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  1. Book the Sanctuary one afternoon while in port. It will be less windy and less crowded. You will be pampered!
  2. Thanks for the info and especially the link skylight! Love these boards!
  3. It’s been several years since we used EZ Check to check our bags straight through to our home airport. I know it is only available for flights after at least 11:30. Does anyone know how much it costs to EZ check 1 bag person? We are flying AA. Thanks in advance!
  4. I will probably have to get a definite answer once on board but I thought I’d ask here for your thoughts. We have 4 specialty dining “credits”. Do you think they will allow us to trade for one Ultimate Balcony Dining package?
  5. Yes you can book one way through EZ Air. I have done it!
  6. Have they removed the “barrel chair” in the Cabin?
  7. Agree! Finally, someone with best case (and most likely) scenario!
  8. We did a B2B2B on the CB in 2017, 14 nighter in 2018 & 2019 and are booked on the CB for 14 nights in 2020! While we were somewhat disappointed with the food selections this year, our experience on the CB is excellent! Enjoy!
  9. We were on the Caribbean Princess 1/26-2/9/2019. Pre-cruise unlimited internet was offered for $99.99 for a single device for the entire cruise. Once on board the first day they offered $89.99 for a single device for the entire cruise. They also offered a plan with 4 devices for $179.99 for the entire cruise. If you were platinum or elite, you could still use you 250 minutes if you wanted to instead of purchasing a package. I was under the impression that if you ran out of minutes, you could pay $9.99 per day but I cannot confirm since we purchased an unlimited package. I do know logging in and out to use a different device was a bit difficult at times, not sure why. The internet was fast and reliable!
  10. Maybe a little, but I completely understand. Go to your local pet store and pick up “house training bells” that you can hang on the door, the bells will alert you if your granddaughter should try to open the door.
  11. The desserts are very good. You can make your own salad with many choices of dressings and toppings. We had really good fresh fruit. Take a open mind and don’t be afraid to try something different. As I said in a previous post, I did not go hungry! Have fun!!
  12. We too were on this cruise. I have to agree with OP and others about the food. Unusual choices and combinations. The carving station rarely had beef. I had read about the food in containers before sailing so I was not surprised, I did try it a couple of times and as others have stated, it was very dry from sitting out. Having been advised prior to sailing the new dining times, we opted for 7:15 late seating, however once on board we found out late TD seating was 7:45. We made do as we do not always go to the dining room. We were not too excited about the choices in MDR, but when we went there, we always found something we liked. We did enjoy UBD twice, it was awesome! Best quality food and service we had all week. I believe I was the person waiting for the drinks, we waited over 50 minutes for our drinks, the we finally went to the bar where our drinks were charged to find out what was going on. Apparently the medallion thought we were in or near Planks but in fact we were in Skywalkers. Absolutely loved the high speed internet. I know many people like to “unplug” while cruising and I certainly respect their opinion, but I enjoy staying “connected”! Overall this ship provided us with the best service we have ever had (over 25 cruises). I just felt special the entire 2 weeks! We will be sailing this same ship, same itinerary and same cabin category in 2020. While I wasn’t impressed with the food, I never went hungry!
  13. Not sure it was an Elite perk or just an incentive to book unlimited internet, but on our 1/26-2/9 Caribbean Princess on embarkation day they offered $89.99 for one device for 14 days or $179.99 for 4 devices for 14 days.
  14. From actual pictures posted, names are engraved on the medallions. Photo from blogger Vickie
  15. Thanks for your review of your recent experience on Regal Princess. There is no excuse for unfriendly check-in personal! Whether they are hired by Princes or contracted! Even if it is someone’s first job, they should receive proper training in customer service.
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