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  1. Thank you for all the responses! I'm sure we will have a fabulous time. 😀
  2. We just got notified that the itinerary changed on our trip departing Sunday, August 21st on Voyager of the Seas. We were supposed to visit Kotka and they just substituted Helsinki Finland. That is OK, however that doesn't leave me any time to research before we leave the U.S. on Wednesday. If anyone has recommendations of "must-see" places or things to do while there, please let me know. TIA 😃
  3. Hi Funkytown83 - my sister and I are on the same trip. I also won a Royal Up yesterday. I was lucky enough to go from an inside promenade view to a junior suite too! I was allowed to bid on all categories including suites when I first got the e-mail invitation, so I bid on all the balcony and above categories. After a couple of weeks, my sister who is in a different cabin got an invitation to bid, but no suites were available to her. Good luck on your 2nd RoyalUp. Looking forward to the trip!
  4. I found out earlier today that I won a RoyalUp from an interior promenade view room to a junior suite! The bid was $320 which was around the minimum bid required. I'm just over 3 weeks away from my cruise.
  5. Hi dritan - I am also sailing on Voyager, but not until August 21st. I also noticed that none of the suites are available for me to bid on any longer. I would be interested to hear how your bid turns out too. I can see on our sailing that between all the suite categories, there are between 40 and 50 available cabins. It appears that they have not allocated any Royal Up's on my sailing yet as the quantities have remained the same for the last several weeks. Good luck!!
  6. For anyone interested, I saw the deluxe beverage package on the 8/21 Voyager sailing is down to $65. The Key is also back down to $20.99/day. Both are the lowest I've seen so far. Unfortunately I hadn't booked the trip back on Black Friday when I've heard there were some good sales.
  7. Just wondering how far in advance of your trip has anyone won a RoyalUp? I know people often win very close to departure date, but I'd like to know when is a realistic time to really start paying attention to my bids? Maybe 3 weeks out? thanks 😁
  8. I looked on the app but under "Entertainment", it simply lists the venues. Nothing about what the shows are, etc.
  9. If anyone has recently sailed on Voyager of the Seas, would you please let us know what entertainment is currently being shown?
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