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  1. Has anyone recently done the day pass to the Holland House Beach in St Maarten? Your thoughts? Prices? Recommend or not? I searched the boards but the only thing I found was from 2018. Thanks in advance!
  2. I too have booked a solo cruise (did not receive solo occupancy rate) several times and added another passenger before the cruise. The only costs added were port fees/taxes. As long as there is lifeboat capacity to add another person you should be able to see and only incur these costs. You said he received a reduced price. That does not matter unless he received a “solo occupancy rate” meaning he paid less than a double occupancy rate. If he paid double the fare for the room, it does not matter that it was a cheaper price than the current price. Example: say when he booked the price was $1000 pp and, when he booked the room just for himself, he paid $2000 plus port/taxes. He paid the double occupancy rate. I would call call back and speak to another agent.
  3. If website doesn’t allow this anymore, you could probably call in and they would allow you to use multiple credit cards.
  4. How do you see the article/comments in English?
  5. Check out this web link: https://www.royalcaribbean.com/booked/cruise-room-upgrade If you cruise is 30 or less out, you can go to this link and put in last name and reservation number to check to see if you cruise is eligible for an upgrade.
  6. I know insurance cost is based on cruise fare... Is there a link to go to to find out the cost of the insurance? Some friends are trying to compare prices on RCI vs other insurance coverages. Yes ... I told them third party insurance would be best but they are in the final payment timeline and want the “cancel for any reason” protection from RCI (costs more now with third party because they didn’t insure their trip with a certain times frame). And yes, they could call to find out but they would like a breakdown for future reference for other cruises. Thanks in in advance for all responses and information.
  7. I am going on a b2b...question: If I buy the 10 drink card for $79, can I use the card for the next sailing?
  8. Is this different than the free diamond plus tour? If yes, what does the all access tour offer that the other tour doesn’t? Is $119 a good price to pay? The ship we are sailing on is the Harmony of the Seas. TIA for all information.
  9. I have searched for shuttles but all seem to be going directly to cruise port the day of cruise. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. TIA
  10. I loved both ship. However, my preference is the Harmony because of the crew and the better feel on the overall experience. With that being said, we cruised on the Harmony only weeks after coming to Florida so it may have changed since then. We sailed on the Symphony last year when it was also new to Florida. We loved Hooked on the Symphony and also all the shows. There are different shows on the Harmony which were equally wonderful. So, in conclusion, you really can’t go wrong with either ship. If you are going on the Harmony in December, you probably should do the Symphony.
  11. She is definitely out $600 because if she had a refundable deposit, she would have received a full refund when she cancelled. She would have only been out the “extra” money if she had paid for a refundable fare and had taken the cruise. But I agree that the cost for a refundable fare for all of them would have been in excess of $600. I do think she is making a irresponsible financial decision by cancelling and taking a $2000 loss. I am not sure why she is losing $2000 considering final payment date has not occurred yet. But not much of this story makes sense. 🙃. My thoughts...forfeit the son’s deposit, leave him at home and take your cruise.
  12. You can put a visa debit card for payment but I wouldn’t advise it. I know some people have had some problems with excessive authorizations that didn’t drop off until well after they returned from their cruise which limited their access to their money. Bob (Host On this board) will be able to better answer this question.
  13. How many people were On the balloon ride when you went up in the balloon?
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