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  1. Hi everyone, we are currently on a Viking cruise, will be docking in Rome, we need to get to a Hotel Damaso, any help would be appreciated thanks Helene
  2. I know, i know, but after a long day of travel, If I need to unwind , are there movies in my room? If so, what types of selections? Thanks, just curious
  3. Hi everyone - we are leaving next week for our 1st Viking Cruise - can someone tell me what is included in the mini fridge - just curious about the alcohol that is provided.? Thanks so much.
  4. We are booked on the Viking Iconic Western Mediterrean this November - we booked our excursions and having second thoughts on " A Day in Tuscany" - it's not sold out, and it's a bit costly - just wondering if anyone has done this and if it's worth the money ? Thanks again Helene
  5. Hi everyone, we are booked on the iconic Western Mediterranean Ocean cruise in november. Being price conscious, we plan on doing many of the included excursions and the one excursion we chose so far is "A day in Tuscany", looking for recommendations on other excursions, viking or outside tours. Thanks
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