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  1. Hello Are you able to use a passport for the Wonder ?
  2. I am looking to do a cruise on this ship and I am looking at deck 15. I see #15198 is an odd shape, can anyone tell me about it or does anyone have pictures of it? thank you
  3. Any pictures of videos of the Hideaway pool during the afternoon?
  4. Hello I am looking at the Prima from Southampton to Iceland doing Brussels, Amsterdam, Norway and Iceland. I am wondering if March or August would be a better time to go? The temperature isn't an issue for me, I just want to pick the time that gives me the full experience of the landscape and scenery. Thank you
  5. I will be on the Freedom in January, and I am wondering if they still have happy hour for Diamond and above? Just trying to decide if buying the drink package is worth it or not.
  6. Hello I was wondering when the markets in Germany start? I am looking at an 11/23/24 cruise and really want to see the markeys Thank you
  7. thank you. I though so as well but wanted opinions
  8. Hello We are looking to book the Edge in July that ends in Rome. I can get a good price on flights leaving at 10:30am. Do you think that would be cutting it close?
  9. They are getting on the Constellation in Ravenna on 8/17, but the ship overnights and doesn't leave until 5:00pm on 8/18. Based on that, do you know of any tours?
  10. Hello I have friends going on a Celebrity cruise that stops in Ravenna. They are looking for transportation/tours to Venice but Celebrity doesnt offer any. Can anyone suggest a company or a tour? Thank you
  11. I am also on the 4/2 Wonder and have been trying online as well
  12. Hello I am on the 4/2 Wonder and I am curious when can you make reservations? I looked today and I am unable to Thank you
  13. My wife and I are looking for a beach break while on the island. Beach chairs and some buckets of beer are all we really need. Can anyone suggest a spot on Orient Beach and is taking a cab/shared van outside the port the easiest way?
  14. am seeing $82.99 plus tip on my 4/2 Wonder and am on the fence about it
  15. We are sailing on the Wonder on 4/2 and flying in a day early. Can anyone recommend transportation from the airport to hotel? Thank you
  16. is the best way to grab a cab from the port?
  17. What are the best options to do a beach break on your own to get a couple chairs and a few buckets of beer?
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