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  1. For me there is no bad cabin location on Silversea. A crew cabin would do me, anything just to experience the wonderful service, food etc once again. We who can afford to cruise on Silversea are truely blessed.
  2. Yes, I am from one side of London, my husband from the other side but we were very lucky to meet in Sydney and we love each other and this country very much. We are two very grateful people. Can life be any better than here, we think not.
  3. Thanks folks for all your kind words. I got our refund so all’s well. Happy 2021 to all and although 2020 didn’t turn out as expected we are still very lucky to live in Australia, life is still very good. As someone who came to live in Australia nearly 50 years ago I still say thank you for having me every day. I thank my lucky stars.
  4. Our contract with Ponant, at clause 11.9, stated if Ponant cancelled any cruise, for any reason, a refund was payable. We took them at their word. To us “any reason” mean just that. Ponant, at first, decided to bring force majeure into play but there was no mention of that in clause 11.9, many people around the world pointed this out to them. March 2020 French government changed the rules allowing cruise companies etc to offer FCC only, not refunds. Ponant Australia informed me the French ruling now applied to us. Our point was if we live in Australia and book with a company with offices
  5. Good luck to anyone who decides to book with Ponant. We had four holidays booked in 2020 all cancelled. Some companies were very slow to refund but only Ponant flatly refused to refund, only offered fcc. Our deposit was $14155. After months of trying to negotiate with Ponant, we contacted our federal MP who wrote to the chairman of ACCC Rod Sims. Only then did they refund our money. Ponant are very unsympathetic and arrogant to deal with. After they way they treated us hell will freeze over before they see another penny of our money. I have only posted this to make others aware of what will
  6. Happy to help, keep us informed with your progress. Never ever give up, that is what Ponant wants you to do, then they have won.
  7. crazydoc, sorry to take so long to reply. We were in the same boat as you, we battled so many companies to get our money refunded that we nearly gave up with Ponant. It was only their arrogance towards us which kept us going. Firstly let me tell you a little about our situation. My husband has, in the past, suffered heart failure, stroke and has type 1 diabetes. He really is in the high risk group as far as the virus goes. We are also over seventy. There is no way we can cruise within the next 18 months. We asked Ponant to show some compassion. When that fell on deaf ears, we started emailing
  8. After putting up one hell of a fight we finally, Friday, received our refund. We contacted our Federal MP who then wrote to the chairman of Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) on our behalf. I will not bore you with the details, unless anybody is interested, but suffice to say Ponant moved very quickly once the ACCC became involved. It is such a pity Ponant allowed this matter to go on for so long. They were adamant they would not give us a refund, we were equally adamant we would not give up. We will not be forced into giving any company an interest free loan.
  9. I think couples taking advantage of no singles supplements is very selfish and unfair. Singles (I am not) have very few opportunities to cruise without paying the supplement. Couples taking the few cabins that are available is, in my opinion, wrong but to each their own.
  10. Ozzicruiser, thanks for your concern. My solicitors appointment is free, through an association I am a member of. I will take their advice and yours before I take the next step. I will never give up. Ponant quoting French law in Australia is illegal, they should and do know that.
  11. No Ponant Fan, delighted to hear your news. After months of emailing Ponant and putting up with answers from them that are downright lies I have an appointment with a solicitor on the 9th September. Your post will be used as evidence that when pushed Ponant will refund. As for booking with them again, hell will freeze over first.
  12. Just a personal opinion of course but I think any cash refund is better than a extension of time. Who know when, or if, you will want to travel again. Plus there is always a risk the insurance company will go out of business, rendering the policy useless.
  13. We received a partial refund from AllClear travel insurance, they are an offshoot of Insure and Go, same office, but only after getting AFCA involved. We paid over $3600 refund was $2000. As we probably would not have used the policy even if they had offered an extension of time we were happy with the outcome. Would we have liked more, or course but sometimes a bird in the hand etc. Without AFCA AllClear refused to even consider a refund. I think it pays to try every option available.
  14. Daveywavey was the above post meant to be humorous? I only ask because from where I sit the post reads like a disgusting put down of people which has no place on this forum.
  15. YIPPEE so delighted for you, it is such a relief to know you have your money back in your account safe and sound. Pleased I could help in some small way, I feel like I have paid back a little for all the good info I have been given from these forums over the years.
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