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  1. mompells

    Dining Waitlist

    This is only our 3rd. Carnival cruise. We've done 1 Princess and 5 Royal Caribbean. So.....unfortunately, our loyalty level is not going to help the situation.
  2. mompells

    Close/safe beach for a few hours/half day

    So out of all of these beaches mentioned, which one is the closest to the port?
  3. mompells

    Dining Waitlist

    But right now we are "wait listed" for YOUR TIME dining. I understand that if we get it, we can go at anytime, but we aren't even guaranteed to get that option. They told me that the only option open at this time is the late dining time.
  4. mompells

    Dining Waitlist

    We are going on the new Sunrise on 6/10/19/. We usually like the early dining. When I booked our cruise, they didn't have any early dining left. We are now on the waitlist for YOUR TIME dining. What are our chances of getting this? We DO NOT want late seating dining. Carnival told me on the phone that I might not get an answer until I am on the ship. They said that I would have to go to the maitre d' once we get on the ship. This really worries me. We will be VERY un-happy if we don't get the YOUR TIME dining. Anyone have any insight or experience with this situation? We are only a table for 2. TIA
  5. mompells

    Closest Beach to the Port?

    What do you mean when you refer to "just below this one"?
  6. mompells

    Aqua Mania Adventures

    I will do that. Thank you!
  7. mompells

    Closest Beach to the Port?

    What would be the closest beach to the Port? I am looking for one that will have chairs and an umbrella to rent for 2 adults. We would also love good snorkeling from or near the beach. Also, how much will the transportation be to get to whatever place you may recommend? TIA!
  8. mompells

    Aqua Mania Adventures

    I'm looking at the 6 hour 3 stop snorkel tour. Recommended? Do they pick you up at the ship terminal?
  9. Hi - Has anyone ever used "Aqua Mania Adventures"? If so, can you please tell me about your day with their tour? TIA!
  10. mompells

    Great Day! Port and Orient Beach

    How is the snorkeling from the beach at Orient? Also, how much for 2 chairs and an umbrella? TIA
  11. mompells

    Pictures from Orient Beach Dec. 19, 2018

    How is the snorkeling at Orient Beach?
  12. Hi - We will be on a Carnival Ship in June. I would like to go to a beach that rents chairs and umbrellas, has restrooom facilities, food & drink availability and has good snorkeling! Suggestions? Please & thank you!
  13. mompells

    Coki Beach Chairs & Umbrella

    We are going to be on a Carnival Ship. Does Carnival dock at Havensight?
  14. mompells

    Holland house questions

    How is the snorkeling at the Holland House Beach? We have our own equipment. Thanks!
  15. Can someone please tell me the cost of two lounge chairs and 1 umbrella at Coki Beach? We will be bringing our own snorkeling gear, but we want to just relax on the beach some also. Also, how much is transportation to Coki beach? How long of a drive is it? Thank you in advance for any info!