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  1. Has anyone ever compared US prices to UK or Australia fares? My brain is too foggy from "quarantine fatigue" to attempt all the currency conversions and trying to find costs outside the US. I agree include this "tax", so that all passengers pay it...Viking please stop asking for "gratuities". If these funds truly are not going to staff of the ship I am on, I may forego paying them!!! It seems that there is no penalty to the hard working crew and I will save on the cruise fare....all port charges and taxes truly included. Just not sure I would not feel "guilty" about not tipping.
  2. That would GREAT...we were told that we would LOOSE the remaining voucher value.
  3. We live in SE Michigan. I would not do this cruise in May unless you prefer cool weather. We have a sailboat and it was put in the water May 6th! We have 2 snowy mornings and record breaking cold since. Yesterday was finally warm and dry enough to venture down to marina to start washing the the decks! Rain in the forecast today so we can't finish. It will be a great cruise!!!
  4. we were suppose to go on "undiscovered China". in October. Canceled when final payment was due. 😞 last month. We have already had 2 cruises canceled and that is a lot of money for Viking to keep. Maybe next year!
  5. It was a trip of lifetime!!! No segments made it even more special. It was so worth the massive effort to get ready to go.
  6. I would encourage you to book on one of Viking Ships that will not dock in Paris!
  7. Just curious where all the ships are now berthed?
  8. vnb2003 I agree! Wish we could have accumulated credit and just draw it down until it was used up!
  9. I know I should call on the phone and ask but I will start here... Voucher questions: I think I may NOT change/cancel my mind to another cruise once I use my voucher . Is that correct? Insurance: Does anyone know if vouchers are insurable like cash paid for a cruise.
  10. Thank you ALL....I think this trip connecting to the Transatlantic will be in our future....if not 2020 ( afraid I will still be uncomfortable traveling) then we will wait until 2021! However, much to our family's dismay we went with another couple on a cruise to Asia in October of 2001....never felt safer. But right now is a great time to be thankful, hopeful and dream for a new way to share the world.
  11. Yep....we were in a "tree house". and they were right under us!!! Unbelievable. Jim, you should definitely think about a safari.
  12. SantaFe1....we have been fortunate to do some wonderful trips and my ALL TIME FAVORITE has to be the safari we did in Tanzania!!! Such amazing memories. None of our pictures match your leopard though!! Amazing! I love elephants!
  13. thanks for your insights too! We were hoping for maybe the transatlantic from Barcelona in November and then the SA but I think it will have to be 2021! I just read read that ( did not verify yet). that Spain will be closed to tourism until Christmas. Maybe we will have to wait for the vaccine!
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