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  1. Steve, I have not yet talked to insure My Trip but may have to yet, the day after I had the latest contact with AIG they authourized an amount of slightly less than half of what I claimed and what I am due with no explanation at all. Needless to say I will keep fighting.
  2. Today, five days past the 3 month mark I got a phone call from someone at AIG, a ray of hope, but, this woman die not appear to have even read the claim and then lied to me saying she had sent me an Email. I have every Email that I have received since before the claim was filed. She did not send me any Email. Lets hope for the best
  3. I bought it from your competition, Insure my trip.com
  4. I have checked this A LOT. The response is that it is "under review." That is obviously a lie, nothing is being done at all.
  5. Three months today since AIG acknowledged receiving my claim. not one word since.
  6. We had booked a Carnival cruise for mid-October 2020. Now obviously there will be no cruise but the e-mails from carnival continue to come regularly. Today for example I got one saying: "Only 14 days until yor cruise..." Does not Carnival marketing live on the same planet as operations?
  7. Here is the situation. In May 2019 I booked a charter cruise scheduled for March 19, 2020 (well before any talk of COVID) and at the same time bought third party (AIG) insurance for the trip. A week before the scheduled date the charter operator and Holland America both cancelled the cruise. I received my down payment and about a third of my final payment back from the charter operator. The operator in now out of business. I filed a claim with AIG for the balance but have heard nothing except a claim number in five weeks. What experience have others had in similar situa
  8. Toni Snow of "Texas flip and Move" is the biggest "star" as passenger we have met.
  9. It appears we will cancel our cruise scheduled for October. Can it be done online?
  10. The are multiple cruise ships off of San Diego now. Most are are at anchor or tied up at the pier but the Norwegian Joy keeps moving in circles at about 1 knot. Why?
  11. There are at least half a dozen cruise ships sitting off the coast but these two ships have been tied up at the pier except for brief periods for more than a month. Would it not be much cheaper to join the others offshore, they must be paying a lot for the pier space.
  12. Both the Celebrity Eclipse and the Disney Wonder are tied up at the San Diego B Street pier for the duration. This week, on separate days both have left the pier, gone a few miles offshore and circled around for a few hours and then returned. Out of idle curiosity I wonder why? Do they dump garbage, lubricate some moving parts or is there another reason?
  13. December is rainy season, either city could have rain but San Francisco is far more likely to be wet and cold. If you are using a hotel San Diego is much cheaper and has hotels in walking distance of the pier.
  14. For the last several days I the Holland America Website has refused my username and password. Is it just me?
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