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  1. Will be docked at Punta Langosta port. Is there a place I can easily walk to to snorkel? Would like to find a bar where my brother could sit and I could snorkel. Help please
  2. Now 58 days from when I booked and still same sale going on. Only difference would be it's about $400 less now, without air (can't get that now on this cruise).
  3. It is embarrassing and I wish there was another way to do it. Before I get flamed I want to say I only removed my cabin steward's part and that was after calling multiple times throughout the cruise about the problems we were having (it was a Carnival cruise). That being said there should be a way to do it that doesn't make one feel like they are walking in the line of shame as they are trying to change their tips.
  4. We almost always tip our guides and bus drivers, but then again we have almost always had good tours. We don't tip as much as people have talked about on here. I think for us it has to do with how many people are on the excursion. If there are over 50 people on an excursion I think a few bucks each is enough. If there are only a few of us, we booked a private excursion, we tip more. Agree with most everyone, you should tip what you want.
  5. Any week with a loss is great. Congratulations on the 46 years. Amazing. mmmm, fettuccine with garlic sauce and shrimp, wine, yummmmmmmmmm (I'm soooo craving carbs right now)
  6. I'm with those who say to not worry about it as much before the cruise, then eat / drink what you want, and then loose it when you get home. I think it would matter how much you cruise though. If you are one of those lucky people who get to cruise multiple weeks a year, maybe pay more attention to diet before and while on cruise. If this is your one vacation for the year, enjoy, and worry about the diet when you get home. If you are in ketosis, you may want to ignore what I've said because you could have unwelcome side effects while on the cruise.
  7. I carried this over from last week, hope that is OK. What day in January? I will be 50 on January 7th. I know what you mean about that baby weight, my youngest just turned 13 and the weight is just really that stubborn. LoL Great job on the 3.2lb. After my cruise, or if I plateau, I have got to check into this diet. Love the idea of not having to cut out some things so much. Right now I'm doing low carb and sometimes I just really want a fry or something sweet. Down 4lb this week is amazing. Can you refresh my memory and let me know what diet you are following? I do not think it is too early to think about the weekend. Well, I'm excited to say I lost 6.0lb this last week. Am down to 220.0lb (yea, I've started doing the 1/10th pounds). That is 1lb less than I weighed when I went to my brother's for 10 days. I know the weight has probably come off faster because I was just re-losing the 9lb I gained while at my brother's house. To reach my goal of being 199lb before the cruise I would have to loose just over 4lb a week for the next 5 weeks. Even though I want to keep up my hopes of getting there, I don't want to set myself up to being upset if it doesn't happen. At 2lb / week that will have me to 210lb before the cruise. I will try to be happy with that (if I can do that) but really want to see that 199lb. I know I'll gain at least 10lb on cruise (shoot I gained 9lb staying with my brother, and can't say I ate that much). 😁 37 days till I leave for my cruise 😁
  8. Not that I've heard about anywhere on here. And I'm pretty sure if you could opt out of paying this it would be all over this board.
  9. Have book sailaway probably 10 - 15 times. Only once did we really have an issue with room location (it was an ocean view). All the way in front on NCL Breakaway. The blinds had to come down at night because the light might interfere with bridge, and it was ALOT of extra walking (look at deck plan on Breakaway) for us. We do have some mobility issues though.
  10. We've enjoyed Royal MDR over NCL. Also liked having escargot every night on last RC cruise. That being said next cruise is on NCL. We've enjoyed every cruise and pretty much look at price.
  11. Loved the pictures of your scuba adventure. Also wanted to thank you for picture coming into port because I wasn't sure what was there. Hoping every day is better for you.
  12. Yea that is what I would have thought, but people talking made it sound like they had already watched the video. But I hope that is wrong because they made it sound like grandpa was almost holding baby Chloe outside window. I got to believe it was more of accident than that.
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