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  1. Did you read the above post, PCC can do a lot for you and usually get back to you within a day. PCC's have a direct extension. My NCL PCC is excellent and even answers her cell on off days. Lets us know that she will be back in office on xxxx day and will check the current prices/promotions. One must remember there are thousands of people either booking, looking for better deals , etc. on a daily basis.
  2. I hit the 15 one day ( yes I challenged myself Lol). We had a great bartender in the Atrium Bar and after my 13th she wiggled 2 fingers at me. After the 14th she held up 1 and laughed. Told her to wait the 5 minutes then drop a shot in my drink. As mentioned BUY a couple during the day for "friends" and it doesn't count towards the 15.
  3. Devils advocate If one doesn't want/like the diatribe , then they shouldn't post to CC and handle it with NCL directly. The OP chose to put the financial situation out there, it becomes fair game. You do have to have "thick skin" on CC.
  4. So for a $60 savings your thinking of letting someone besides yourself control your flights? You have found a non-stop at a very good price for 4 people, book your own flights. Shouldn't even be a question what to do.
  5. If the flight is full, and you're originally not seated together, you are likely out of luck and stuck with the seats assigned. i think most airlines fly pretty much full nowadays
  6. Intercontinental, Holiday Inn, Marriott, YVE to name a few.
  7. Hope it worked out also. However the biggest issue was the OP not noticing 900.00 back into their account AND questioning it. Then spending it on other things like it was found money. Hopefully the OP has learned to balance/check their accounts more often.
  8. I'm so obsessed with balancing our checkbook that at minimum it's once a week. When you have different dates for direct withdrawal ( 4 of those) it's essential. I want to know where my money is. $900.00 would be a huge "red flag".
  9. The pub is 24/7 with a limited menu, however what they serve will fill the void. Waterfront is great place plan on spending a few hours there. I wish we would have spent more time there.
  10. Only because they had a "perfect" scenario. EVERYTHING was in their favor. Most pax don't have that option.
  11. If they auto charge hopefully you catch it right away and call CC company . They will see it's a double charge in a short timeframe. It may be a PIA but check your CC account daily!
  12. Could it be Victoria's choice and not NCL? For years Key West had fairly short visits by cruise lines. Had to be gone from KW by 2 or 3. Hell KW doesn't start coming "alive" until then.
  13. I always get a chuckle out of pax asking how THEY should spend their money. Do what YOU feel is right. I have found that if you are one to tip the bartenders they do tend to notice. And service, although good either way, it tends to go up a notch. If busy they will be more attentive to keeping your drink full. I always pack $100.00 in 1's and 5's and carry 10-15 dollars a day with me. Guest services can break down bigger bills if necessary.
  14. Are you comfortable with possibly not all sitting together, how well do you deal with stress if you have flight issues the day of? I would definitely fly in the day before and pay the deviation fee. Not one to trust others controlling my flights and ALWAYS fly in the day before. You are more relaxed/rested and can actually enjoy Day 1 on the ship.
  15. Curious why you think NCL should have informed you it was a charter? It's there ship, their business and all cruise lines prefer to sail to full capacity. They had 25% to book and that's exactly what they did or try to do. Hell i sailed on a charter before with the BBW's. (Big Beautiful Women). Let's just say it was interesting to say the least. It wasn't right to be treated bad, I'll give you that. However did you not knowing it was a charter and you not being happy about that contribute to the experience. I'm guessing some issues are related.
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