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  1. Paihia, New Zealand. It reminded me of Mangonui, an hour away, so after a little detective work, I got it. My name helped. :)o
  2. Yes. The original photo source is in the link to the photo. https://content.invisioncic.com/j283755/monthly_2021_01/The-Forth-Bridge-Forth-Road-Bridge-and-Queensferry-Crossing-1200x800.jpg.03f7a7d788a85c7b00c386c7694ecdf9.jpg
  3. I thinks somebody missed the memo about spoiler-alert file names. 😧
  4. You guys have got to stop leaving the place name in the link to the photo! I won;t claim it as I'm going out.
  5. Very good. Ran into it by accident in late April.
  6. No. They might have been a sponsor judging by the signs.
  7. Yes, but need to narrow down a little more.
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