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  1. I get all that. Have the “cruise lines” in fact come out and said they HAVE accepted ALL the guidelines? They have said what their requirements are , do they completely align with CDC/CSO?
  2. The CDC has addressed it , but do we know that the cruise lines have in "fact" spelled it out. I'm sure they are working on it ( at least one would hope), however nothing in concrete yet. At least not that I've seen.
  3. I’ve learned a long time ago to “never say never”😂😂
  4. If the ship is in the middle of the Ocean is the concern. Who pays to helicopter to the nearest port and would the nearest port be a willing partner? Will the cruise ships medical center be equipped to handle the Covid case? Still questions to be answered.
  5. Spin it anyway one wishes. It's a compromise because DeSantis wasn't going to win. Plus the fact cruiselines bring in 💰💰💰💰💰 to Florida's economy. In the end it's all about the money.
  6. Looks like you are. OP just wasn't sure Epic/Bliss have an O'Sheehans.
  7. Just to clarify for the OP, The MDR is freestyle, Specialty is by reservation. Seems like the early time slots are easier to get. Those that eat 7:00 or so fills up quickly.
  8. Didn't NCL change O'Sheehan's to The Local. Might confuse some.
  9. NCL has some of the best Spa's . The unique bathroom wasn't a BIG deal to us and certainly not as bad as some reviews. Freestyle dining in MDR. Just show up you will be seated shortly and usually just with your party. Yes you give them how many in your party. Specialty Dining we always do LeBistro and Cagney. Dueling piano's better than Carnival. Yes Casino is smack dab in the middle of ship. 24 hour restaurant, we like it . Sandwiches, wings, etc.
  10. Because that isn't how the CC experts roll.😂😂
  11. Fascination don't remember the date maybe 90's.
  12. NCL isn't pulling out of Fla. They just built a huge new state of the art terminal last year. Desantis won't be able to stop cruises vaccines or not.
  13. Still lurking, however DW has no desire to cruise at this time until all is back to normal Pre-Covid. The vax/no vax isn't an issue ( We are), it's the guidelines / mandates the cruise lines might have abide by.
  14. That's why I like Martini's , at least 2 shots in each drink. Easy fix to the 1 shot.
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