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  1. kctwinmommy

    Rental Car Return in Seattle

    We rented from Enterprise, they have a location right downtown by the big mall there. We just rented for 24 hours on our last day so we could go out of Seattle for some sights. We returned it the morning of our cruise and they had a free shuttle to the piers.
  2. kctwinmommy

    Tracy Arm vs. Endicott Arm

    We had the same thing, our small boat excursion became Endicott Arm instead. We loved it no matter what, it was our first Alaska experience and it was amazing! The filter on my camera is what made the sky look purple in the one. The colors, the blues, are just beautiful. We saw the little waterfalls along the way, plus the bear! And a ton of calving from the glacier!
  3. kctwinmommy

    One Pile of Rocks vs. Another

    Yep! We had intended to see Stonehenge, because our son wanted to. But even he realized the amount of time it would take (long lines) and how goofy expensive it was now (it wasn't like that when I saw it as a kid), he was fine with us skipping it. We just drove by, slowly, like 100's of other people! And that was enough for us. It's become too commercialized it seemed, compared to when I saw it as a kid, and my husband as a young guy stationed there for the military. I guess it's just all what people like to do though. And there are always going to be people who want to see it, and I'm sure I've gone to things that they don't care for. 😃
  4. kctwinmommy

    Wow! Big mistake--Learn from me

    Oh wow! Tough lesson to learn, although I'm glad you were able to rebook it and still go. And thanks for sharing your story, it may help someone else. And it's something that many people could have happen too. We've all assumed things, you're not alone! 😃 Enjoy both your cruises!! I wish we had one coming up!
  5. kctwinmommy

    RCL Vs Carnival

    I posted a similar pro/con post last summer after our first RCL cruise. We'd always done Carnival, so it was just our observations between the two. It helps people who are open to different lines.
  6. kctwinmommy

    Hop On Hop Off Oslo?

    We hadn't used them any other city to compare to, but this one isn't one I'd totally recommend either. For us, they were right at the dock when we got off the ship. We knew we wanted to see the Viking ships, so we hopped on and headed that way. On the way, it stopped at the Vigeland Park, so we got off there. Then hopped back on to get over to the Viking ship museum. From there, we walked to all 3 that we wanted to see, then took the bus back into the city center. That's where our problems came. Once back in the main area (near the palace) we walked around a bit. We ended getting a little lost trying to find one of their stops on the map they gave out and by then it was raining. We ended up getting soaked while walking around, finally getting to a stop where a bus came. Only to get on the bus at that stop and have them all kick us off at the next one, saying the day was done. They're not very clear on the fact that they don't "end" at the dock, like everyone else on the bus though as well. And it took us further from the dock. I would just recommend finding other local transportation if you just need to get to a certain place. But don't rely on them for actual "to-from" transportation, if that makes sense. I'm sure if you just wanted to see the city, it's fine.
  7. kctwinmommy

    Looking to do Alaska cruise-opinions please

    We had a great time on our 7-day Carnival cruise. We loved everything that we saw. We realize there's a LOT to see and do up there, but we saw & did enough. Just decide what is most important to you guys.
  8. kctwinmommy

    Swimming Pools on Alaska Cruises?

    Our Carnival cruise had a pool that was in a covered area, but it wasn't used much. We went in July and our temps were more on the cooler side for most days. We had sunshine pretty much most days, and no rain, but temps were more in the 50's, which it was too cool for going in the pool for me. But there were some kids using it.
  9. kctwinmommy

    Question on bottomless bubbles

    We've done it with the BB as well as bringing our own on board. But we only brought it on with us once, when our son was with. So we still got him the BB, so he could get me a Sprite on occasion, but then I had Pepsi for the actual cruise. I've had the BB for like 4 cruises and used it plenty every time still. With the cost of each soda, getting I think 3 covers the daily cost of BB for me. I usually would drink one in the morning, then another 1 or 2 in the afternoon, plus 2 or so in the evening. Now, I didn't always finish them, and if they got warm, I'd get a fresh one knowing that I had the BB. I've sometimes gotten the full can, with a glass, and sometimes they just filled the glass. I've never had any problems with whichever way I wanted to get it. And I can't speak to my husband getting it. But I would think many bartenders would be pretty casual about it, if he pointed you out, etc... But that's not a guarantee.
  10. kctwinmommy

    Seattle hotel w/shuttle for Carnival

    We stayed at the Four Points Sheraton, Seattle Center, which is located near the Space Needle and such. It was a good location for us because we wanted to do some of those things up there. Then, when we wanted to be more in the downtown area, we too the monorail for cheap (free for military!), and we were downtown in a few minutes. We rented a car for our last 24 hours in Seattle, so we used their shuttle service. But I'm almost positive the hotel offered a shuttle to Pier 91. And the hotel prices were way less than the downtown ones.
  11. kctwinmommy

    Sad News - Glacier Point Wilderness Safari Death

    Thanks for sharing your recent experiences. Pretty sure there wasn't a rope there when we went 2 years ago. It does sound like it was all an accident. Although hopefully they did change a few of those things too. I remember getting a safety briefing, but to be honest, I can't remember what they exactly said. It was still one of our favorite things!
  12. kctwinmommy

    What to do in Southampton, England?

    I know! I saw it as a child, probably about a year or so after they had brought it up. To be honest, I never though I'd be back again to see it as an adult. So it was really cool to see again. And they did a fabulous job with the museum to house it.
  13. kctwinmommy

    Q: July 2019 cruiser with new Breast Cancer

    We went with friends on a cruise 2 years ago, and it was about 2 months after she was diagnosed. Now, I don't know her exact kind and all the details, but she obviously had some treatments. I "think" she didn't have surgery though. But she was still able to go. Now, she was doing any crazy activities, it was just a Caribbean cruise (and they've done at least 10 I'd guess!), so it was just a time to get away with us. She just had to take it easy, stay out of the direct sun for any length of time, and couldn't really go swimming. But we still had a great time! Like the other person said, don't make any decisions yet. You may find that you have time and can still enjoy your cruise. Wishing you the best!
  14. kctwinmommy


    I agree with Overlord tours! We joined with 2 other parties, for a total of 8. It was so worth it!! We did Omaha Beach, stopping at some monuments along the way, American cemetery, Pointe du Hoc, then Bayeux where we had lunch and saw the cathedral and tapestries! It was worth every penny!! We were gone from basically right after the ship docked until around 5-5:30. He was cautious on getting us back on time too. It was Bastille day holiday, and a Friday, so he said there can be heavy traffic with people heading to the coast. We appreciated him being aware of that. It was the highlight of our cruise!
  15. kctwinmommy

    Transportation in London

    We used Smith's and they were wonderful! We were arriving pretty early in the morning and just didn't feel like waiting for the Express bus to Southampton. And honestly, we knew we were going to be tired and just wanted to be a little more comfortable in a car. Our driver was great and it was a very nice trip from Heathrow to Southampton. Yes, it's more expensive, but there were 3 of us, so not terribly more. And for us, it was worth it.