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  1. My May on Eclipse cancelled. Moved ot to June 11th. Received a 100 credit too. I now wonder if we should have moved it to Aug.
  2. Your the best. Thank you. Did you notice the age ranges in the younger kids area.
  3. I am sailing the Oosterdam with 9 year old twins Dec 14th. I usually enjoy a few dinners alone in a specialty restaurant. But with these new changes..I just don't feel comfortable leaving my children alone for hours unsupervised. Anyone else have experience with new HAL High Score kids club?
  4. I am sailing on the Oosterdam on Dec 14th. I heard they revamped the kids club. Have you heard any information about that? I am sailing with my 9 year old twins
  5. Last time I visited Falmouth , the port was only partially built. I plan to visit the port January 2021 on the Odessey. I will be sailing with my 9 year old twins. I was wondering if there is decent Jamacian food near port? Entertainment near port? If we decided to do Rose Hill, how could we get there from the port? Is there a better resort that has great activities for kids?
  6. How do you get to rose hall from the cruise port
  7. Thank you everyone. Extremely helpful !
  8. Is the cinema walking distance to the port or will I need to take a taxi? Is uber in Hawaii yet?
  9. Is that an Enterprise in the Sheraton that I keep reading about the Hawaii threads? Or is it a separate Enterprise, which is not in a hotel? Thank you
  10. Thank you. I'll ck them out.
  11. Oh , I feel silly. I didn't know there were 2 ports in Maui. I am sailing on RCI Ovation of the seas . So it must be Lahaina, I believe.
  12. Does anyone know how to rent a car in Maui , from the cruiseport? I know there is a company with a van that will pick the Rental Car Drivers up from cruise port . I thought it was Alamo. I called Alamo and they stated that they dont pick up from cruiseport. Is it National? There is a car rental facility not too far from the port. We rented a car 5 years ago when we cruised to Maui and stayed over night. For the life of me, I cant remember how I set up that rental. Can you still park close to the cruise port? Please help?
  13. One last question. Do you think the newly built cabins on the 10th floor would be slightly smaller than cabins originally built with the ship? I wanted the 10th floor because of proximity to the Kids Club, but o dont want to sell myself short either and choose a smaller room.
  14. Thank you everyone!!! Whew so tight for 4. The Neptune Suite is 2500 more. 😑 Thank you again. Pictures are very sobering. Here is to hoping they offer a upsell! The inside mentioned. Is it a family inside or a large inside? I would really miss my balcony 😐
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