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  1. P&O web site seems to suggests freedom dining is in two main restaurant's now , with no mention of the oriental.


    have they now moved to freedom only ?


    we have booked the base holiday price , so have not been given a dinning option yet.


    will we be able to change the given time if we don't have the freedom option?   as most departures are late and 6:30 dinning is too early for a summer med cruise






  2. 20 hours ago, prmssk said:

    My app for our cruise next month out of the US lists a price of $13 for martinis from the Martini Bar.  Where are you cruising out of?  I have this vague recollection that certain parts of the world require the gratuity to be included in the menu price and that the cruise line takes that into account when that is the case.

    Out of UK,  pleased to hear its included, very confusing with the different prices  and documents online, 


  3. Oops that is why I could not find the post it went here and not in celebrity forum.


    I did tge calculation minus the taxes and fees and added 25% and it comes to the price celebrity have quoted,


    I am me they will send the taxes and fees back to us?


    It makes sense nit to include in the future credit, since the next crusse will have different taxes and fees

  4. I have received my 125% email for our cancelled cruise,


    It seems that the 125% is calculated minus the taxes and fees etc, hence it works out only 12% of the holiday price and not 25% 


    Will the taxes and fees be returned to our credit card or do we need to call and organise this?


    How long is it likely to take to come back to us? If it does



  5. THanks for the replies .


    We have never booked a B2B, before, Do we just book two cruises   ( we normally do it online) or would we need to phone up for a combined booking.


    i assume there is no discount for booking two cruises and staying in the same cabine



  6. Looking at two cruises in september 2021


    first one to Alaska on 6 day cruise leaving vancover on Millenium then second cruise on same ship leaving Vancouver to LA on 10 day cruise


    We are from UK so don't understand the rules about back to back cruises and entering leaving US waters etc.


    i seem to remember reading on here in the past that some back to back cruises are not allowed.


    would my cruises come into that scenario




  7. its not possible to see the categories any longer on the web site , only price


    shall have to give the cabin we want and then pay the lower price as suggested above.


    does consiege count as a veranda upgrade?


    current pricing for the cruise we are looking at the lowest conseige is almost as low as the lowest veranda








  8. I'm wondering how the captains club 1 level upgrade works.


    is that within a category or across categories.


    if we book a outside cabin would it work to upgrade to the lowest balcony?


    or only work within the balcony grades,


    eg. book an obstructed cabin then get a free upgrade to the first unobstructed?


    i assume we must phone up the captains club number to get this, since it does not seem to work online ( or it didn't last time i tried)


    with Royal Caribbean, booking online does get the C&A discount


    Thanks in advance for any advice








  9. i have not cruised with MSC yet, but have Black membership from my RCI Diamond 


    Do Msc have the equivalent to the royal diamond lounge drinks happy hours ( 3.5 hours) or another option for members getting complimentary drinks?






  10. 4 minutes ago, Mark_UK said:

    Not sure I agree. This cruise was priced at a premium, presumably due to the fact it was doing four southern Caribbean stops. Now it's a standard TA crossing which usually sell at a discount. The compensation should reflect this. 




    Got to agree, we booked this cruise for the southern itinarey and paid the premium.

    Now it's only 1 stop and I assume a much colder route. Just refunding the lost days and giving a credit for 3 days for a cruise we may or may not take is disappointing. 


    Would they let us use the future cruise credit on celebrity

  11. Promo code is required to get this offer: Birthday. Birthday Savings offer applies to 4-night or longer Celebrity cruises or Cruisetours, excluding sailings on new ships; Celebrity Edge & Celebrity Apex, and Galapagos sailings. Promo code is Birthday. Savings amounts are per stateroom and based on stateroom category: $50 ocean view, $100 veranda Concierge Class or AquaClass, and $200 Suites. Cruise must be booked 60 days upon receiving the offer. Cruise departure date cannot be within 90 days or final payment. To redeem Offer, contact your travel agent or Celebrity Cruises. Birthday offer recipient must be included in the cruise reservation to qualify for the offer. Offer applies to new individual bookings. All offers are non-transferable and applicable only to the Offer Cruise. Offer is combinable with the Celebrity brand offers. Offer is not combinable with Non Refundable Deposit Offers, Exciting Deals, Interline, Net, Travel Agent, or Employee Rates. No refunds or credits will be granted for unused options. Offer and prices are subject to availability and change without notice, capacity controlled, and not applicable to charters or contracted groups. Single occupancy bookings are eligible for the Offer. Changes to booking may result in removal of Offer. Refer to celebritycruises.com and the Cruise Ticket Contract for additional terms and conditions. Celebrity reserves the right to cancel the Offer at any time, correct any errors, inaccuracies or omissions, and change or update fares, fees and surcharge

