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  1. I am stealing this idea. I will be on a cruise in less than 2 weeks and this will be perfect..
  2. So when I am at the Beach Club, I should check to see if any of the cabanas are broadcasting Bluetooth and drive them nuts? LOL
  3. That's not a good enough excuse! LOL Enjoy your cruise, I love reading your reviews!!
  4. Do you take requests?? Are you available for March 1st, 2020?? Would love this!!
  5. We will be on the Harmony leaving on March 1st, and were wondering about the early am March 2 launch. @John&LaLa May I ask what kind of camera that was? Debating on a new compact or bridge camera, or a new iPhone
  6. Hopefully it stays that way for March 1st! LOL Thank you
  7. Did they have bottles of water? Reports are RCCL is moving to aluminum cans for water.
  8. I never saw an answer to the question about what kind of can was it? The pop top or resealable lid? I do not drink tap water straight, it tastes bad to me.. Hence one of the reasons I am paying for the beverage package.
  9. Awesome review! Getting me ready for the 3/1/20 sailing! Did you get to the piano bar at all?
  10. You mean a lawyer that has morals?? LOL They are harder to find than Luke Skywalker!
  11. Loving your review! Sail on her on March 1st and this is getting me syked!
  12. So I have a question. I will be sailing on the Harmony of the Seas in March. I am going to bite the bullet and get the pass. I hate getting my bathing suit soaked with sweat, to wear it later. IF I wrap a towel and make sure everything is covered, will anyone say anything? Anyone had experience with this?
  13. Wow, you probably never had kids! The OP did exactly what they should have done, reported it to the room steward and let it go from there.
  14. However, it was informative, cause I learned about sports betting. LOL
  15. A check of the web page shows $55 for adults and $45 for children.
  16. I am a travel agent and have used GoPort for several of my clients. Everyone has loved it. I am using it for my cruise in March 2020. I checked the rates for the hotel and then what the transfers would cost, and it ended up being a better deal to go with the package.
  17. I book mine through a travel agent (myself). When I access both of my bookings to look at packages, there is not a button to "make a payment", so I cannot see what the cruise cost or what is left to pay.
  18. Don't let the MB bully's allow you to feel shame! This is a place to ask questions, and you got an answer to your question! Some people forget there is a next unread topic and if they do not want to read it, they do not have to.
  19. I’m sailing in June and they don’t seem to want my inside.. LOL Congrats on being retired! 25 years in so far and not ready to make that move!
  20. We can agree to disagree on certain points. The post that I responded to, the person singled out certain aspects that he felt proved abuse. I pointed out that there are legit reasons for some of those circumstances. I took offense to his desire to stand and loudly protest if you see a pet.. Repeat.. A pet.. (His words, not mine).
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