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  1. Our WC was an adventure of a Life time....it exceeded our expectations and was money and time well spent.
  2. There are drawers next to the bathroom. We have them remove coffee maker and that gives you another shelf. My Husband is tall so he stores many of his clothes on the closet shelf. We have always had enough room. Although is was much better on the SUN with the drawers in the closet!!!
  3. we were on a WC and my friend had her "allergy" shot vial kept in the medical clinic.
  4. Thank you both for your quick responses We may well go back to Eze and St. Paul deVence since we saw them 15 years ago while on a Med cruise from our stop in Villafranche...we had a wonderful tour guide for two days and enjoyed the days so much. will check out Tours by locals there are a couple of wonderful private tours that I found but too $$$ for 2 so hoping to find another couple to share
  5. We are looking forward to that cruise. Starting to think about our time in England before. I have not been to Oxford so may go in that direction for a few days. Or to Wales???
  6. We are doing a Viking Post extension to Nice late October. Any suggestions of day trips, dIY or tour guides from there and restaurant suggestions?
  7. Can't wait to read your first hand experiences!
  8. Galapagos was a Fantastic trip...we did it 2005 with Celebrity's (new then) Expedition...Great time...fantastic naturalists. We were with 4 other couples and I often say it was overnight camp for adults....!
  9. Rumor ....... that Viking was going to build an Expedition type ship for Antarctica and Galapagos. but I have not seen anything about that lately.
  10. Karalk, please report about this cruise. we will take roof of the World october 2020. so will be interested in any information you pass on.
  11. yes all is great....just spent 3 weeks in Northern Michigan "cruising". Not quite Viking style....anchored out and "tendered" all but 3 nights. Was ready for a long hot shower and a bed that I did not have to climb into....Lots more work sailing our own boat but had an awesome time........stars this year were amazing. CC WineLover will be anxious for your review...and we are on Midnight Sun with you next summer.
  12. What a great itinerary! 29 days would be awesome ! But may do South America itinerary first. Viking has done it with this years WC so May have some kinks worked out.
  13. What were the additional discounts and OBC? Good airfare?
  14. Thanks, for looking! Dottythe CAt...we will be in Canada primarily. Crossing Lake Huron and then to what is known as the "North Channel" ! We love Traverse City! usually combine that with Harbor Springs vacation. Michigan is beautiful in the summer!
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