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  1. Being St. Maarten is a port not sure if they could handle embarkations. Then you have the issue of the pax that flew in returning to US. The CDC is now in the picture. If the cruise lines had remotely think that was viable they would have tried it already.
  2. Thank you, seems many are discounting the Healthy Sails 74 recommendations and when/if the cruise lines have a plan in place for those. Those recommendations look good and I would think they would appease the CDC. Do you feel the CDC will be sailing on the first few sailings to "see" exactly how the cruise lines are implemting/policing the protocols?
  3. “Hopefully” is the key word and was mentioned more than once. I wish them well getting over the high hurdles. Again the cruise lines have been hopeful for many months, let’s see how it plays out.
  4. Again just because Carnival has these listed only means they are willing to take people's money. Speculation at best. Carnival had listings for November also, seem to recall you said November 2nd would be feasible. Once the cruise lines have that " hard date" they can resume , everything is pure speculation until then. I totally get people want to sail, rushing it isn't prudent.
  5. You can get on a wait list for Vibe if sold out. The hydrotherapy pool in the spa is fantastic. Just make sure you have your balance under the waterfall spout.
  6. I think the fee is up to 225.00 per person for the week. It was a deal when it was 99.00 but with supply and demand NCL took advantage. Don't know if I would pay the 225.00 now, but it was certainly a great experience for us , getting there at anytime of the day and getting a lounger. Not to mention " shot o'clock" where the bartenders would just line up various shots for those that wanted.
  7. And that will be another change , cruise lines will " need" to keep things open on ship when in port. You will see more and more pax staying on board if not allowed to just roam around in port.
  8. Have sailed Bliss, Spa Balcony doesn't include treatments but does let you use the thermal Spa area. Which is very nice! Bliss has an area called the Vibe ( extra fee and usually have to be one of the first ones on) no pool but a couple of hot tubs, your own private bar, padded loungers with umbrellas, plenty of towels, restrooms, continental breakfast, cold wash cloths to cool down, carafes of water infused with fruit, fresh fruit skewers, bartender and 1 server ( also bartends) Haven is an exclusive area and I believe has its own pool/bar/restaurant.
  9. That is 7, where are the other 67 the "Healthy Sail" panel put together and is recommending?
  10. Many workers were/are affected not just cruise related. Do you think pax will adhere to the protocols , many after all don’t think rules/protocols pertain to them. We’ve already seen that , as you said it’s why we are in the position we are. Things are spiking again whether it’s through more testing or not. It’s only going to take a few cases on board and then it will be a bigger problem
  11. I’m sure they are eager, didn’t the cruise lines waste months trying to get some protocols together. It’s a week away from pushing November , the staffing/ quarantine/training needed to start yesterday. And there have been few reports they have.
  12. Members of the Long Shoremen aren't cruise line employees. They work for the port. Misleading article/news clip.
  13. How about the 5th Dimension, oh wait that was a singing group.
  14. Where is the swami when you need him. That November 2nd "posted" sail date must be a bad dream. There is still much work ahead after the CDC recinds the "no sail", which we can't be sure they will. Cases are spiking again in US , and that is the CDC's main concern.
  15. Seaman11 I wish you well . Mid December might be feasible, but remember it will be 4-6 weeks after CDC recinds the No Sail. (Oct. 31st) 3 of those 4-6 will just be getting crew back ( 2 weeks quarantine) and then the training on new protocols. And we don't even have a clue whether the 74 Healthy Sail recommendations/ guidelines have ALL been implemented yet. Many seem to think provisioning the ship will be easy. Are the wholesale distributors going to be able to supply?
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