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  1. We realized hubby's passport was going to be expired for our Jan '24 cruise so we expedited his application. We mailed it out express on 11/27 and got his new one exactly 2 weeks later.
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    Our last cruise we looked for my favorite vanilla and couldn't find it. We don't love the vanilla brands we have found at the ports. I ended up coming home and ordering my favorite vanilla from Amazon. You have to make sure it is pure (pura). This is my fav: https://www.amazon.com/Vencedora-Mexican-Vanilla-Extract-Bottles/dp/B082SLBVR3/ref=sr_1_5_pp?crid=VAYK8SVPSN1U&keywords=vanilla&qid=1701987163&sprefix=vanilla%2Caps%2C119&sr=8-5
  3. We are pretty low key...we just usually hop between activities and eating.
  4. Bahaha...I didn't even know so I had to go look it up. It is the Voyager of the Seas.
  5. Hi! I just found an amazing price on a RCI cruise out of Galveston and kind of just booked it spur of the moment and now I'm freaking out. It is only 60 days out and we have never cruised with Royal before so I know nothing about how they do things (Yes, I am sort of a planner and usually never do things without researching everything ahead of time.) We usually sail with Carnival so I am really interested in the differences. Is there anything we need to do like book shows or anything on RCI? Any and all info is much appreciated. Thanks!
  6. I figured I would give some information on room 2220 on the Carnival Valor since I had trouble finding information about it before we cruised. It is considered an "interior" room, but it does have 2 portholes. There are two rooms on the second floor that have this particular set-up (as far as I understand). We really enjoyed staying here. It does have the ability to have bunkbeds made up if you need them for a family. It is a smaller room, but having the added feature of the windows for an interior was amazing. It is located below the Ivanhoe Theatre and was a very quiet room. It was a little further from elevators than we are used to, but I would totally stay in this room again.
  7. So no T-shirts allowed? My hubby doesn't do polo shirts and doesn't want to wear a dress shirt on casual dining days.
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