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  1. We were there last Saturday on the Horizon. I had been there years ago and my son was there several years ago. We both remember it being pristine. Not so now. Lots of floating bits of something (maybe seaweed?). However, we did walk farther down the beach to Jack's Shack and the water was clearer there. Chaises are free and $10 for an umbrella. Once back on the ship, I talked to a woman who went to the beach close to the ship and took one look and got back on the ship. Another woman did a scuba/snorkeling excursion and loved that.
  2. Thanks, Betsy for all the info! I hope we enjoy it as much as you did!
  3. Much appreciated. Not thrilled to be stopping there and just having the pool...but hoping to be pleasantly surprised. Our other stops are Grand Turk and San Juan so we'll definitely be beach goers at those stops. Thanks again, you saved me time and money!:cool:
  4. We are leaving this week and I'm considering booking a beach excursion with an outside agency for our Amber Cove day. However, I've seen pictures of the over-the-water huts and there is a roped off area for swimming. Even though we didn't rent a hut, are we still allowed in that area to swim? Thanks!!
  5. Thanks A&J! We've done the Intrepid so not really up for doing it again. I'll have to check if other ships will be departing that day and if not I'll ask our hotel if they can adjust the departure times. If not, we can Uber or cab to the ship from NJ. Not too far at all.
  6. We'll be cruising out of Manhattan next month on the Horizon. The earliest embarkation time offered was 1 - 1:30pm. Our hotel shuttles cruise passengers at 9 and 10am on embarkation day. Any chance we will be able to board before our allotted time? Thank you.
  7. HMC is absolutely gorgeous! You don't need an all-inclusive because that spot has breathtaking beauty. I hope you have sunny weather so you can see what I mean. Gorgeous clear blue water. So disappointed my cruise next month is not stopping there - instead we go to Amber Cove. Amber Cove is more of a $$ maker for the cruise line.
  8. Thanks, Kathy for your excellent review. We are considering the Horizon and possibly a Havana Cabana. Did you happen to see any soot accumulating on your balcony? I have really sensitive lungs and would be hesitant to book a rear cabin if this is the case. Had issues with aft facing balconies on at least 2 past cruises. Thanks, Kathy!
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