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  1. Thanks for all the replies - really useful :) I'll bring a spare wallet to put my cruise card in. I wear a lanyard for work so don't want to wear one on holiday!
  2. I'm off on holiday next week to pick up Epic in Civitavecchia on 31st July. Some last minute questions: 1. As a UK passenger - is it just my passport and my ticket I need to board Epic? 2. I'm in a Studio cabin - what type of power sockets are there so I can make sure I have the correct adapters with me? 3. What do people use to carry their cruise card - do you get given anything or just put it in your pocket? 4. I see I need to print my luggage tags. Is it best to print these on card, and if I can't get them stapled in the hotel on the morning, is it possible to staple these at the terminal? 5. Anything else as a UK passenger / on Epic, that I need to remember to bring? Thanks πŸ™‚
  3. This will be my first cruise with NCL and have previously only been on cruises where you have to dress for dinner (i.e. always trousers with a casual shirt as a minimum). I need to plan what I'm taking and I can see from other threads on here that I can wear shorts in most restaurants and presumably a T-shirt with those are fine? What type of shoes can I wear - are trainers (sneakers) OK to wear? Le Bistro (any other restaurants on Epic?) needs long trousers - do these have to be smart trousers or are smart jeans OK? What type of shoes to go with these - do they have to be smart shoes or again are trainers (sneakers) acceptable? The fewer different types of shoes etc., the better as I'm travelling to/from the port by train so don't want to be carrying lots of clothing & shoes.
  4. Glad you have had a good time πŸ™‚ I'm doing this cruise in a few weeks' time so have a couple of questions about embarking/disembarking. 1. What time did you get on and how quick was it to get through the cruise terminal from arrival? 2. Do you know what time Self-Help people could get off from when you arrived back in Civitavecchia - i.e. those that can carry off their own luggage?
  5. NCL Customer Services have contacted me today to say that they have finally fixed the problem with booking speciality restaurants on Epic. I can now book online, so hopefully you can too πŸ™‚
  6. Thanks for the photos and information. It's great to have some idea of what I'm going on in a few weeks' time. Despite what I've read on some other websites/here, the food looks great πŸ™‚ Can't wait!
  7. Thank you for those who have provided constructive comments about this topic but I won't comment any more on this as it's obvious that some people relish in being able to put their opinion across on this forum. For the record as I seem to being made out as something I'm not, I've always tipped on previous cruises, just preferred to do this direct to specific people rather than pay a DSC to the company. I'll decide what to do for this cruise when I'm board as I've no prior experience to what NCL service is like. In future, I'll stick to the threads where I know there will be more supportive comments - I want to look forward to my holiday rather than be lambasted for anything I post.
  8. I'm sorry if one sentence in my post has caused offence but it would be good if people could post on here without being jumped on for something that they have written. As I was making a comparison between tipping in the US and UK, I was not stating that we do not tip in the UK, merely that there is more of a culture for this in the US, than in the UK. Tipping isn't so much part of our culture in the UK and there are also variations depending on the type of establishment and where you are in the UK. If I was eating out in the majority of restaurants in London for instance, I would expect to have a service charge added to my bill but this isn't the norm in other areas of the UK. As I can see on the website www.whototip.net there are more instances of where tipping is expected in the US than the UK. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why NCL don't charge gratuities for the UK market for the beverage package or the speciality restaurants as part of the Free at Sea promotion.
  9. This will be my first cruise with NCL and on another thread I've already said I'm considering opting out or reducing it. I appreciate all the ins and outs as to why you should pay it, etc. but for me it comes down to cost and how much I can afford - I'm already in the cheapest cabin I can get. I know there is more of a tipping culture in the US and not in the UK which is why I'm not used to it but having compared the cost on the US and the UK websites, in the UK we are paying more for the cruise to start off with compared with US passengers. For example, for the cruise I'm on in Europe, if I booked an interior cabin for 2, inclusive of taxes it's $1837.26 on the US website which is Β£1448.39, but if I book the same cruise and cabin on the UK website it's Β£1658.00.
  10. Hi - trying to work out when to book restaurants and shows for. On Epic, how long do the shows, Priscilla and Burn the Floor last for?
  11. I'm also new to NCL and on the Epic and have been waiting for weeks for them to fix the online booking system. I've been in contact with NCL Customer Service and there are tables still available for all speciality restaurants on my cruise (sail 31st July) - just limited as to time on particular days. If you want to book before you go, just phone Customer Service or email them with what you want and I'm sure they will sort this for you.
