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  1. deec

    Need Paris hotel advice

    We are going to Paris pre-river cruise mid-October, 2019. This thread is helping me choose where to stay. We will be traveling with another couple and would welcome any recommendations for an apt. that had a wonderful location!
  2. FYI, unless something has changed, the wish list for excursions on MVJ is really for your use only....Viking will NOT notify you or put you on an "official" cancellation list in case someone cancels, so keep checking back to see if space opens up. Once you are on the ship go to the shore excursion desk and see if there is availability and they WILL put you on a list and notify you if/when space becomes available.
  3. deec

    Expedition Ships?

    My guess/hope is Antarctica !!!
  4. deec

    Drinks Package

    no you must sign up for the entire cruise...
  5. deec

    Hong Kong day tour?

    Dobie, All are excellent suggestions. Will Viking let you extend another day and only have the cost of hotel room? If only one day Heidi's choice for Hong Kong Island are perfect. Stanley Market is a bit far away so maybe one of the closer markets....Bird market and Goldfish markets are intriquing. The subway is easy to use!
  6. deec

    World Cafe or Restaurant?

    We did not see any buzzers for the MDR on the Star in November. If there was a line it moved quite quickly....we sometimes had 2 shows while onboard so that may have helped. We encountered waiting for seating at BREAKFAST sometimes in the MDR. I agree if you are eating in the MDR and trying for a 9pm show sometimes it does take 2 hours for dinner especially when there are more than 2 at the table or you order many courses ..ie. appetizers, soup, salad and entree plus dessert....just takes time!!!
  7. deec

    Into the Midnight Sun

    thanks to all the folks with great recommendations ...we are doing this cruise June of 2020.. so have some time to plan. London to Bergen. We will do the train to Oslo we just haven't decided if the extra money is worth it for Viking to worry about transfers etc. Anyone done it DIY and how difficult was it getting from ship with luggage to train and then to hotel. Unfortunately I have not learned to travel with only a carry on!
  8. deec

    Manfredi's or Chef's Table for birthday?

    Memories!!!! so glad you saved the drapes!!!
  9. The whole lobster is good but I love the lobster thermidor and there is no work involved!! Both cruises on Sea and Sky!!!
  10. deec

    Manfredi's or Chef's Table for birthday?

    Was that the night of the GREAT LURCH??? There was a big party in the private room that night when we were in Manfredi's!!! By the next morning no one would have known that there was LOTS of RED wine on the carpet. Good thing there were lots of extra wine glasses on board.
  11. and if your final balance is less than the cost of the excursion you will either get cc or sometimes a check. There is a window before you leave about a week I think that you can not reserve or cancel shore excursions.
  12. deec

    Manfredi's or Chef's Table for birthday?

    I would pick Manfredi's if you are inviting others to join you....not everyone can agree which Chef's Table menu to go ...if it just 2 of you see if you like Chef's that day....both venue's will bring a nice cake to share!!! But remember to tell them it is your birthday!!!
  13. If there is anyway you can change your flight and fly in early DO!!! Budapest is a wonderful city to explore! A couple of hours can not touch the surface and it is probably not somewhere you will return to.
  14. deec

    Transportation from Le Pecq to Versailles

    Thanks, djett...I did not want the $$$Viking tour but it is always so much nicer with a guide!! Take Us Away...or others....where are you staying pre-cruise in Paris? We will be with another couple so an apt/airb&b would also be fine. We have not been to Paris in many years so I do not even know which neighbhood/Arrondissement to look in...we will be typical wandering tourists....monuments, cafes etc.....going fall of 2019