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  1. That sounds great. I have been to 3 luncheons on 3 different ships and they were all in the MDR with the regular lunch menu.
  2. Last month we spent 12 nights on Vision on a great Med cruise. The ship is in good condition. We were in an aft JR suite so I can't comment about the OV cabins but our cabin and balcony were great. The solarium is fine and is covered, which is a plus. We purchased the 3 night dining package and also used both our D+ BOBO dining offers. When we did eat in the MDR we had no issues with the food except for the night the crew put on a little singing show - that night our food came out more lukewarm than hot. Our MDR servers were excellent - I substituted some side items almost every night (because I'm on the KETO diet) with no problem. All things being equal I would probably choose a ship with more specialty restaurants and entertainment venues. However, all things are rarely equal and we sail Vision quite a bit because she seems to consistently have some of the best itineraries RCI offers and we almost always sail for itinerary vs ship. The Activities Director staff was energetic and fun - a bit edgier than any other groups we've seen, but we enjoyed that. I would not hesitate to sail Vision - especially a port intensive cruise.
  3. When I booked the 3 night package I chose night 2 online. Our experience on Vision was that no reservation was actually made and you choose the restaurant once on board. Because we are D+, I asked if we could move the first night of the 3 night package back to later in the cruise so we could use our BOGO on nights 1 and 2 and we were allowed to do so.
  4. It is available now for next week: http://www.creative.rccl.com/Sales/Royal/Multi_Dest/Special_Offers/rci_sales_event.pdf
  5. My Vision block has found a new home. Happy collecting everyone.
  6. Just returned from a great Med cruise and now have a duplicate Vision crystal block to trade. I am interested in Anthem, Rhapsody, Jewel or Mariner. If you have one of those blocks and are interested in trading, please let me know.
  7. My young adult daughter cruised by herself out of Shanghai to Japan on Quantum and had a fantastic time. Announcements were made in English as well as Mandarin even though there were very few native English speakers on board. Much of the grumbling by other English speaking passengers on her particular sailing were that ship excursions were cancelled because insufficient people signed up to take them. She planned to do and did all ports independently so was not bothered by this. If you are arranging private excursions it will not be an issue. My daughter enjoyed the food, particularly the hot pot in the Solarium Bistro. She also enjoyed her time in Shanghai (she was there for a month).
  8. We have seen the Northern Lights several times, including on a Vision TA in 2017 which included Iceland in the itinerary. We will be on the Brilliance in September 2020 which includes Iceland and Greenland and hope to see them again. This is is a photo we received on the Vision sailing.... The Northern Lights are always magical but the our land trip to Iceland had even more beautiful sightings than from a ship.
  9. I usually have a vodka with club soda and lime; a vodka with sparkling water; a martini or wine. On my my last two cruises in addition to taking two bottles of wine on-board I also took six cans of sparkling water to use as mixers and ordered vodka for delivery to the room.
  10. The one time I recall getting early booking privileges was when Quantum first opened for bookings.
  11. Great itineraries but I wish it were a different ship.
  12. We met the concierge at Chops Grille. Attached is a photo of the disembarkation letter we received from the concierge. The concierge also escorted us to a tender at our stop in Portofino - which was very helpful.
  13. We were just on Jewel a few weeks ago in an aft 2BR. One night, we could not get internet access at all in our suite. The other days/nights, including on the pool deck, it was adequate but not stellar.
  14. Thanks for posting your thoughts/information. I will be on the Mariner for the first time in 10 years in January, so this was helpful.
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