  12. Thanks very much for the replies - my only gripes with the daily service charge is the cost of it, as it's quite expensive compared with other cruise lines, made worse by the Dollar/Pound sterling exchange rate; and that it just goes to the company. My usual cruise line in the UK doesn't have tipping and has now got rid of the service charge completely, absorbing it into the cost of the cruise. Glad they have frozen margaritas and decaff tea. I've wanted to book the restaurants online (so I can see the times/days available) but the system won't let me. UK Customer Services has tried to help but they can't get it to work either. So will have to work out what I want to do and when, and then try and do it over the phone.
  13. Is this something that is popular in the US, as I've never heard of it in the UK? Thanks for the other replies. What is Moderno Churrascaria like, and what about Teppanyaki, or is the latter more style over substance? I probably won't do La Cucina as I'm spending some time in Italian cities both before and after the cruise. Sunbathing - I don't do so much. Are there any shaded areas outside - like what you would have on a promenade deck?
  14. I've not been on NCL before but have been on other European Cruise lines. I'll be on the Epic from the 31st July for a week in the Mediterranean and with less than 6 weeks to go, I need to start getting sorted. I have a few queries though that I hope some people will be able to answer: 1. I have the 3 speciality restaurant cover charge package - which are the best restaurants on Epic to go to? I'm a bit of a foodie so I want to try whatever's best! 2. When I book the restaurants (this will have to be via customer services as I can't via the app or the website for some reason) - do they just use my 3 restaurant package to do this? 3. If I opt out of paying the daily service charge and decide to tip my cabin steward, can I do this in Euros, or will it have to be in Dollars? 4. Can you get liqueur coffees made with decaffeinated coffee? 5. Do they have decaffeinated tea on board or do I need to bring my own teabags? 6. Can you get Frozen Margaritas - I particularly like these on other cruise lines? 7. Does NCL/the port provide shuttle buses to Livorno Railway station and Barcelona? How much do these cost? 8. Is there anything that I should not miss when on board Epic, as I don't want to miss out on something in case I don't cruise with NCL again? Thanks πŸ™‚
  15. I'm on the cruise after you, embarking on the 31st July and disembarking on the 7th August. Port Mobility said they expected Epic to dock both days at dock 12.
  16. In response to my own questions but putting it here in case anyone else needs it. I contacted Port Mobility in Civitavecchia who have been really helpful to answer any questions - redazioneweb@portmobility.it Pier/Dock 25 is too far to walk to the railway station and at times there's no pedestrian pathway so they advise you to take the free shuttle bus. I asked Port Mobility about which pier/dock, Epic should be in, and for the dates I have provided to them, they have told me where they expect the ship to be both for embarking and disembarking (obviously can change but they have a good idea).
  17. How will I know which berth, Epic is in when I embark in Civitavecchia? Is it just a case of going to one of the port information booths and asking? If it ends up docking in berth 25, can you walk to there from the railway station and how long would it take?
  18. Thanks a lot - although I will have luggage with me, I will walk it from the ship to the station. I've walked it before a few years ago without luggage but I didn't know if you could still do this or had to use the shuttles.
  19. Hi - thanks for the advice. I'm sure I could carry my wheeled holdall down the stairs as I'm used to carrying it up and down stairs at railway stations (I'm travelling to and from the UK to the cruise by train). If I can walk from the ship to the railway station it will make things a lot easier than trying to get on a shuttle bus with all those going on excursions.
  20. I'm sure this will have been asked before but I'm finding it difficult to find it in the forum. I need to book a train from Civitavecchia to Rome and then an onward train to Milan after my cruise on Epic in August. What time do they usually allow you to get off Epic (according to the itinerary it arrives at 6.00am) and is it possible to walk to the railway station from the cruise terminal as I'd prefer to do that than try and get on a port shuttle with thousands of other people waiting? How long does it take to walk? Some websites say you must take the free shuttle bus whereas others say you can walk it, so just need to know a definite answer to be able to book the correct train. I'm thinking of getting the express train at around 9.15am and plan to get off the ship with my luggage. Can I also walk from the railway station to the cruise terminal when I get on Epic?
  21. I now need to book my train from Civitavecchia to Rome and then an onward train to Milan. What time do they usually allow you to get off Epic (according to the itinerary it arrives at 6.00am) and is it possible to walk to the railway station from the cruise terminal as I'd prefer to do that than try and get on a port shuttle with thousands of other people waiting? How long does it take to walk? Can I also walk from the railway station to the cruise terminal when I get on Epic?
  22. Thanks a lot - I've replied to the email I've had from Customer Services but they aren't particularly quick at replying to queries. So I'll wait and see what they say.
  23. Thanks - it's less than 60 days before I go on the cruise though and it's said the same thing since I've booked.
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