  12. found  this in the terms regarding changing UK bookings,  does not say its only for ship changes, and could include moving to another room on existing ship and make savings if cost has gone down?



    Should you wish to make any changes to your confirmed holiday, you must notify us in writing as soon as possible. Whilst we will endeavour to assist you, we cannot guarantee we will be able to meet any such request. 

    For guests wishing to make a significant amendment to their booking outside of 56 days from departure, such as changing the ship, sail date, flights or brand, please note that a booking transfer fee is applicable. 

    Please note that any amendments for hotels, transfers and flights may result in the loss of the amount that was collected at the time of booking for these additional components.

    The transfer fee is £75 per guest which is limited to the first two guests on a booking, therefore any additional guests on the booking will not be charged as well. Please note, the transfer fee is a non-refundable amount, which will be included in any cancellation charges as detailed in section 1.11 above. Please note that guests who are Elite and above within our Captains Club loyalty scheme are entitled to one free change per booking.

    Please note that your booking will be re-priced in-line with the up-to-date business and price rules and a new confirmation invoice will be issued. 

    For all changes that we consider to be minor changes (such as change of stateroom or name changes on an existing booking by way of example only), outside of 56 days from departure (such as change of stateroom or name changes on an existing booking), an amendment fee of £35 per guest per booking will be payable together with any costs incurred by ourselves and any costs or charges incurred or imposed by any of our suppliers. Please note, the amendment fee is a non-refundable amount, which will be included in any cancellation charges as detailed in section 1.11 above. 

    Passengers should note that suppliers may not allow name changes and that the booking may need to be cancelled and rebooked. Notwithstanding, for any changes, the rebooking will always be subject to flight availability and to payment of any charges imposed by the supplier which may, in some cases, be the full cost of the ticket. Given that the transfer and amendment fees are both non-refundable, we would recommend that these amounts are collected from the guest at the time the changes are made, as they will be charged to the booking as part of any cancellation.

    If you request a change within 56 days of departure, this may be treated as a cancellation of your original booking and cancellation charges as set out in these terms and conditions will be payable (see section 1.11 above). The changed arrangements will then be treated as a new booking.

    If you or any of persons travelling with you is prevented from taking the holiday, such as due to medical reasons, you/they may give your/their place on the booking to someone else (suggested by you). In this situation, providing we are given not less than 7 days’ notice in writing of your wish to make the change, we will permit the name change. The airline and flight routing may differ from the original assignment due to this name change. You must produce documentary proof of the reason for the transfer of your/their booking with the request (e.g. a letter from a doctor etc.). Both the person who was originally due to take the holiday and the person who actually does so, must make sure that the administration fee and any charges/costs (see below) as well as any amount which is still due to be paid for the holiday, is paid in full before the change will be made.

    Changes to Celebrity Cruise & Stay packages are more restrictive that those of a standard fly cruise booking. See section 1.7 above for more details. 

  13. 1 hour ago, upwarduk said:


    You can however change your booking ONCE ONLY, at a fee of £75, unless you are Elite or above and you get it free.

    I didn't know that, are you saying it's possible to get a  price drop without losing our deposit, (we are booked under uk terms) since we are elite, if that is the case I've not seen that in any documents.


    In the past we gave lost deposit to change and make saving, 

  14. When I saw they had changed the Web site for bookings it gets directed to the .com site, I hoped the captains club discount would automatically be applied. For next category upgrade, but no such luck, so why book online if we still have to phone up the captains club to get a cabin upgrade.


    The site itself is OK and easy to navigate, but the category pricing is missing and it's not easy to find cabins in the price range without alot of searching

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