trousers with shirt and tie and either long or short for the ladies. Just dress as you would for a nice restaurant.
  8. Hi MCazer, we will also be in Naples 2nd October and read many negative reviews about the city. However after much research we are quite looking forward to our day. We are going to take the train to Herculaneum first then take a metro from the station to Museo. From there we will make our way back to the port stopping off to see some of the sites that are mentioned on citysavvy/Naples. We will stop for pizza on the way.
  9. We also had weather problems and had to change to Heraklion. It was a windy day and we watched the sea washing up the sea wall. Had a walk into the town and found a nice taverna in a square where we had lunch. Wandered around the town and shops and enjoyed our day.
  10. It's a while since we went to Ashdod but we had to give passports into reception the night before and were given a numbered ticket. The next morning the Israel authorities came on board and processed the paperwork while we had to wait in the lounge. When our ticket number was called we had to proceed to the desk where we were given our passport as well as a stamped authorisation, they do not actually stamp the passport as some countries will not allow entry after an Israel visit. At this point we left the ship. Hope this helps, I can recommend Israel Guided Tours if you are looking for an excellent visit.
  11. How strange, it was 35 years ago when we first visited and the border was still closed so we had to drive all the way to Gatwick so we could fly into Gib for a wedding. Many changes since then! Thanks for mentioning Sansevero, I just looked it up and it looks amazing. We will try to get there.
  12. Hi ollienbertsmum, we are on a b2b so will have a full day in Naples, we intend going to Herculaneum but then wander round Naples. I will remember your comment about the pizza! Been to Gib many years ago and know what you mean about the architecture, visited again last October and was amazed at all the new buildings.
  13. Hi PC, is that just for next year? We sail in a couple of weeks so hopefully things will have improved. I'll let you know when we return.
  14. All the islands are different and have their own places to see. The Caribbean is the easiest place to DIY trips, when you get off the ship there will be loads of taxis waiting. These usually take up to 8 people and we find it nice to share, they charge $20 to $25 per person. There are usually several ships in together so it's best to get off early and take a trip before everywhere gets too busy. The trips are usually 4 to 5 hours and they will take you to the places if interest, they will also drop you at a beach for a couple of hours on the way back if you negotiate with them. Aruba is different to many of the islands as it's very dry and arid with lots of cacti and iguanas Granada is known as spice island and most if the trips will take you up to the rain forest where you may see monkeys if you are lucky. Be sure to buy spices in the market St. Vincent is where Pirates of the Caribbean was filmed so you can visit the film set. St.Lucia,if you want to do a tour try Cosol Tours. They are excellent and take you to try local food, they also carry drinks on board including rum punch! St.Kitts is a lovely island well worth a trip Antigua is very scenic, trips will include Englishman Harbour and Nelson's Dockyard Enjoy your research and planning!
  15. Thanks for this Stephen, very interesting. I wonder if there had been a staff change? Not that this should be an excuse for poor service. I must admit I personally wouldn't choose this type of cruise. We are on Explorer 2 shortly so hope things are better then.
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