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  1. Listed with a 4 hour duration... how much time is actually allocated for Eagle Beach? What facilities, including food, are available there?
  2. I did both. Still being directed to a UK site to register agencies.
  3. What's the secret to getting to this site? I've tried "choiceair.com" on 2 different search engines and it goes nowhere but to travel agents.
  4. I budget for it, so it's no different than a shore excursion or other planned entertainment on any cruise... "free" or otherwise.
  5. I don't think it's so much odd or even disrespectful to use the Titanic in this manner. It's arguably the most well known cruise ship in history including the Love Boat.
  6. It's still a long way from July, 2022, but planning can never be done too early.
  7. Thanks to all who have responded. I have decided on what I need. Happy Cruising to everyone.
  8. Information on what is now acceptable on RCI ships (scheduled for Mariner, July 2022) is scattered and searching gets mixed results on what is deemed "surge protection device" or whether or not a cord of any type is allowed. Would this pass inspection and be allowed?
  9. Cruising will return before before COVID completely is gone. Chairs will still be set up for social distancing, which means fewer chairs in total. Social distancing will not prevent chair hogs from doing their thing.
  10. My last cruise was in 2011. Do I win a cookie or something?
  11. Thanks so much for all this information as it's quite apparent that the whole process should be quick and easy. I booked B2B for July 2022 for 2 families (2 cabins). It was quite a chore finding cabins which would allow us not to move AND having adjacent cabins. RCI's system couldn't keep up with what I was trying to do and it took 2 hours to finally get their pages to respond and allow me to advance through the booking process.
  12. Having never done a BTB, and often considered one, I'm curious about a few things. Assuming you were able to book the same cabin again, what is the scenario for this? Do you have to "move out" everything just to bring it all back onboard? What is the procedure if it's a different cabin (a more likely thing)? Second BTB situation: it's possible, for example, to get off the Symphony in Miami and the Explorer is also in port getting ready for its departure that same day. Is it possible to walk from the Symphony to the Explorer or is it necessary to find transportation? Thanks, and like ever
  13. It would be an improvement to the spreadsheet if a column was added to indicate where the bed is located (bath vs balcony). For many cruisers, this is a factor in selecting a cabin.
  14. Hit 2 royal flushes ($1K each) playing video poker during the same 7 day cruise and on another cruise, won their slot tournament. Other than that, on nearly every other cruise, the Gaming Gods got their revenge. Compared to land casinos, video poker pay tables on cruise ships are unplayable. With that understanding, budgeting one's cruise casino money is vital. If cruise casino activity makes the week pleasurable, go for it.
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