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  1. My husband just got his own scooter 2 weeks ago. He can walk some but not far. I've checked with airline and know they will transport the scooter, etc. We are flying into FLL for cruise on Apr 30 for cruise leaving May 1. Can anyone give me advice on how to transport scooter and us to hotel and then to port?
  2. We recently purchased Carnival Gift Cards from AARP. I called Carnival to inquire if I could apply those prior to boarding as OBC but was told that was not possible--that it would have to be done at guest services once onboard. I decided to try purchasing Cruise Cash with the gift cards and that worked! We leave Sunday so fingers crossed for no problems!
  3. Has anyone ever parked at Dominion Tower to cruise out of Norfolk? Looks like it's about a 15 minute walk to the terminal but the only parking garage I can find in the area that could be used for the cruise. At least, can be booked through bestparking.com, but I've never used that service. Otherwise, a couple miles away for parking and bussed back. Any suggestion or more information is appreciated.
  4. Oh I didn't realize that! Thank you. I'll check into that too
  5. We are leaving on Carnival Magic on May 15, well over 50, and just got our second booster on May 3 so less that the 14 day required. I just don't want any surprises at the Port. I was thinking of just waiting a day and still may do that but, of course, I'm anxious to get the test over with as is the rest of our group. Hopefully the answer from Heald will suffice
  6. I did get a reply on Heald's Facebook page about an hour ago: Hello Susan, at the moment we require one booster only. Thanks so much, Jacinta
  7. I called and asked PVP and she said 1 booster is considered fully vaccinated. I've asked that question to John Heald on his Facebook page too but haven't gotten response yet. I'm paranoid. I want to get the Covid test asap but I don't want any surprises at the port!
  8. Who Can Get a Booster ELIGIBLE FOR 1 Booster Everyone ages 12 years and older can get 1 booster after completing their COVID-19 vaccine primary series. Learn when you can get your 1st booster below. ELIGIBLE FOR 2 Boosters Adults ages 50 years and older People ages 12 years and older who are moderately or severely immunocompromised People who got 2 doses (1 primary dose and 1 booster) of Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen vaccine Learn when you can get your 2nd booster below and what you should consider. Above is from CDC Website. I'm over 50 and thought I was fully vaccinated with 1 booster but according to Carnival and their reference to "eligible" it sounds like I need the 2nd booster in order to be able to get the Covid test 3 days out? Has anyone had experience with this? Thanks
  9. Thank you for your response. It really is confusing. I was planning to make an appointment at Walgreens next Thursday for our cruise that leaves on Sunday the 15th. But the latest update had me concerned since we just got our second booster this week (so outside of 14 day window) and are well over 50. lol. I'm a little undecided now if I'll just wait until Friday to be absolutely sure.
  10. TESTING REQUIREMENTS (UPDATED 05/04/22) Except where destination requirements differ*, guests who are up to date with their vaccines may take their test within three days prior to sailing. Up to date means a person has received all recommended COVID-19 vaccinations, including any booster dose, when eligible. Above from Carnival's website. Trying to figure out if this means you would have to have the 2nd booster also if over 50 to be eligible to take test 3 days before cruise?
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