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  1. Was the cost of storing the bag charged against the NY to Southampton leg of the journey or was it a charge levied against your return trip? [I see this was answered above, never mind]
  2. In answer to wripro: We booked the cruise first as part of our NY to UK back to NY (using the QM2 as fun transportation to visit family and friends in England), and already had the QG (going to UK in PG). Then several members of the family got good deals doing a round trip UK/NY/UK in Britannia joining us for a week on our return home. So I was researching options of where/when we could be together. We will use our suite as a good place to entertain pre-dinner, and will certainly get together for a pub lunch or two and for various ship lectures and other entertainment. We might do a King's Court specialty dinner together if we can find a menu we all like. Everything else is TBD.
  3. We will be on the QM2 (QG) while others of our family will be traveling Britannia. I've been researching the options for us eating together on occasion. What I've found so far is: 1) Pub lunch in the Golden Lion (sounds quite good). 2) Carinthia Lounge breakfast or lunch 3) King’s Court specialty dinning $17. This sounds interesting. Any feedback on which of the dinners are better then others (e.g. the Aztec better then the Smokehouse)? 4) The Veranda $49.95 for dinner (I'm used to $20-$30 upcharge for a great steak and lobster; this seems a bit much). 5) Regular King’s Court Buffet for lunch or breakfast. Have I missed anything? Other suggestions?
  4. Thanks to everyone, but yes Jack, I was primarily asking about the embarkation. The last time on Princess we were upgraded to a suite (and got to the port fairly early) so we rolled all of our luggage on board ourselves and was unpacked before they started serving lunch. 😀 With our Cunard cruise, and the possibility of more cramped waiting spaces in N.Y. and Southampton, we were trying to decide whether to just take one small roller (with medicines and other essentials) ourselves or to also take the larger suit case and skip the luggage handlers.
  5. We will be traveling NY to Southampton in PG and returning to NY on QG. In the past on Princess we always rolled at least one case on board with us, and sometimes will roll all our luggage straight to the room. Is this done on the QM2?
  6. We will be in QG for the first time so this will be our first experience with a butler. I don’t see us using one that much but I read that they take care of “shoe shine, pressing clothes, and organizing laundry”. I assume that the laundry and clothes pressing part is just getting the clothes to and from the ship’s laundromat with the normal charges. Is the shoe shine though provided by the butler and free? We will be traveling with family, and having the suite will be great for family gatherings. The family will not be in the suites however. Do you think we’ll be able to skip the canapés one day and get a double order of them when we have the family over? We have the Unlimited Beverage Package, but that doesn’t help us in the suite nor with other people. Researching QG perks on Cruise Critic pointed to a “free bar in the cabin”, which we could have shared with guests (as long as we are giving them just our set-up), but since the date of the post was several years back, I assume that this is a perk that had been removed. So we’ll probably open the wine we will bring on board. Other options? Thoughts?
  7. Actually, I was correct on the "2", it was the "E" part that was wrong. The ship is the QM2.
  8. We (from California) have upcoming QE2 cruises: NY to UK [travel UK] then UK to NY, and although originally I was going to pick up a tuxedo, I decided to go with a black suit (that I could wear multiple times in the future), with various waist coats (one with blue velvet) and bow ties. Not quite James Bond, but the combo's look formal enough. 😀
  9. When they charge your shipboard account, was it to the ship where your bag is being collected or was it to the ship that will your luggage is for on the way home? Hopefully it's the first ship as we have more ship board credit on that one. Again, thanks for all the answers.
  10. Anyone familiar with the current price for leaving the luggage with Cunard? Searching the Cunard Board, as late as 2014 you could leave luggage for up to 30 days for $65 (leave the luggage outside your room on the last night with a special tag from the Purser and the luggage will arrive at your new cabin for the return cruise after spending time in a Carnival storage facility. Haven't seen a later post on this and even as early as 2009 there was conflicting information on the price (have read as much as $100/bag). Would appreciate anyone with current info. Thanks.
  11. Based on research and the above, it looks like we'll be using Dial 7 for Newark to Manhattan and then (days later) Manhattan to Red Hook. Thanks for all the info.
  12. Coincidentally, I was looking at dial7 when MarkBearSF was typing his reply. The website's estimated base price seamed fair, even with the added "plus tolls, plus tip" but the estimate then added it didn't include "stops, waiting time or state congestion tax, when applicable". That made the full price estimate a bit vague. Still, knowing that they will monitor the flight so any flight delays will not be considered "waiting time" probably makes the other not included items not applicable.
  13. Thanks to all on the information. I hadn't thought about onboard credit, and we actually will have some extra available to use. So the $49/person (most/all paid by credit) will work out great. Now if only the transportation options from NWK to Manhattan (we're arriving several days early to experience NY) would work out so well. That part is still giving me a headache. 🙂
  14. Does Cunard have transfers from port to Newark similar to what Princess ships offer? I've read that taxis are not recommended, since different states are involved, the NJ taxis can not pick up return passengers. I've also read that the shuttle companies are less then reliable in the NY/NJ area. What is the best way to get to the airport? Thanks in advance for any advice.
  15. What about an elite husband and a platinum wife? Do they both just get in line together?
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