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  1. kctwinmommy

    Carnival cruisers go on RCI - our Pros & Cons

    Oops, posted this in the wrong thread...
  2. kctwinmommy

    Carnival vs. Royal

    Here's a post a wrote about this last year, well a little more than that. I tried to keep it objective, just pointing out things that were different.
  3. kctwinmommy

    Walking from Tower of London

    Looking at Google maps and it shows that it's about a mile. That's easy to do, and you said your comfortable walking. Honestly, we took the HOHO bus to go from the British Museum to St. Paul's and it would have been easier and quicker to walk it. LOL! Traffic in London can be very, very heavy! On our first day in London 2 years ago we ended up walking about 11 miles ourselves!
  4. kctwinmommy

    skagway glacier point wilderness safari

    I would read the reviews about it on here as well. News stories also don't tell all the details. The media tends to spin things as well. We did this excursion and loved it, we'd absolutely do it again. I know they also operate something else that included a zip line, that's not something we'd do in general though. But if you search the boards, you'll find a lot of people who have loved this excursion. We NEVER felt unsafe when we went. They explained everything safely, showed us everything we needed to do, etc... I realize the accident last year that happened, and unfortunately, the man lost his life. I wasn't there for that though, so I can't explain how that one happened, I've only read what the media reported. It does sound like a mistake was made on entering the canoe for that one, so hopefully they did address that immediately so it doesn't happen again. But for us, when we went, we didn't see anything like that, we were given full safety briefings, safety gear, etc....
  5. kctwinmommy

    Zeebrugge to Brugges private transfer

    So we were on RCI, and I believe they had some sort of excursion to Bruges, but we just wanted to go on our own. We had planned on getting a taxi or some other way. But when we got off the ship, there was some company there who had shuttle buses. They were literally at the end of the gangway. So we were able to buy the R/T ticket right from them and then they were going to run about every 30 minutes or so. So when we were done in town, probably around 3-4ish, we walked back to the train station parking lot, where they had dropped us off, and got back on the bus. They waited maybe 15 minutes or so, in case anyone else came up, then we left back to the ship.
  6. kctwinmommy

    Southern Itinerary - Aruba and Curacao - usually windy?

    It was pretty windy when we sailed there but everyone docked just fine. I know Grand Turk has a much bigger issue with this though.
  7. kctwinmommy

    Zeebrugge to Brugges private transfer

    If you search the boards, you'll find this topic a few times. For us, we found the shuttle buses there to be the best. Someone posted about some issues with a taxi company and some problems with the price and timing. We bought R/T shuttle bus passes right off the ship for 20 Euros/each. It was easy and convenient. The bus dropped us off at the train station, and then it was like a 20 minute walk into town. Plus, we were able to get there right away, so we were in town before it got crowded. So just another option!
  8. kctwinmommy

    MCO to Port Canaveral on a Wednesday evening?

    Nice of you to update how it went. I was going to recommend Cocoa Beach Shuttle, then I saw that you had already taken your trip. We have used them every time we've cruised, and that's been over the course of like 13 years. We've always had good service with them too. For us, we don't want a rental car and the hassle of driving there, returning the car, etc... Especially the times when we come in later in the evening, which we have a few times. That's just us. So we like Cocoa Beach Shuttle for that reason. They also have some of the best prices. I always try to leave reviews for these companies too, it's good for others to know. I'm pretty sure I did it on Trip Advisor.
  9. kctwinmommy

    Le Harve to Paris Shore Excursion

    When we were in Le Havre in 2017, we were there on Bastille Day, so another holiday for the country. We talked with some people at dinner who went to Paris for the day and they were disappointed. It was a lot to tackle in the one day. A lot of time spent traveling for sure. We did the Overlord tours to Omaha Beach and Bayeux ourselves, as that was a bucket list trip for me! It was an amazing day, great tour, great guide, etc... Just loved the whole day. And it was relaxing, not rushed. We could have stayed out just a little longer, but our guide was concerned about traffic because of the holiday. He told us a lot of people head towards the coast area for the holiday too. But it was a great tour!
  10. kctwinmommy

    All Things London

    We bought the London Pass to use for our almost 4 days there. It was a good deal for us, the things we wanted to see were included and it wasn't so limited. At the time, it also included fast pass for some of the places we wanted to go, especially the Tower of London, which was totally worth it. I priced out the things we'd want to see, with the cost in the London Pass, and we save money for sure! And the options are open, it's not just a handful of things. I'll be honest, we used the HOHO bus to get from one museum to St. Paul's and it would have been quicker to walk it! The traffic in London is so busy, that it goes really slow. We didn't really want to use it for the sightseeing aspect of it through. The only reason we used it was because we had a 24-hour pass for it with our London Pass. You need to realistically look at the places you really want to go, since you do have limited time there and figure out how much you can reasonably do. It takes time to get to everything, it's a big city, so it's a lot to cover. Our first day we walked about 11-12 miles ourselves, leaving our hotel, walking to Buckingham Palace for the changing of the guards, then the royal horse museum (sorry, forgetting the name right now - brain is frozen in our deep freeze here! LOL!), Downing Street (kind of a walk by obviously), Westminster Abbey, Churchill War Rooms, London Eye, and of course, lunch & dinner while out and about. I think that was everything for our first day, and it was like 12-14 hours!
  11. kctwinmommy

    Seattle Hotel

    We stayed at the Four Points Sheraton, City Center. It's right near the Space Needle, but it was a quick monorail ride to get downtown when we wanted to go there. But we wanted to see things around the Space Needle, and the price was reasonable. They did offer a shuttle, although we didn't use it. We had rented a car for our last 24 hours to go a little far outside of Seattle, so we used their shuttle service.
  12. kctwinmommy

    Warning: MCO to Port Canaveral Shuttle

    Glad to hear someone is listening to your complaints. Definitely leave reviews on the other sites too (Trip Advisor, Yelp, FB, etc...).
  13. kctwinmommy

    First time leaving from Port Canaveral help

    We always use Cocoa Beach Shuttles and head into the Cocoa Beach area for the night. We typically don't arrive until later in the afternoon, or early evening anyway. We just want to be close to the port for the morning. So we've stayed at the Radisson for the past 10 years or so now, it's a nice hotel, nice pool. We just walk to local restaurants for some dinner. We don't want to deal with a rental car, it's not a big deal to us to be able to drive around Cocoa Beach, to be honest. However, we did spend a few days down in the area for spring break 2 years ago. Our son was going to a swim camp in Orlando area for the week, so we drove down early and spent the weekend on the coast there so we could go to Kennedy Space Center. We also wen to a Law Enforcement museum near there. But we had 3 days to hang around down there. For cruises, we just want to get on the ship, we don't really care much about sightseeing before we sail. 😃
  14. kctwinmommy

    Warning: MCO to Port Canaveral Shuttle

    And odd, their website isn't working, I wanted to look at it. Plus, they have only a few Trip Advisory reviews, so definitely leave one with what happened. And nothing on Yelp.
  15. kctwinmommy

    Warning: MCO to Port Canaveral Shuttle

    Yikes! Definitely leave a review on Trip Advisor or Yelp if you can. I know I read those kinds of sites for reviews on companies. And be sure to detail what they did, keeping it with the facts. Glad someone else helped you guys out!