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  1. This is my stand also. I will be wearing dress pants and blouses. My son will have a button down shirt to wear the formal nights with a pair of black dress pants and tie. On non formal nights he might have on shorts and decent t-shirt. The way he is growing I don't want to spend money on clothes he will only wear for this short time. I hope he doesn't outgrow anything else before the cruise. There are times I could take a pair of pants that fit him the week before and wouldn't fit on the cruise. He is 12 years old and 5' 10 1/2" (a few weeks ago). Everyone enjoy their own cruise.
  2. I am driving myself crazy trying to figure out what to do pre and post cruise. We (me {I'm 49 and have mobility issues}, my Mom who is 76, and my 12 year old son) are flying into Fort Lauderdale late 4/11 and will board the Navigator of the Seas on 4/12. I think we will probably just get a hotel near the airport for the night, but I'm not sure then what is the best way to get to Miami cruise port. The bigger issue is after cruise. We get off the ship on 4/21 (Sunday / Easter) and are not flying out of Fort Lauderdale till 4/23. We are hoping to see my Great Aunt who lives in south Miami at least one day. Would like a clean hotel (not too expensive) near the beach and restaurants. One of my big worries though is we have to be at FLL around 5:30am on 4/23. I'm worried if we are too far away then we will not be able to find transportation from hotel to FLL that early. Also worried about transportation on Easter. Sorry for rambling. Anyone who has any suggestions ....... please help me. TIA
  3. Jasonmom

    Navigator of the seas drydock

    Thank you to everyone who is posting photos of the refurb in progress. Please keep it up (or tell me how to find them).
  4. Jasonmom

    Navigator Feb 24 2019 - Cancelled

    Just read through all posts. So sorry to all who were booked on this cancelled trip. I was wondering if there was a website that we could see the progress on the Navigator as it occurs (outside of ship I mean)? Am scheduled for the 4/12 voyage.
  5. I enjoyed it when we had to dress up, but like it that I don't have to go buy new clothes for me and my son for our next cruise.
  6. I think the title explains my questions . RCI has a special on ending in 5 hours or so for a cruise I'd like to go on with my son and mother. Problem is mom and I just got home from a cruise a few days ago and my mom has been sick (bronchitis) since we got back. She's not ready to pull the gun. Today I can get 60% of 2nd guest and kids sail free. What do you think the odds are that this sale will extend?
  7. Jasonmom

    Norweigan from Venice?

    Did this itinerary 3 years ago on carnival. Best cruise ever. Hope you can find others wanting to share excursions. You are a absolutely right, it is so much cheaper by sharing private tours. Good luck
  8. Jasonmom

    What was your upgrade offer and what did you bid

    😛 😜 😝
  9. Jasonmom

    What was your upgrade offer and what did you bid

    I don't know. We just never pre-pay tips. Doesn't make sense to me.
  10. Jasonmom

    What was your upgrade offer and what did you bid

    I'm wondering if what you originally paid when booking plays into who gets an upgrade? Also if it could have to do with pre-paying tips?
  11. Jasonmom

    Beach clubs without prior reservation - possible?

    Thanks to responses to this question. This is what I plan to do this day in port.
  12. Jasonmom

    Beach near pier

    Will be in Cozumel via NCL Breakaway on 2/5/18. We are somewhat mobility limited (can't walk too far) and would like to find a beach close by. Just a place with decent beach with restrooms (and maybe a bar ) close by. I know some ports you can get on a beach right off the pier, and am hoping that is how it is here. Been here before, but just can't remember.
  13. Jasonmom

    What was your upgrade offer and what did you bid

    I am also on Breakaway 1/27. None of my bids have been accepted. Starting in inside, bidding on ocean view, balcony, spa balcony. I bid more for same rooms others got, but my initial price for the room was less than those whose upgrade bid was accepted.
  14. Jasonmom

    Live From the Breakaway!

    Thanks for doing this. Will be getting on as you get off the ship. Looking forward to hearing how seafood at buffet was. Can't wait for rest or review.