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  1. In the Governor’s press conference, he indicated it would be a quick turnaround time to get the results once the tests are administered. He stated 4 hours as the tests would be sent to a facility in Richmond. I do not recall him addressing if and when the passengers would be allowed to disembark. That decision would be made pending the test results. At risk of being labelled as passing on hearsay information, here is the link to the press conference that others so kindly shared with me in the event I misheard with all that’s going on related to this issue and our sailing o
  2. The Governor of California stated this in his news conference (thanks again to the CCers who provided me the link to find it!). He did make note the situation is fluid and those numbers could be either under reported or over reported.
  3. Is this streaming online? Asking from Toronto, Canada and would like to hear what the Governor has to say. We aren’t getting too many details on this up here.
  4. Certainly not my intent to cause issues with my statement.... it was simply a thought. I should have deleted it. I would hope that CCers would understand the anxiety and concerns we have with our cruise potentially up in the air and many questions circling.
  5. I agree this is certainly no easy feat for Princess and am thinking of the crew and passengers presently onboard. What baffles me presently is given the sheer number of cruise ships in the world and cruise lines, why is it that the two being impacted (or one impacted and a second potentially impacted) with Princess? Not meaning to stir up trouble as we are loyal Princess cruisers but it seems unusual. Does it have anything to do with certain practices and procedures? We're anxiously awaiting any news from Princess on the 3/7 sailing but there's been nothing thus far to inform
  6. Found the latest update on the noted passenger. Prayers to her family. https://sanfrancisco.cbslocal.com/2020/03/04/1st-california-coronavirus-death-san-francisco-mexico-princess-cruise-ship-placer-county/
  7. I think that’s the reality we will likely have to face. Just hoping a decision is made soon before more passengers transit to San Fran to board.
  8. Will keep you posted if we hear anything. Other than the ship scrub down, I’m concerned about the potential contraction of the virus by crew and other passengers who may stay on.
  9. We sail this Sat and are in limbo as to how this impacts our plans. Just got off the phone with Princess and it’s the status quo response that they are meeting with the CDC and will inform passengers of any changes. This is very unnerving.
  10. Never mind. It’s been posted to Princess: https://www.princess.com/news/notices_and_advisories/notices/grand-princess-updates.html
  11. Following this as we are on the March 7 sailing. I’m slightly concerned about this in the event that she did contract the virus while on board and has potentially spread it to other passengers and crew. Am presuming Princess is aware of this and taking necessary measures on-board?
  12. We went with Taylor Made Tours JA. Rahmone and Hannah came highly recommend. You can find them on FB or let me know if you want direct contact details.
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