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  1. August 2001, Rhapsody of the Seas. Alaskan cruise from Vancouver, BC to Seward, AK followed by 4 days on the Homer peninsula. It was our very first cruise and it literally changed our lives prompting us to take many more trips both domestically and internationally by land and by sea. We just watched some video we took at the ports and it brought back so many great memories. We were amazed how large we thought Rhapsody was at the time.
  2. The most recent cancellation notice in April covered 31 days.
  3. The last one was announced on Thursday
  4. I am booked on the October 9 sailing and prices for suites have not gone down at all in the multiple times I have checked since booking. In fact, prices have increased. Right now JS is what I paid for a GS.
  5. Speaking of TAs, the online refund form allows you to input your information and request a refund even if the cruise was booked through a TA. Is the refund request effective or must you go through your TA even if the online refund request process does not require that?
  6. Thank you for posting about the great rates at the Four Seasons. Our cruise ends in Perth but the flight schedules back to the states from Perth were less than ideal and would make for a grueling two days. We now plan to fly to Sydney the day of disembarkation and spend the night at the Four Seasons before catching a late morning flight out.
  7. If you haven’t done so recently, you might want to check prices on Southwest now. You might be able to get your new flights as well as have additional credit to use in the future. Many Southwest route prices have dropped greatly. Yesterday I was able to get a $94 credit on a one-way flight I had previously booked and $96 on another.
  8. Although generally true, there were a few cruises for which RCI extended the final payment date. If you are booked on one of the following cruises, you have a few days to cancel and get a refund as opposed to FCC (except for NRD). Royal has reduced the final payment date to 60 days for European sailings. Ships: AL, AN, EX, JW, RH, VI Sailing between May 29 and June 11 The final payment date for our Anthem May 29 sailing was moved back to March 30. Some of our group cancelled this weekend and were able to get 100% refund but for the NRD. They did however, have to call twice until they spoke with an agent who understood that these sailings are an exception to the ordinary and cruise with confidence policies.
  9. Currently, Delta is waiving the re-deposit fee for flights scheduled in March and April or purchased after March 1, 2020. I have a flight scheduled in late May to London -,waiting to see what happens to that flight and to the cruise.
  10. We are booked on May 29 cruise on Anthem. It will be very difficult for my Mom to get Doctor’s note signed within 7 days of cruising given flight schedule and Memorial Day. I’m sure others planned to be in England longer and would have to change flights to get note in stated time frame.
  11. Did you meet them on cruises? 😀
  12. While checking in for embarkation everyone was asked to fill out a form regarding departure plans/flights to facilitate disembarkation. Some people left the first day back in Dubai and, as mentioned by another poster, some left very early on the second day to catch morning flights.
  13. We stayed in the Senior Suite. It had 1 Queen bed in a corner room with a view of The Pantheon and a single bed in another room overlooking the side street. Our youngest daughter stayed in the suite with us. Our oldest daughter, who joined us 2 days after we arrived, stayed in a separate single room. I actually initially reserved a different room for us but mentioned on the booking I wanted a view of the square/Pantheon. I received an email almost immediately suggesting the Senior Suite which was just what we needed. I am not sure if there are any 4 person rooms. You might want to contact them via email to enquire or look into booking a single for your 21 y.o. It was definitely nice to have the extra bathroom when everyone was getting ready to go out in the morning or to dinner in the evening.
  14. Ditto. Fantastic location within walking distance of almost every where we wanted to go, great service, decent breakfast and unbeatable views. We had a two bedroom suite: They also have cute single rooms. View of The Pantheon from our room: After long, hot days of touring we especially appreciated the beautiful rooftop bar for snacks and pre-dinner drinks while enjoying the sunset:
  15. We were charged taxes on our drinks at both the Bamboo Room and the Sky Bar while in port at Port Canaveral. I don’t know if we paid VAT in Nassau as I don’t have any of those receipts.
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