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  1. I will hopefully be in Kotka, Finland for the day from a cruise at end of August. Is it easy to do Kotka on your own from the cruise pier? How do you get to the main tourist attractions in Kotka from the pier and how far is it? What is the main attractions here? Any help would be great!! Thanks!!
  2. I ended up booking the 6 hour Major Marine tour. Thanks for all your help!!!
  3. We are going in the beginning of July 2021 hopefully. Just trying to decide if I should book it now thru Norwegian, Thanks!!
  4. Do you recommend booking the Helicopter ride and walk on a glacier with Norwegian cruise line or with a local company in Juneau? If so, who do you recommend?
  5. My husband and I will be in Denali National Park for 2 full days. I am trying to decide which Transit bus to take in the park. If we take the Wonder Lake Transit Bus will we have time to do any hikes? Is it worth the 11 hour roundtrip to Wonder Lake? If we do the Wonder Lake Shuttle, do we pretty much stay on the bus for the whole 11 hours ? We were thinking of booking Wonder Lake for one day and the next to Eielson and then do some hikes? What do most people do? What is the earliest time we can book this transit busses?
  6. I am trying to decide on either taking the bus or train from Seward to Anchorage once we dock in Seward. If we take the bus, we have 3 options with ACT (Alaska Cruise Transfer): Direct transfer for $45/person , Narrated Wildlife Tour for $76/person or Narrated Full Day Tour for $167/person . Has anyone taken any of these options? What are your thoughts? If we do the bus, we won't be able to do the Kenai Boat Tour in Seward. Is that worth going on the Kenai Boat Tour? I see that it leaves Seward at 8am. Would we have time when departing our Ship? Norwegian Jewel says that it docks
  7. I went on line to check the price for the 3 night dining package for Norwegian Encore and it says $118/person which seems high. Will they offer a discount when we board or will the price go up? I thought it was under $100/person. thanks Melissa
  8. I see that you can reserve your tender time on your TV or by the touchscreens around the ship. When can we do this? Can we reserve a time as soon as we board the ship or is it the day before we go to Cabo?
  9. Thanks!! We will be going on Norwegian Joy. Just saw you can make the reservations online now. I am thinking of making it at 5:30pm. Would we have enough time to eat and get to the show at 7pm to get a seat?
  10. Can we reserve a table in the main dining restaurants while on the ship? If so, what time should I reserve the restaurant if there is a show at 7:30pm? How do I reserve it when we board on day 1? If not, what time should we arrive to get in line to eat before the 7:30pm?
  11. We are going on a cruise and arriving in Mazatlan on Christmas day from 8am to 5pm. At 8am we are planning on walking the blue line to Old Mazatlan to see that Catedral and Centro Market. We then plan on walking from the catedral to the Malecon. After that, we want to go to the beach and was thinking of going to the golden zone. How far is it from the Malecon walking or do we need to take a taxi? What is the cost of a taxi to the golden zone and then from the golden zone to the cruise port? Will it be easy to get a taxi from the Malecon? Where is the public area to sit on the beach in the Gol
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