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  1. Has anyone booked the Sanctuary on PC day on the Island?? Was thinking of booking a cabana (I know it will be pricey) and would like to know if the Sanctuary has an excellent view when entering the locks. I do have a mini-suite booked so could also go on one of the decks when first entering the canal and also some viewing time from my balcony. Thanks
  2. Thank you Heidi13 and cruiseryyc for your suggestions. Also for the links to taxi fares and transit. When I went on the transit site -- I had no idea which area I was in. So this has been a big help. Will find out when my friend anticipates arriving and decide on which way I will travel. Also - whether it is raining or not. Looking forward to a short but nice visit in Vancouver. Will probably do one of the Ho-ho tours on Saturday as my flight arrives early from Winnipeg and rooms will probably not be ready. CC members are always a great help. thanks once again.
  3. Hi everyone. I am staying at the Westin Bayshore Inn in September prior to a cruise. A friend of mine from my high school years (don’t ask how long ago that was!!) has suggested that we meet for lunch. She lives in Nanaimo and would take the ferry as a walk-on passenger. She suggested meeting at Horseshoe Bay where the ferry docks as there is/are restaurants. I have a couple of questions: (1) What would the approximate cost be for a taxi from the Bayshore Inn to Horseshoe Bay? (2) Public transit – my friend indicated that the 250 bus goes direct – as this is a Sunday – how often does it run? Would the bus stop be close to the hotel or the ferry dock? (3) If I decide on a taxi from Horseshoe Bay – would there be taxis waiting for possible passengers? (4) If there are several taxi companies in Vancouver -- would someone be willing to recommend a reliable taxi company. (I know that in Winnipeg, I prefer one of the three companies – for service, etc.) I am not familiar with Vancouver so I am unsure about the public transportation. Also, in mid-September, it tends to get darker earlier in the day and I would be hesitant to have to walk to the bus stops. I am assuming that the transit system is usually safe to ride on. Thank you for any information you can give me.
  4. In answer to your question. I have used Medi-quote. They have offices in Calgary and Winnipeg. They are an insurance broker and will review your sisters medical history, pre-existing conditions and suggest insurance companies. I have used them for many years and they are reliable. When my aunt, who lives in Calgary, was able to travel with me - also used them. Highly recommended. This company is used by many people in the Seniors club that I belong to and they have all been very satisfied. Medi-quote CALGARY OFFICE 251 Midpark Blvd SE, Suite 250 Calgary, AB T2X 1S3 Phone: (403) 259-2969 Hope your sister gets well and she and her husband are able to travel to Hawaii and Tahiti with you. Beautiful places to visit.
  5. No Canadian insurance does not stink. Unfortunately the OP did not do all her homework and relied on credit card insurance. There are companies who insure prior existing conditions -- some are expensive and some moderately priced. Some policies have 2-5-10 year exclusions. A good insurance broker will assist someone with the best insurance for their circumstances. Credit Card insurance can sound very good -- but make sure you read the fine print. About a year ago I was invited to apply for a credit card with excellent benefits which required having a specific income. To make a long story short -- when I read the insurance coverage - I thought - Great might not have to purchase annual out of province medical & cancellation insurance!!! And then ..... I read the tiny, tiny, tiny fine print -- saying that it was only for people under 65 years. So -- all the benefits did not apply to me and I still purchase annual medical & cancellation insurance to cover any trips/cruises that I may take. I hope that the OP will be able to travel and enjoy her cruise.
  6. Thank you Urban Trekker. I had hoped for a grocery store or Shoppers Drug store close by to hotel to get things I need - then will not have to worry about going over 50 lb. limit on Air Canada. Looking forward to spending an extra day in Vancouver although I have been there several times - it is always nice to go to Stanley Park, Aquarium, Granville Island etc.
  7. Hi, I am staying at the Bayshore Inn for two days prior to my cruise in September. Are there any stores or drug stores close by - walking distance or short taxi ride. I am looking at my preliminary packing list and weight issues (air lines) so thought about purchasing personal items such as sun screen, hand sanitizer, shampoo & soap (do not use those provided on the ship) etc. Lighter to pack two cloth shopping bags than these items. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  8. Have been following your review and have a question for you. Is the 'solo travelers' meeting listed in the daily?? If not, where would I find out about solo travelers meetings? Sailing on September 16th on the Island through Panama Canal. So far, roll call is not very active. Hoping that it gets more active as final payment was June 18th. I am glad you are enjoying your cruise and sailing on the Island. It is nice to read a positive review.
  9. Yes - in Canadian dollars. Sadly, these days our dollar is not doing well. I always book my cruises in Cdn. $$ and so far has benefited me - especially when the dollar was higher then went down -- cruise stayed the same price.
  10. Yes - I received it on my January 2017 B2B cruise. I recently made a B2B cruise on Equinox for January 29, 2021 with the New Orleans cruise February 7th and received it again. Nice benefit.
  11. I will be on a 21 day full canal transit in September. As I am a huge water drinker -- ordered five cases -- which is approximately three per day and knowing that weather will probably be hot and humid. How many glasses of water do you each drink per day?? I would base the purchasing of water on your daily water consumption.
  12. Thank you for the information and the pictures of your Panama cruise. I am prepared to pay the same price as if there were two people in the cabana. I am looking at a cabana particularly for the shade. I am going from Vancouver to FLL. Will head up to the sanctuary as soon as I get on board. Have a mini suite booked. This trip going solo as family have to work and friends not available for three weeks. You only live once and I am fortunate to be able to travel several times a year. Did you do a live blog on your cruise through the Panama? If so, I will enjoy looking at your pictures and reading your review. Thank you once again for the information.
  13. "The chairs are $60 per person. The cabana is $220 for two. You get two mini bar set ups" Thank you for your great pictures and information. I will be on Island in September for Panama Canal full transit. Regarding the cabanas in the sanctuary -- were there any cabanas for only one person or all they all for two persons? Some of the chairs do not look to have much shade and I am assuming it will be hot and humid. Also, would you be able to ask if I could rent a cabana for two, although I would be the only one using it. Thanks very much.
  14. Thank you for the post milolli showing u tube video of the sanctuary on Coral. I would certainly look into getting a cabana as it has some shade/shelter for the sun and/or rain. Will go the sanctuary immediately upon boarding to see if I can book a cabana. If not -- sitting in the sun with little or no shade does not appeal to me. As I have never booked the sanctuary, it was nice to hear that my chosen lounger is mine for the day. As a note, I am just returning to Princess having sailed on the Emerald Princess in 2009. (was originally on Emerald Princess - April 2019 sailing through the new canal - but due to redeployment and original cruise changed from 22 days to 16 days -- decided to go on the Island through the old canal.) Have sailed with Celebrity before 2009 and all cruises after 2009 with them. Will be interesting to see the differences knowing that things have changed on both lines and food is very subjective. It is also why I booked a mini-suite so that I have a sofa to sit on since they removed the barrel chairs from regular balcony rooms. I am looking forward to having a great cruise as any day on a cruise is better than being home.
  15. Thank you for your replies. I did not know that the Sanctuary on Canal day was more expensive. I knew that on regular days it was $40/day. Do you have any idea of the cost for the canal transit. Fishywood mentioned approximately triple -- would it be $120??? Might have to think it over if it is that expensive. I have a mini-suite so besides going on deck, can also view part of the transit from balcony (although from what I have read -- you really need to move around the ship and observe from several areas). I will go as soon as I board and hope to reserve Sanctuary. Nice to know that the chair is mine for the entire day (if I book the entire day).
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