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  1. Congratulations! We hit platinum after our next cruise later this year. We've cruised on multiple lines so hitting the next level on any one particular line seems like a big deal to us.
  2. Hi there...hope you had a great cruise. Any chance you could post your compasses online for us. Thank you.
  3. Thank you so much. We're doing this itinerary later this year and I was hoping to see some compasses.
  4. Enjoying your review. Love the natural pool. Thanks for sharing your beautiful pics.
  5. I cruise with my niece and I always take a notarized letter signed by both her parents. The cruise line asks to see it when I am checking in and also the kids club asks to see it.
  6. Was there in December with my 7 year old niece. We had a great time. She loved the beach and pool. I found the pool too cold. The food and drinks were great and service was very prompt. She was the only child that day but we live in the water so she doesn't care if there's other children or not. We booked a snorkel excursion from the vendor on the beach and they were great with her (2nd time). She'd had her first snorkel trip the day before. We'd go back in a heartbeat. Love that it's not crowded.
  7. We've been to both Orient Beach and Mullet Bay Beach. Loved them both but would go to back to Mullet Bay Beach first. Not to mention it's a much shorter cab ride away.
  8. They previously said lobster was on the 4th night of the 5 night cruise.
  9. Can you let us know what night they serve lobster in the MDR. Thank you
  10. If they do offer a drink card would you kindly please let us know what day it happens. Thank you
  11. If at all possible, can you post the daily Cruise Compass as well as the kids' compass (6 - 9 age group). We are doing a 5 night cruise later this year and my 7 year old niece has gotten finicky about the kids club in her old age. lol. I'm hoping to see some things I can interest her in beforehand. Thank you
  12. You have me curious. We are cruising on the Indy in a few weeks. Why do you see some people do not like the ship?
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