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  1. This is extremely helpful. I am a vegan, but found most if not all options on other cruise lines to be vegetarian and extremely starch heavy. I adored the posted menu. I will be sailing on the Oosterdam in December for 7 day Mexican Riveria cruise. Are these menus used fleet wide? You mentioned a all vegan cruise??
  2. Excited to follow. I am sailing her in 3 weeks!! I am sailing with my 8 year old twins . Any info about kids club would be appreciated !
  3. A 3 night dinning plan as risen recently on my 6 day cruise on he Bliss from $90 to $118 PP Almost all of the specialty dining on board is a la carte.. I have searched this topic on CC , But found answers to the old price and non a la Carte prices. I wonder if the a la carte prices makes the packages necessary. Has anyone found that a package was nit worth the cost and paying a la Carte for 3 restaurants turned out better? We have a 2 night dining perk which we have booked Ocean Blue and Teppanyaki. But there are new restaurants on the ship we would like to try like Q, Los Lobos, and oldies like La Cuicina and Food Republic. Is there anyone who decided to pay a la carte for special restaurants, and thereafter did a analysts and found that they would have faired better with a package?
  4. I have visited Victoria many times before. But this will be my first time visiting with such a short port day. We will be in Victoria the first week of October-- On the NCL Bliss. We have in the past visited the Bug Museum. But we are wondering , what other fun things can we do with active 8 year old twins-- in such a short period of time. We considered Whale Watching. But I wonder if I should book this through the ship or on my own. It is quite expensive through the cruise line. Are there whale watching companies that are highly recommended in Victoria? I once heard there is a Pirate Ship of some sort near Victoria, But I can't find anything about them online. Are there any festivals etc.. happening the first week of October in Victoria?
  5. I was wondering. I was watching DancerQuest Youtube Vlig about the Bliss. Insailnher in 3 weeks. Is the fresh juice covered under any beverage package? How about Starbucks? Thank you!
  6. Which Obstructed OV's on 8 do you prefer?
  7. Thank you all so much. Awesome, helpful information!!! MGAfhc-- did you see alot of people using the deck during prime viewing hours like bridge crossings etc. Did you go out on that deck during your cruise? If it's over the bridge , I am wondering if access is monitored because the deck is over the bridge. I'm just wondering how often mynview will be blocked by passengers. And how often I must keep my curtains closed.
  8. We are booked in this room for a Pacific Cozral next September on the Ruby. Round trip from Seattle. I have searched reviews on CC about this room--but still have not found answers about..... 1- The fly bridge/deck I believe you have access to that deck. Where is the door for that deck? Is it near the cabin? Will the deck be open to the public or do will it be closed after a certain time? I looked at deck plans, but I can't find a door. 2- How rocky will it be in that room? Pacific Coastal I read can be experience high waves? 3- On the deck plan, it seems these rooms are near Thermal Spa. Is this a direct access to the Spa or is this Access to adult pool aera? 4- Is there lots of noise from above. Is it the gym above the room. Having trouble figuring it out from Deck plan. Any information would be appreciated
  9. We booked one night before the cruise at 139 at BW and booked 125 after the cruise for 125 a night. We disembark 12/21 but to fly hm is crazy expensive . And I only need to fly to Seattle! We chose to stay till 12/24 when prices come down. We were thinking about staying at marina BW on a Island for $95 a night. But was not sure how convenient that would be if we did not rent a car. So we booked the same pre stay hotel. BW Bayside for $125 a night. They will also puck us up from the port after the cruise. I have 8 year old twins and I am looking for cheap things to do . Any suggestions would be awesome. The kids love the water and the ocean. Should I reconsider and stay on Coronado? Or just take a uber there from BW Bayside ? I am looking forward to seeing the boat light Christmas show. I hope its walking distance from the hotel .
  10. I booked Best Western Plus that was previously recommended for $139 a night. They have a free airport shuttle and free cruise port shuttle. They are 4 blocks from the port. Free Breakfast, Free Wifi. Really good reviews on Trip advisor. Won a AAA reward for cleanliness. .And they are walking distance to Sea village and to Little Italy . I would have never booked this if it were not for the awesome CC advice. Thank You everyone soooo much!! BTW to get that price , you will need to sign up for their loyalty program. Really quick and easy to do. Or use a AAA card.
  11. Thank you so much for the map. Very helpful. Where on your map is the San Diego port. Is it near seaport village ? Or near the Marina?
  12. Thank you. I will check out Great Western. Boy , that might be why I am seeing crazy prices. So are these boats shown in the marina, bayside area? If we wanted to actually be able to walk to this event. Which hotel would be recommended, other than embassy suites.
  13. Thank you. Its over 300 a night. Yikes. Is that normal. I'm sailing in Dec . 12/14 to be exact.
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