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  1. Here's some numbers Last Carnival Cruise with Purchasing the Cheers Package (900.00) cost me about 500.00 more than my NCL with the "free" perk of Drink Package ( 210.00) in gratuity. Comparible cabins ,not really, Spa Balcony on NCL, Lido balcony on Carnival No Spa privilege. Paid for 1 Specialty Dining on Carnival, NCL "free" perk of Specialty Dining (3) for 82.00 in Gratuiy People need to focus on the bottom line and not the semantics of "free". Nothing is ever FREE always comes with a price.
  2. beerman2

    Smoking is such a nuisance on cruise ships

    Carnival tried a non-smoking ship years ago on the Paradise, didn't work.
  3. beerman2

    Escape Nov.-Booted Off

    Daily Service Charge!
  4. beerman2

    Not the cruise line you want to cruise with

    It goes back to insurance, if you have it you can/might recoup some 💰💰 and the "hit" won't be nearly as bad. The poster who said the trip cost her 12,000.00 for their family and IF something happened they would get most of that back. Without insurance yes the money is gone either was. That's why to most insurance is essential. Get reimbursement you can use it for another cruise.
  5. Read that same article, maybe a deal was made or maybe it's an experiment to see if/how much money is spent. It would be interesting to know.
  6. beerman2

    Convince me to giving NCL a try

    gritsnc One major advantage of NCL is the free-style dining. just show up at any of the 3 MDR when you want and be seated . Maybe 5 minutes or longer, however there is a bar ( never a bad thing)between 2 of them to relax while waiting. on Epic and Escape there is a Howl at the Moon ( dueling pianos) that is always fun. The waterfront on the newer ships is also great.
  7. beerman2

    Convince me to giving NCL a try

    OP i say give NCL a try, we did and enjoyed the change. For us when you add in the cost of purchasing drink packages and specialty Dining on Carnival and RCI as opposed to getting them as perks (NCL) , I would say the cost are more similar for Carnival and NCL with RCI the most expensive of the 3. As has been mentioned You and You alone MAKE the cruise what it is. After 11 cruises ( 7 Carnival , 2 NCL with 3rd coming up and 1 RCI) we have enjoyed them all. What do they say "Variety is the Spice of Life"? Give NCL a try.
  8. beerman2

    Not the cruise line you want to cruise with

    We can agree to disagree, I believe 2 other posters are in your boat, all others tend to disagree about the benefits of insurance. To each their own.
  9. beerman2

    Not the cruise line you want to cruise with

    As would a 12,000. 00 loss. Some people just aren't in the financial situation to take that hit, if they couldn't make that cruise. I always took the "chance" when we were younger, now no. It's called Medicare age for us with DW dad being 90. So it does make sense to insure. Many people have worked years to get to this point in life, so yes a cruise loss , although not devastating is still a loss of money. Be Happy/fortunate you can absorb that cost/loss. I would be willing to bet most can't. It is indeed all about choices.
  10. beerman2

    Bliss Thermal Spa Pass Cost?

    All depends on timing of booking. Book early probably , book late not so much. We are a little under 60 days and Balcony ( highest category available) is more than what I paid for Spa Balcony. Now it would cost $650.00 more. If I remember correctly the reason we booked spa Balcony was a better price than booking Balcony/Spa passes separately. Not saying it's always that way but people need to look/shop what is best.
  11. beerman2

    Pre purchases cheers

    If I remember Summary page is where it is.
  12. beerman2

    Bliss Specialty Dining - Rank 1 through 4

    OP we did these on Escape 1)LeBistro 2)Cagney's 3) Teppanyaki This year on Bliss 1) LeBistro 2) Cagney’s 3)LaCucina Cruise tradition is always Cagney’s last night!
  13. beerman2

    St.Thomas and Tortola excursions

    Captain Claudia was very informative when we were on the Rebel Yell.
  14. Thanks now I’m will have those song lyrics on my brain today ”Mr Bojangles”
  15. beerman2

    How do I get a Vibe pass?

    The Service is much better at the bar when you have 2 bartenders for the amount of people. You have 70 people daily as opposed to several hundred at the pool bar with 2-3 bartenders. You do pay more to enjoy some peace and tranquility, Spa Balcony, Vibe if possible it's all good. Who cares if an officer is standing around? We did ask if it was possible to get Balcony dividers open ( yes that's another debatable subject) he took our cabin #'s and by the time we got back they were open. Being they do Shot O'Clock we asked an officer if we could get strawberries to do a shot they do on 1 of the Lake Erie islands where we live. Yep they showed up the next day and ALL enjoyed our Shot O'Clock including the bartenders. A good time was had by all. Leave your possessions by the loungers, yep it's safe to wander for a bit. Do that at the main pool or H2O not so sure. Going to try again in Jan. on the Bliss and hope it works if not we will still enjoy the cruise.