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  1. and as of now, I am on the 11/7 symphony going there
  2. I am sitting and watching my 11/7 Symphony cruise and hope that by then we will be all good
  3. thank you. I think November is going to be a pretty good bet on going out actually
  4. i didn't think of that, thank you. so is deck 12 unobstructed?
  5. Hi Trying to decide between 12329, which is the last cabin or 14725, which is a deck higher and 3rd from back? Thank you
  6. We are looking at November out of San Juan, originally was September, but figured that would be a waste to attempt
  7. we have decided to look at the Freedom out of San Juan in mid September
  8. Just watched it and loved it, like all the others. Makes me even more excited to get back out there.
  9. I normally dont cruise in August, but if open, I would strongly consider at the very least a 4 day Navigator
  10. we are leaving Friday night for Amsterdam, so this may be late to ask but here goes My wife LOVES 🥰 ❤️ christmas and christmas markets, so Colmar or Black Forest? thank you
  11. This may have been answered somewhere here, but since I am going from a balcony to a GS 1 bedroom, do I receive any of the suite perks?
  12. I am on a 3 night Navigator in August and for $240, I went from balcony to GS 1 bedroom
  13. Mkripke

    Swizzle Inn

    thank you, we are on the Gem so the South Road one sounds easier to get to
  14. Mkripke

    Swizzle Inn

    hi what is the best way to get there from the Dock Yard? thank you
  15. thank you, going in August so i will be interested in seeing it
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