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  1. So my agent still has not been notified of the cancellation (and neither have I) and when she called the person she spoke with didn't know it was cancelled. If I hadn't sent her the screen shot of the email, I don't think she would have pushed so hard but she did and they saw it was cancelled and put in for the refund. I checked and my booking is gone so I'm going to cancel my Mumbai airport transfer and my flight. I will have to asked for my $200 airfare penalty separately but she said the refund for the cruise should appear within one to 3 weeks which is much more reasonable than 90 days. Has anyone else received a Dear Esteemed Guest letter yet?
  2. I emailed my agent last night and she responded this morning. She still hasn't heard anything so she is contacting them this morning. When SB cancelled my cruise, they emailed both of us at the same time and relatively quickly after rumors of them cancelling started. I preferred some things SS offered, but this experience has soured me on them. Thanks to this forum, I had plans in place but if not, I don't know if I'd have enough time to come up with an alternate itinerary. I wasn't really thinking about the cruise after me so I had no idea it was connected to the issues in the Red Sea in any way. I think my next cruise will be with SB and I'll take note of the cruises before and after me.
  3. Thank you Texanaust. At least I can start formalizing my Plan B. I appreciate everyone who warned me, it was easier to take in small chunks. This is the 3rd cruise to cancel for this vacation segment so I don't need any more hints. I'll take a land tour this year.
  4. It looks like all they did was remove informal. I thought you could enter some establishments without wearing slacks or dresses just not MDR but it looks like every evening I'd have to we something different than what I wear during the day. Two outfits per day so I don't see much benefit. At least formal is optional so I'll like just wear a dress or eat a lot of room service.
  5. We leave in 39 days and have no idea what vacation we are going to need to pack/purchase for. This is definitely going to be my one and only SS cruise. Not a peep.
  6. This, is what I am seeing across lines.
  7. I hope my cruise isn't cancelled because I'm not willing to pay a 20 to 30% increase. I would like to try Regent if I can find a good deal.
  8. I agree. Most of the good shore excursions will be unavailable anyway so this lowers the frustration level. I hope there is a corresponding discount.
  9. I wonder which it will be. I have a Plan B land option in place but I need confirmation before I move forward. I hope Friday brings clarification because it's getting a little stressful.
  10. I emailed both and bmuckerman@silversea.com bounced back so barbaram@silversea.com appears to be the appropriate address.
  11. Is her email bmuckerman@silversea.com or barbaram@silversea.com?
  12. I was hoping we'd hear something today too. I can't make any concrete plans until I know what is happening with our cruise.
  13. Sorry, I guess I highjacked the thread. I was talking about fleetwide. My cruise is on the Silver Moon.
  14. Thanks for that info. I hadn't noticed the bowties. I believe I read on one of the threads that you don't have to dress formal if you dine at La Terrazza just standard evening wear is acceptable? Is that correct?
  15. I'm sure she is not an SS expert and that she was just talking to a phone rep. That is why I was asking if the source was reliable because I don't think my TA has any inside info. I'm planning an alternate land vacation if this is cancelled.
  16. Is your source reliable? My TA called SS and of course they told her there is no chance my cruise Singapore to Mumbai would be cancelled. The person suggested the one after mine could be cancelled because it goes through the Red Sea but we already know that.
  17. I contacted my TA about this again. Yesterday she said she said SS is not changing the itinerary. Will see what she says today.
  18. I'm really concerned after reading the 1st and second post on this thread. Looks like SS could wait until the very last minute for cancellations. Not good for someone like me who comes in days early to enjoy the embarkation port. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2995783-total-nonsense-on-the-nova-what-are-they-thinking/?do=findComment&comment=67036767
  19. I'm with you, but this will be my 3rd. I booked this because our 34 day SB Singapore to Athens cancelled and our Oceania before that. I found a way to work this out with the same dates spending a week in Singapore and a trip from Mumbai to Istanbul for a week. It felt like the perfect option and I'm all out of ideas if this doesn't work out.
  20. That is so reassuring, QueSeraSera. I can't wait for April 27th! My cruise is on May 5th out of Singapore but we are going early to spend some time exploring the city.
  21. One of the reasons I picked SS and SB is because of the inclusion of things like WiFi, drinks and gratuities. After looking at SS included excursions with this cruise that will be another reason I select them. I am gratuitied out and I don't intend to tip anyone onboard. I expect the service to be excellent which is another reason why I chose them.
  22. I just booked my May cruise a few weeks ago and the two excursions I really wanted in Phuket were gone. Most excursions were still available and I was surprised. I booked most port through the cruise line with only a couple through private tours. I'm going to check the minute I get on board to see if they held any of the Phuket tours for onboard booking. If not, I have booked a similar excursion with a private company that I can cancel up to 24 hours in advance. I'd rather go with the cruise line on this one but I think I've found a good company.
  23. Now I understand. Our 34 day Seabourn cruise was cancelled because it went through the Red Sea to get to Athens in time for the Med season. They decided to go around the horn without passengers to get to the Med in time for the season. I hope they figure out another way.
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