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  1. That is just what i was looking for! I can't thank you enough 😃 Patti
  2. Has anyone see new Oceania itineraries lately? I'm looking for late 2022 into 2023. Or possibly know when they are expected to be released? Thank you in advance! Patti
  3. I usually book my own, but have just booked my first flights online using Celebrity's air. I'm happy with the process and was able to enter the locator number (from my confirmation) into the United website to view my reservation and even select seats. My question is about accruing miles for the flights, as I'm trying to maintain my status with United. Will I receive the miles for these flights? And does anyone know if the flights will count toward my "Premier status?" I know, this is a long shot, very United-specific question! Thank you in advance. Patti
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