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  1. Look at the excursions and see what appeals to you. If you don't really want to go on so many excursions or would prefer to book a private tour now and then, it could be better to use the OBC for gratuities or drinks. One downside to OLife excursions is that you have to decide in advance and can't change your mind once you are onboard. Mary
  2. I don't remember ever being asked to sit in a row of chairs if I wanted to share. They usually seat you at a table with others already there or other people come to join you. Maybe this is something new. Mary
  3. Thank you. That is very helpful information. On the ship, nobody could explain it to me. It would make sense for Oceania to notify passengers when this will be an issue. If we would have known we could not have gotten off the ship, we would have just checked our luggage and done our sightseeing before getting onboard. A sign saying something like "Notice: Due to US Immigration regulations, you will not be able to leave the ship and return into Canada after passing this point." would have made sense. Mary
  4. I would check on whether there is an issue about getting off the ship after initial boarding. On a cruise that started in Vancouver, we boarded early and I thought we could get off the ship and walk around Canada Place but they would not let us get off. Never had that happen before and it was long before final boarding. Mary
  5. I've done this. You can tell them where you want the nightstands. They are very accommodating but don't be surprised if the bed hasn't been separated when you arrive. Agree with other poster, just ask someone and it will be take care of. Mary
  6. It used to be that OLife included internet so it worked even if you took the OBC. Nowadays the OBC option is the same as the cruise only +OBC. Might just as well use whatever $$ you want on ship perks rather than prepay the extra and get it back as OBC. Mary
  7. Usually they do the cleaning when they know you are out of the room so it is not an inconvenience. Probably more difficult to ask them to change their routine and do all the cleaning, straightening at one time. But it is your cabin. Ask for what you need but realize that you may be making life a bit more difficult for a hard working crew member. Mary
  8. Just to clarify. If I call my stockbroker and buy 100 shares at about $54 per share, I will get a $250 OBC. Do I have to own the shares before I book the cruise, before final payment??? Thanks. Mary
  9. Definitely go to the medical center on the ship. The doctor may have the meds you need on hand. If not, they can tell you how to get them in the next port. If you got travel insurance, they should also be able to help you get the name of a local doctor or clinic to get the meds. I have learned to carry a list of all my meds in my emergency packets, along with a copy of my passport, glasses prescription, etc. One packet goes in my carry-on and one in my checked luggage. Mary
  10. I just booked another Oceania cruise, Barcelona to London June 23. There will be three people in the cabin and despite the fact that OLife says "amenities per cabin" the 6 excursions cannot be shared by three people, only the first two. Also the $600 OBC is really nothing. If you take cruise only, the price is reduced by the same $600. Why pay a cruise price that is $600 more just to get $600 in OBC? Used to be ok because it included internet but now everybody gets internet. Don't drink much so included drinks also has no appeal. Mary
  11. Yes, I was on the Cottages, Coves cruise last year with my twin grandsons. This time with my sister to Alaska August 6. Is this the cruise you will be on? Mary
  12. Also have not received luggage tags. I do know that they will be available at the dock but that is going to mean standing there on the dock and filling a generic version out by hand. More opportunities for luggage to get misdirected and a waste of time. On our last cruise one of my bags was misdirected because someone else's generic tag had ended up stuck to my correct tag and the bag was sent to his cabin. Probably a problem of an overworked dock worker not attaching it properly. I would definitely like the free bottle of wine that the other poster got for not getting the Blue Book. I haven't changed addresses since 1983! And my TA has also not changed addresses. Mary
  13. I contacted my TA and she says that she has not received it. So no luggage tags. Hopefully the one page I did get that says "Final Cruise Vacation Summary" will suffice. I do like to get the Blue Book, though. Adds to the excitement and anticipation of the cruise. Mary
  14. Our cruise leaves on August 6. Still no Blue Book. Our TA says she has not received it either. Are they still sending them out? I did get an email with boarding documents. Mary
  15. Interesting. We had no trouble last year in August, possibly because we waited and enjoyed a nice breakfast in the Grand Dining Room while everybody rushed to get off the ship. Then at 9am, we got off the ship and got a taxi right in front. No need to cross the street, that I can recall. Had to wait a few minutes but other than that, no trouble at all. In general, we try to stay on the ship as long as possible in any port where there is no compelling reason to rush. Plan on a later flight, have a leisurely breakfast, and end your trip without fighting the crowd. Mary
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