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  1. Suddenly I can't get into the website with the logins that worked fine a few days ago. Anyone else have problems?
  2. I had made a reservation but that car did NOT show. So I just clicked on the app and we had a ride in 15 minutes.
  3. When a landslide shut down Amtrak we were without a way to get to San Pedro so we tried Lyft. It was fast and easy. door to door, and was $175 with tip for two.
  4. Problem solved by calling NCL, apparently they had my wife down as a first time cruiser, instead of a Sapphire and they were other issues that the agent fixed. All checked in now.
  5. I am having problems getting my wife checked in for out 12/31 cruise on the Jewel. It was a real hassle getting myself checked in but it is impossible to get my wife checked in. The contact information will not allow me to enter a state. the only options are "State/Province" or Not Applicable." Neither works.It does not allow me to select any particular state. If I "verify address" it show the state but now what I choose when I :Save and continue I get an "invalid state: error. What am i doing wrong?
  6. Does HAL have Lact-aid/soy milk available?
  7. I can find the details on just what the restrictions are on the drink package or i-fi etc. Can anyone help? thanks
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