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  1. Thank you Fife1 for posting this. Not really much different than I expected, sadly won't be cruising for a while until I've heard back from others who've given it a go. For us meeting people is part of the experience, we always have a shared table - how would that work? Wearing a face covering would look lovely on 'dress to impress' night! Dividing people into cohorts sounds very like the 'bubbles' my 5 year old grandson is in at infant school!! And I would never get any sleep if the bathroom fan was on all night, they are usually very noisy. We've booked a static caravan in a quiet part of Devon in September, at the moment we are feeling quite brave even doing that!
  2. Well done PC, after all the Marella cruises you have done totally agree you should have been refunded. Hopefully won't be too long before you are booking again 🤞🤞
  3. Pleased they have decided to give it a go... it's a lovely ship, still not too big, nothing like the big super ships.
  4. Have you checked the small print? I had an email advising now covering for Covid but in the small print it said covers while away but not if you contract it a few days before you go, in which case you could be stuffed if they don't allow you on board!
  5. Sorry can't help with regard to junior suites but only E1 has hammocks on the large balcony cabins, not on E2. We had one but wouldn't again as the cabin was smaller to allow for the bigger balcony.
  6. FO aren't advising foreign travel for anyone at the moment. Insurance wise we received an email from Staysure advising: we now cover for Covid 19 - read the small print and it's only while you are away but what happens if you start with symptoms a couple of days before departure and have to self isolate? Doubt you'd get your money back then. No, it's stay on home soil for us this year, plenty of lovely places to see, then we'll watch and see what us happening with cruises. Think any booking we make will be last minute.
  7. Strange how we all have differing thoughts and worries about the situation, personally there is no way you would get me on a plane until there is a vaccine. I would love to cruise again in 2021 but will be looking at a cruise line that sails from the UK.
  8. Just being nosey, but was there some incentive to pay more than the required deposit? Not heard of this before. Keep well
  9. I received an email from Staysure stating: Staysure the insurance company that covers you for Covid 19 - read the small print and it covers for Covid when you are away but NOT if you catch it before you go. Not much good if you catch it a couple of days before and you aren't allowed to travel!
  10. Yugotours were great, had our first holiday in Dubrovnik and loved it (1982). Went into a department store and all the shelves were empty, someone asked to buy our camera and a person on our trip sold their pushchair to a local as the people could not get anything they needed. Unfortunately the very long war stopped visits for some years.
  11. Totally agree, would love a round UK cruise calling at some of the beautiful islands around Scotland. Pick ups at different ports would be great.
  12. Our first Thomson was our honeymoon to Magaluf in 1976. Definitely not the same Magaluf it is today! We wore smart going away outfits to travel (not the jeans and t.shirts worn today) and I always remember dressing up for dinner although the food wasn't so good in those days!
  13. Kalos, thank you so much for making us laugh! Sorry I haven't contributed as been busy with over 100 ladies from my town sewing face masks for key workers, but I have checked in now and again when I needed a smile! We may meet on a cruise sometime - hopefully you will be the comedian!
  14. Maybe people have given up on cruising for the time being? There's so much uncertainty, hopefully we will cruise later 2021 but until then we are hoping to get away in this country for a few holidays. Certainly need to help our own economy and there are so many wonderful places to visit.
  15. Only my opinion but the size of Marella ships may be in their favour when people are booking. I've never fancied the really big ships before but definitely not now. The new P&O ship Iona should be due to sail soon and would normally be popular but will be interesting to see whether people book these massive ships now.
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