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  1. deec


    Thanks so much for sharing how the space looks with the planetarium!!!
  2. deec

    Question about St. John

    Thanks for the Nat'l Park info...I would not have thought of that!
  3. deec

    French Guiana (Devils Island)

    Thanks, for the great video. We will be there in December and there are no excursions offered so I am hoping it will be a great day to explore the nooks and cranies........obviously no swimming for us!
  4. Looking for recommendations for pre-cruise stay in Paris and post in Avignon or Marseille. VBRO or botique hotel??? How difficult is driving in France if we rent a car for the post stay?
  5. deec


    If you have large feet they may not fit. The robes are GREAT!!! There are rubber flip/flops to use in the Spa.
  6. Holmes4...thanks for your perspective of the aborted stops!!! Good to know Viking tried to compensate for something that they had NO control over!!!
  7. deec

    Guaranty cabins

    Please be careful when booking booking a guarantee DV6....deck 3....IMO cabins 3057,55,53 and mabe 51. should NOT be used for passengers (let the entertainers use them)....these are over Torshavn and noisy until usually midnight!!! We also have been in 3003 near the anchor and over the Theatre and 3055 was definitley worse!!! 3003 was fine, barely heard the theatre/practice/performance and just used the occasional anchor (tender ports) as an alarm clock!!! A little more rocky in 3003! We certainly are Viking cheerleaders and think the v2/v1 are great bargains....but be careful with what is below deck 3!!! Next cruise is in 3075...will let you know!!!
  8. deec

    Drink menu question

    I have never signed for a drink with the package....dont think you sign for them even if it is going on your bill... we gave our favorite bartenders an additional gratuity at the end of the cruise.
  9. deec

    Our Viking Orion experience

    Be prepared for VERY hot weather in Ankor Wat...you may need 2 sets of clothes each day!!! However the good news is that the hotel we stayed in (and I think most ) had very fast, great reasonably priced laundry!