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  1. Just don't read the threads. And it was Seaman who started with the name calling. Just an FYI. And don't you think he twists things. At least 2 or 3 of us NEVER said anything about no cruises until 2021, yet he insisted that we did. when someone chooses to put words in my mouth , I am most certainly going to confront it. BTW he has called me names a couple of times and I have refrained from the name calling.
  2. I quoted the post that was relevant , Why do you think I should quote a different. At the time/post I was correct. You as usual combine posts and make it something it wasn’t.
  3. You can't compare this September/October to 2021. This year cruiselines need to get pax sailing again. You can bet if the return is slow next year's prices will come down also.
  4. Wasn't he slow to react in the beginning? When other states were already shutting down he chose to let spring break happen before getting on board with closures. Trying to remember, but FLA. was one of the last states to close things I believe.
  5. The argument is you says things , attribute them to people that don't say things. Example two or three of us NEVER said anything about 2021, yet you SAID we did. When you blatantly do that you are going to get an argument every time.
  6. No worries he accused me of saying 2021 also, which was flat out NOT true. What I said was NO May, NO June, NO July. Which is FACT. He hedges, twist conments to make himself look good. It's all good though and makes for a good laugh. Just reading comments, I'd say 7/8 CC members agree he's far off as opposed to the 2/3 that agree with him. It's not a conspiracy against him, just but bring realistic. Not Debbie Downers, Not Nancy's, Not Doom and Gloom. Some just don't look through "rose colored glasses".
  7. Just curious what you would do if the ultimatum was wear the mask or be put off the ship at next port.
  8. Don't believe I've EVER mentioned ports not acceoting ships, you are clueless as to who said what. Keep grasping at straws or better yet pay attention.
  9. Not playing both sides . Hows this I said NO May ,NO June, and highly doubtful July which turned out to be FACT. You were the one that asked me what month it is where I live which was stupid
  10. When he says stupid stuff like it's May where I live, what month is it where you (me) lives. Thats just being ridiculous when one doesn't pay attention to was actually said. Negative Nancy's vs. Realists Glass 1/2 Empty or Half full Most of us as you would say Negative Nancy's Arent saying cruising won't begin again. We know it will at some point. But he can't keep changing his story and say he's never said "that". Story changes like people change underware -Daily!!
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