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  1. We are also Oceanic, aka The Big Red Boat, veterans. It was our first cruise, sons were 2 and 5. We cruised first the WDW for 4 days. We went to the island where they shot "Gilligan's Island" (the TV show). My 2 year old was petrified of the Disney characters that promenaded thru the DR each night, so my husband never had a meal in the DR with us. They seated us at a table with 2 retired couples who did not appreciate young children.....but 40+ cruises later....I can say that introduction to cruising did not stop us!!
  2. Ever fly out of Chicago O'Hare or LAS (Las Vegas)......been in TSA precheck lines for over an hour at each on multiple occasions. There have been times when the regular line is shorter and we have left TSA PreCheck to go into those lines. It really depends on time of day/date (holiday?, school break time?). To say you have NEVER waited more than 5 minutes is really overstating TSA PreCheck....as we have NEVER gotten thru in 5 minutes when we fly. OP, it is helpful in not having to take off shoes, belts, unloading bags etc....but you can wait in a LONG TSA PreCheck line at times too (we have!).
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