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  1. OP go with the 55". There was just a very lengthy discussion about this with another poster A couple of weeks ago,To the point it was going to be devastating to his/her son who isn't 55". Some phone reps know very little about the ships themselves.
  2. Ask for what you like and how you would like it made. If they tell you it's over 15.00 be prepared to pay the difference or ask them to make you something similar. Don't like it ASK for something else.
  3. beerman2

    Not Happy with Liquor Up Charges

    It is at best a "vailed" apology. NCL reacted to all the negavity. What they need to do is be more transparent. If something is changed after booking GRANDFATHER those pax already booked. With today's technology IT can be done. Put the proposed change out there BEFORE it's implemented and give pax xxx amount of time to react.
  4. beerman2

    Adult only pool ?

    We sailed the Vista last May and it wasn't adult only. However the adults started to fill the pool and the kids got out. So it turned into adults only a couple of days.
  5. Rented a car from Dollar at airport and returned to Dollar locations near Port Everglades entrance. They shuttle to Port, however they just took us in the rental rather than unloading luggage and getting into shuttle. Very nice gesture on their part. Not saying they do it all the time , however is was a pleasant surprise.
  6. beerman2

    Bliss Vibe Purchase

    You are correct I couldn't think of the name (Social) . Same location on ship though.😂😂
  7. beerman2

    Sophisticated chair hogging

    Didn’t waste 2 1/2 hours I was in a chair directly across from theirs Timeframe walked on deck 7 am got a cup of coffee and was in a lounger about 7:15-7:20 The other 3 in MY group get to pool at 8 and joined me The pax I referred to arrived at 9:30 Again wasn’t wasting time I planted myself in a lounger and used it and my sight line was maybe 30 ft to the unoccupied ones. It was a selfish move on THEIR part to have the crew work around them. Has absolutely nothing to do with “first world problems”!
  8. beerman2

    Sophisticated chair hogging

    Doesn't ruin my cruise but it is ridiculous to see pax go to the extreme to get prime spots. First hand experience while taking a morning stroll to get coffee 3 people were setting up chairs WHILE they were still stacked and cruiseline workers were still washing the deck. Put about 10 chairs right next to the pool. Put some article of clothing/shoe/book on them and left. Only to return about 9:30. A good 2 1/2 hours later. Our group got to the pool about 8 , 1 hour after getting my coffee. BB if you think that is the right thing to do and acceptable good for you. I was taught/raised to respect others. THAT group was all about themselves.
  9. beerman2

    Sophisticated chair hogging

    And you are assuming they were doing things the right way. Only thing that offends me are the “me first” mentality of people.
  10. The Local does serve corned beef, had it twice! The Local is just a name change everything else is basically the same.
  11. beerman2

    Bliss Balcony Cabins

    Do you mean "Waterfront"? We had deck 15 and no problem looking down on the water.
  12. beerman2

    Bliss - Question re Disembarkation Home

    Cruise lines suggest after 1:00 p.m. So your 2:45 shouldn't be a problem.
  13. beerman2

    Bliss Vibe Purchase

    Neither The Local is a Bar/Restaurant and they aren't sold at Guest Services. Deck 6 Headliners/Comedy Club it was for our Jan cruise. We had boarding group 1 and they were sold out by the time we got there.
  14. beerman2

    Vibe beach club

    1 pass per person, both have to be there.
  15. beerman2

    Sophisticated chair hogging

    Reserving chairs goes against NCL policy , and other cruise lines for that matter. So yes it can be upsetting to see "reserved" chairs with nobody in them for hours at a time.