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  1. What a great story. Is Andrew Pedder on as captain?
  2. This made me laugh as we did a wonderful shopping with the chef in Bergen in June — and it rained cats and dogs all day.
  3. There was almost always a grilled fish choice in the colonnade and patio for lunch. it varied day to day, was often (surprise surprise) something on the evening before's restaurant menu. Sometimes something fresh if bought locally and grilled or sauteed on the patio. Spa menu concept sounds like something we saw on Cunard on the Queen Mary. Canyon Ranch? Anyway, i vaguely recall it was an option on the regular menus.
  4. We mentioned it to ACD Luke on our June Quest trip and he made it happen. We had a fairly big roll call group which also did informal meetups and private tours.
  5. We had great sushi in Northern Japan on Sojourn Japan to Alaska route. Aren’t most provisions flown in and local stuff is random at chefs discretion? We’ve had some nice local choices served on the med and North Sea.
  6. No, but you probably can apply the credits to any excursions you precooked, so you’ll have those funds back in your pocket. PreBooked.
  7. Confused. Not different. Ours were also under one booking number. Two separate B2B instances with one booking number, different years.
  8. We booked each of the long cruises as a single voyage, single booking numbers.
  9. We did it in 2017 and then this year. Long cruises with two week segments. We hit the milestone in the midst of first segment and had to wait until second segment began. Which seemed fair. We had to ask. First time it was easily done. Second time we went to the club rep to double check when the square staff said no (or perhaps just didn’t understand what we were asking).
  10. Each segment counts separately for benefits IME. If you hit a number-of-days milestone during one segment your new status kicks in at the beginning of the next segment. Check with the Seabourn club rep onboard.
  11. They asked about upcharges. In the Sojourn and Quest there were steam rooms in the (co-ed) thermal area and one had to get a spa service, win a lottery contest, book a spa suite or pay a fee to use the steam rooms, while use of the sauna in the dressing room was free of charge. Apparently the Odyssey is unique among that range of ships if there is a no fee steam room in the gendered dressing areas. I've been on the Odyssey a few years ago and don't recall the area being different but I'll defer to your superior memory.
  12. Only sauna in the women’s room on Quest and Sojourn, maybe Odyssey is different? Crystal had both.
  13. Plus the value of those “free” offerings can be applied to the $400 package. I’m not sure if the charges are really money makers or a way to throttle a limited resource.
  14. Also earlier coffee+ for early excursions.
  15. Just on the Quest. They switched mid June to paper coffee lids (one barista tried to insist on no lids at all but i think a few spillages stopped that). All the traditional soaps were there though i think all are paper wrapped except the lovely green textured one. Straws were paper and may have been paper wrapped. Which is more sanitary than just people pawing their way into a quiver of straws.
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