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  1. everyone needs to find a cruise line that suits their needs....Viking does not try to be all things to all people...for those of us that it fits we appreciate that....but as Jim says the day will come and we will have to find one more suited for mobility issues. I don't want to become an obstacle to others' enjoyment of their cruise.
  2. they did have fever tree a couple of years ago!!! although not available on the ship I suggest you try Hendricks with Elderflower Tonic Water by fever tree...not your father's G&T!!!
  3. LOVE walking the promenade deck...I was sad to see them cover the windows in the part by the bow where the anchor rode is stored and some mechanical stuff....we used to like seeing the crew working!!!
  4. It can change during your cruise and can depend on your cruise. That is why we get the SS package...you can have the wine you want IF it on the list by the glass!!!
  5. WOW I would love to be on a Viking Ship with 336 passengers!!! We are in the middle of trying to sell a house and moving or I would be cruising RIGHT NOW!!! Even our poor sailboat thinks we have abandoned her this summer! Word to the wise....moving is not for the faint of heart!!! We have been in this house for 39 years, not sure why I thought I needed to change that!
  6. Mini bar will not stock special cocktails or or up graded wines but if all you want is a simple mixed drink you should be fine and you can carry it with you anywhere on the ship. I like trying the different cocktails and having an after dinner drink while watching the evening show!
  7. I am too lazy to comb through all recent posts so I think I will have a Negroni and ask those of you up here in the LOUNGE. What is MDR like on the "Welcome Back Cruises"? Were reservations mandatory or with set times and table mates?
  8. Drinks Package for us!!! Sparking Wines (not champagne) were part of our package last time we sailed....seems like a life time ago!!!
  9. I wonder how expensive it would be to remove them....lost opportunity during the shut down!...but maybe workers were hard to find for interior work.
  10. The binoculars are NOT great...we always bring our own!
  11. we also use a kid's bedroom to gather and put...me one side of the bed he uses the other. Try not to be in the same room simultaneously. We do cross pack a few things each in case on suitcase decides to go on a different trip. We have a pretty good list of "things" we take but clothes list gets developed depending on where we are going. Generally I like to pack a couple days early because you NEVER know what might happen! This practice was a very poor idea because we were ALL packed and then our TA was canceled :(!
  12. When we did this cruise the passengers did such a good job preserving water the captain opened the laundry rooms a day early!!! Just be prepared and keep your washing up to date...there were no other noticeable restrictions. If you are bug phobic do NOT take this cruise....the most amazing assortment of insects that I have ever seen could been found on deck every morning!!! This was a "bucket list" cruise to see the Amazon from the "Brazil side" . I think it might be experienced more thoroughly aboard a much smaller ship. We did the Peruvian Amazon aboard a River Cruise size ship and enjoyed it far more. I think I should have done more research pre-cruise.
  13. that is exactly how like to read....haven't been able to do that on a kindle...but I love being able to travel with it and read it in the sun or on the SUN (before she was sold). Has anyone bought the newest kindle that I think will read to you too? I often listen to a book while walking, cleaning or doing yard work.
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