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  1. I received this offer, but what is the point of limiting it to double occupancy rooms only. I'm sure they can code it to apply to just the first two guests in the room, like most cruise lines do with similar offers. Why should people traveling with their kids or more than two in room be excluded?
  2. Virgin Voyages have now cancelled the remaining cruises for 2020. A notice was just sent to travel agents a short while ago.
  3. Thanks for all the replies to my original post. One of the cruises I am having hard time to L&S is my March 20, 2021 Rhapsody (7 nt Western) to Odyssey for the March 20, 2022 (6 nt Western). Odyssey is not an available option.
  4. After 3 attempts to cruise on Scarlet Lady this year (with my October sailing canceled last week), I decided to stop rebooking and take the refund. I will wait it out and book again last minute in 2021.
  5. Has anyone managed to lift and shift from any royal ship other than Odyssey departing in 2020 or 2021 to Odyssey in 2021 or early 2022. I have three booked cruises departing before April 2021 that I want to move, but the L&S options do not include Odyssey of the Seas. Is it possible that Odyssey is exempt? Interestingly, I also had a 4th cruise booked on Odyssey for Nov 2020 and when I tired to L&S (before they sailings were canceled) it also only listed other ships, so I ended up selecting something else.
  6. I see, interesting idea. Problem is, if you switch to the November 2020 itinerary, you'd have to pay the full balance at that time as well.
  7. If the end result is VV cancelling your new cruise, then why wouldn't you be eligible for a refund as well. Personally, I would not book a cruise departing in November 2020, it is likely not going to happen.
  8. Absolutley, when I called today, they offered me a refund of my original booking amount for my April 2020 cruise, that was canceled three times. Still debating what to do. I like the 200% I received based on my original fare, but now looking at moving it to mid 2021 and not sure I want them to hold my money that long.
  9. Been a week since Virgin canceled cruises through October 31st. My cruise was included in this latest round (3rd time so far), so I called to see what options I had. There are no new incentives to rebook, other than reusing the previous 200% FCC I received previously. Also, with their current 30% off "sale", they are no longer offering sailor loot as before, but if you had it previously and rebook, they will honor it.
  10. I was also waiting for refund for March 21st cruise. I disputed over $4,000 in charges with my credit card tow weeks ago and so far I've received less than half, with refunded amounts not matching the original charge amounts. I think this is a game that MSC is playing to dole out the money, making it appear to the cc company that refunds are not being processed. So far, no credits from my dispute.
  11. I’ve received two refunds so far, but still only half of what I am owed for my March 21st cruise. Think my credit card dispute moved this along faster.
  12. I have been going through the same issues since my March 21 cruise was canceled. I sent emails all the way up the chain with zero responses to any of them. I have given MSC one more chance to rectify the situation and told them if I don't receive refunds by today I am initiating charge back with credit card. The only reason I haven't already, is that there are multiple credit cards involved, since this was booked well over a year in advance.
  13. On July 7th, I requested a refund for my deposits a total of $1,500 for my canceled November 2020 Mardi Gras cruise. Received refunds yesterday. That's 10 days, fastest refunds I've seen yet, except for Virgin Voyages (those were done in 24 hours).
  14. After 2 canceled cruises on Scarlet Lady this year (with 3rd scheduled in October), I am fully expecting to have the rest of her 2020 sailings canceled at some time soon. I will likely not rebook until well into 2021.
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